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In a Blackened Sky

Album: ''In a Blackened Sky'' (1995 Demo)
1. Intro - the Gates are open
2. Last Immortal
3. Blackened Sky
4. Godless
5. Reborn in Blasphemy
6. Queen of Eternity
7. Shaitan Perest
8. Melancholy
9. Outro - the Night rises

When Darkness Rises....

Album: ''When Darkness Rises....'' (1997)
1. Ars Nigra
2. When Darkness Rises...
3. Time of the Emperor
4. Uncertainty
5. In the Shades of Hell
6. Ancient Wargod
7. Insane
8. Immortality

ancient wargod


It began Winter 1990/91 when 4 young individuals started playing Black Metal in a Band called „MORPHEUS". The line-up consisted of „Farago" and „Shadow" (both guitars), „A.Huerni" (drums) and „Rasewerk" (vocals). But dark clouds stood over their unholy summer 1991 „A.Huerni" left the band and „Shadow" decided to take over the drums. But the results were pretty bad and „Rasewerk" left the band very disappointed. So „Farago" and „Shadow" moved on to fight alone. But not for long... surprisingly „A.Huerni" came back to take the seat behind the drums. So „Shadow" moved to the microphone. That was in summer 1992.

A few weeks later one human being called „Shaitan - the Interfector" met the band - and took the bass. Later a new rhythm-guitarist was found. "Short" joined and they had a complete line-up: „Farago" - lead guitar & vocals, „Shadow" - vocals, „A.Huerni" - drums, „Shaitan - the Interfector" - bass and „Short" - rhythm guitar. In summer 1993 „Farago" renamed the project to „DARK IMPLORE". But in summer 1994 (just 3 weeks before the now legendary KULT-FESTIVAL) destiny struck again. „A.Huerni" and „Short" turned their backs to them and left. So „Shadow" had to learn all songs on drums within 3 weeks! He did it, but before they changed their name to „WARGOD". After a few very successful gigs in the nearer area in summer 1995 „WARGOD" got a new member called „Akinakes", who is the new lead vocalist up to now. The band’s name also changed into „ANCIENT WARGOD". This satanic fourpiece recorded its first demotape in late summer 1995 called „In A Blackened Sky" containing six tracks with 27 minutes of brutal and powerful Black Metal.

In early spring 1996 „Bileeam" joined the band as the new drummer instead of „Shadow", who had to do military service. With „Bileeam" their music developed more in a darker and faster direction.

A short "Promo"-Demotape (limited to 100 hand-numbered copies) was released and sold-out within 3 weeks to give fans an insight about what Bileeam was able to do with Ancient Wargod's Songmaterial.

On August 5th-7th 1996, they moved into the OUT-O-SPACE - Studio in Goettingen to record the awaited second demotape, "The Arrival of the dark Lords". It contains 5 Songs with 27 minutes of "Evil Majestic Black Metal".

After recording and releasing the tape, Shaitan left the band, because of musical differences with the others. He was replaced by Martyr, a long-time friend of the band.

In February 1997, Ancient Wargod wanted to release a picture-EP (containing the songs "When Darkness rises..." and "Ancient Wargod"), but while in the studio, a record label (BrainPain) kindly asked them to start writing material for a whole CD.
Under this pressure, they managed to re-arrange several older songs morphing them into Songs that fit the new drummers abilities.

In May 1997, "When Darkness rises..." was released.
A short Tour supporting "Mystic Circle" and "Gorgoroth" on the german leg of their Tour, replacing "Aura Noir" was the last public life-sign of Ancient Wargod.
Differences about the musical development forced them to go separated ways. Farago and Bileeam went on writing and rehearsing Progressive-Metal Music, while Akinakes went to an underground Radio-Station promoting Death/Blackmetal Bands.

Black Metal


Germany (Reinhardshagen), formed in 1990

Brain Pain


Farago - lead guitars, vocals (from 1990)
Shaitan - the Interfector - bass (from 1992)
Akinakes - lead vocals (from 1995)
Bileeam - drums (from 1996)

A.Huerni - drums (left in 1991 but returned in 1992 and left in 1994)
Rasewerk - vocals (left in 1992)
Short - rhythm guitars (1992-1994)
Shadow - guitars (1990-1991) then drums (1991-1992), then vocals (1992-1994), then drums (1994-1996): left to do his military service


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