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Where Serpents Reign

Album: ''Where Serpents Reign'' (1993 Demo)
1. Journey Through The Gates
2. Where Serpents Reign
3. Kissing The Goat
4. Consumed By Despair (instr.)
5. Poem Of Blasphemy
6. Moonlight Ceremonies
7. Eternal Salvation (outro)

Cemetary Visions

Album: ''Cemetary Visions'' (1994 EP)
1. Forsaken Gardens
2. Cemetary Visions
3. The God And The Idol
4. Choir Of Immortal Queens
5. An Ode To The Moon

Under Moonlight We Kiss

Album: ''Under Moonlight We Kiss'' (1997)
1. Eternal Goddess
2. Her Ebony Slumber
3. Shadows of the Undead
4. Vampyre's Birth
5. Thy Beauty in Candlelight
6. Veil of Desire
7. Secrets Under Blackened Sky
8. Dulcet Seduction
9. Angel's Bloody Tears
10. New Eden Embraces
11. Pale Nocturnal Majesty
12. Under Moonlight We Kiss

Fallen Angel

Album: ''Fallen Angel's Symphony'' (1999)
1. Death in Desire's Masquerade
2. Bride's ghostly Grace
3. Black Roses on Her Grave
4. Devil's Paradise
5. The Tragedy of forsaken Angels
6. Amidst crimson Stars
7. Babalon ascends
8. Symphoni Satani
9. Vampyresque Weddingnight

Synagoga Diabolica

Album: ''Synagoga Diabolica'' (2000)
1. Synagoga Diabolica
2. Forbidden Fruit Sapientia
3. Soul Darwinism
4. Choir Of Immortal Queens
5. Deorum Contemptor
6. Crowned Child
7. Exodus 10,28
8. Creeping Death

The Third Testament

Album: ''The Third Testament'' (2002)
1. Ex Insula Angelorum
2. Al Shaitan Mahrid
3. Litanies In Blood
4. Seed Of Evil
5. A Black Requiem
6. With Mephistophelic Egotheism
7. The Ultimate Nemesis
8. On Khaos Wings
9. Salute O Satana
10. Under Astral Tyranny
11. Bells Of Damnation


Album: ''P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all'' (2005 EP)
1. Te Deum
2. P.uritan's B.lasphemy C.all
3. Raped Paradise
4. The Black Flame
5. Diabolos Temptation
6. God And Idol

ancient ceremony


See them storm forth like the dancing flames of immortal fire!

Back in 1989, Chris Anderle and Franz Josef Krebs began to gather musicians who were able to express their morbid moods and unholy emotions through litanies of dark, extreme Metal music. Ancient Ceremony became a reality when several members (partly sessionists) joined the band to complete the line-up under the Winter Moon of 1991. Here began the formation of the band's musical identity with powerful guitars, atmospheric keyboards, extreme vocals and Satanic lyrics. In 1993 the first successful step into the international underground was done with the "WHERE SERPENTS REIGN" demo. The first live appearance took place in June 1992 and performances with bands such as In Flames, Absu and Impaled Nazarene were following.

February 1994 saw the own-release of the "CEMETARY VISIONS" cult-MCD, a dark infernal Metal aria which was re-issued one year later through Alister Records and achieved global distribution.

Inspired and influenced by many different genres of Metal music, classical composers, horror movie soundtracks, photographies presenting dark erotica or sinful sexuality and also literature of a Satanic, Gothic or occult nature, Ancient Ceremony already here could easily proof that their individually created “Devilish Trinity“ - consisting of music, lyrics and artwork - is to be seen as a very important aspect in the band's concept from the first day on.

In December 1996 Ancient Ceremony signed to London based cult-label Cacophonous Records and released the worldwide successful albums "UNDER MOONLIGHT WE KISS" (1997) and "FALLEN ANGEL’S SYMPHONY" (1999) under their banner. With these two dark-symphonic albums the band could win many new fans all over the planet, not the least as gigs with a.o. Dimmu Borgir, Moonspell, Umbra et Imago and Therion were played.

Faithful to their motto "There is no real Art without the Influence of the Devil" and after several changes in the line up Germany's longest existing formation in Black/Death Metal again gave a shit on current trends and followed their paths consequently without limits to themselves and their diabolical spirits.

Through "SYNAGOGA DIABOLICA" (Alister Records, 2000) Ancient Ceremony definitely went more "back to their roots", located in the mentioned mixture of extreme Metal with dark horror-elements, so that not only Metallica's cultsong "Creeping Death" but also an own classic ("Choir of immortal Queens") got a new interpretation on this epic. Lyrically the album deals with different facets of Satanism, such as mythological, poetical, historical, modern or philosophical ones. Vocalist Chris has been in contact with several international Satanic organisations and lodges for many years now which causes a favourable effect on his lyrics.

Anno Satanas XXXV the band played – after several international open airs and festivals as well as many club gigs – their first headliner tour which led them through 6 European countries. The most important step forward for Ancient Ceremony was the deal with the Trisol Music Group, one of the world’s leading independent labels, which was signed in summer 2001.

The band nowadays has 4 permanent members: Chris (Satanic Screams), Jones (Bass), Patrick (Guitar), Christoph (Keyboard) and is completed for works in the studio or on stage by different session members.

Released through Trisol/Armageddon Shadow on 25.01.2002 the actual album “THE THIRD TESTAMENT“ achieved many enthusiastic reactions, fantastic reviews and incredible sales figures from all over the world so that Ancient Ceremony are definitely ready to attack the black throne of their genre!

In the meanwhile a new drummer (Manuel) and also another guitarist (Bales) were established so that this now hopefully constant line up started kicking ass all over Europe at festivals, open air events and club shows.

The blasphemy scandal in summer 2003 brought the band into media worldwide. Being confirmed for one of Germany’s biggest Metal festivals, church and city government forced the promoters to take Ancient Ceremony from the billing as the band would spread blasphemy and Satanism (which is essentially true). In their fight against this censorship and obvious religious stupidity they achieved massive support from fans, magazines and other bands but authorities still want to see them banned. A song about the incident was composed, entitled “P.uritan’s B.lasphemy C.all” (PBC is a radical x-tian party that also has taken some influence on the cancellation) and it will be released either on a special MCD or as bonus track on the upcoming album “Holycaust – Angelus Mortis”. Recordings for the next strike will start in August and the band hopes for a release in early 2004.

To be continued eternally…

Melodic Black Metal

Anti-christian, satanic

Germany (Neumagen-Dhron/Rheinland-Pfalz), formed in 1989

Tristol/Armageddon Shadow


Chris Anderle - Vocals
Patrick Meyer - Guitar
Jones - Bass
Manuel Steitz - Drums
Christoph Rath - Keys

Christoph Bales - Guitar (World Escape)
F.J. Krebs (1989-1997) - Guitars
Dirk Wirz (1991-1997) - Guitars
Marc Barbian (1998-1999) - Guitars (Beyond Serenity (Ger))
Frank Simon (1993-1993) - Bass
Ralf Gessinger (1994-1997) - Bass
Christoph Mertes (1991-1999) - Drums (See also Deformed)
Stefan Mueller (1997-1999) - Keyboards
Sandra Meyer (1997-1997) - Vocals
Cynthia Schiltz-Follmann (1999-1999) - Alto vocals
Erna Siikavirta (1999-1999) - Soprano vocals (ex-Children of Bodom (live), ex-Grain (Fin), ex-Lordi, Deathlike Silence (Fin))
Achim Mattes - Drums


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