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An Iliad of Woes

Album: ''An Iliad of Woes'' (1990 Demo)
1. The Lord of Mortal Pestilence
2. Memento Mori
3. In the Name of the Father
4. Echoes of Terror

All Faith is Lost

Album: ''All Faith is Lost'' (1991 Demo)
1. Crestfallen
2. At One With the Earth
3. All Faith is Lost
4. They Die


Album: ''Crestfallen'' (1992 EP)
1. ...and I Lust
2. The Sweet Suffering
3. Everwake
4. Crestfallen
5. They Die

They Die

Album: ''They Die'' (1992 Single)
1. They Die
2. Crestfallen


Album: ''Serenades'' (1993)
1. Lovelorn Rhapsody
2. Sweet Tears
3. J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4. They (Will Always) Die
5. Sleepless
6. Sleep in Sanity
7. Scars of the Old Stream
8. Under a Veil (of Black Lace)
9. Where Shadows Dance
10. Dreaming: The Romance

We are the Bible

Album: ''We are the Bible'' (1994 Single)
1. Nailed To The Cross / 666
2. Eternal Rise Of The Sun

The Silent Enigma

Album: ''The Silent Enigma'' (1995)
1. Restless Oblivion
2. Shroud of Frost
3. ...Alone
4. Sunset of the Age
5. Nocturnal Emission
6. Cerulean Twilight
7. The Silent Enigma
8. A Dying Wish
9. Black Orchid (Instrumental)

Pentecost III

Album: ''Pentecost III'' (1995 EP)
1. Kingdom
2. Mine Is Yours to Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)
3. We, the Gods
4. Pentecost III
5. Memento Mori
6. 666 (hidden track)


Album: ''Eternity'' (1996)
1. Sentient
2. Angelica
3. The Beloved
4. Eternity, Part I
5. Eternity, Part II
6. Hope
7. Suicide Veil
8. Radiance
9. Far Away
10. Eternity, Part III
11. Cries on the Wind
12. Ascension

A Vision of a Dying Embrace

Album: ''A Vision of a Dying Embrace'' (1997 Video/VHS)
1. <b>Promo videos</b> Sweet Tears
2. Mine is Yours
3. The Silent Enigma
4. Hope
5. <b>Live in Krakow - 1st of March 1996</b> Intro
6. Restless Oblivion
7. Shroud of Frost
8. We the Gods
9. Sunset of Age
10. Mine is Yours
11. Sleepless
12. The Silent Enigma
13. A Dying Wish

Alternative 4

Album: ''Alternative 4'' (1998)
1. Shroud of False
2. Fragile Dreams
3. Empty
4. Lost Control
5. Re-Connect
6. Inner Silence
7. Alternative 4
8. Regret
9. Feel
10. Destiny

Alternative Future

Album: ''Alternative Future'' (1998 Single)
1. Fragile Dreams
2. Empty
3. Alternative 4


Album: ''Judgement'' (1999)
1. Deep
2. Pitiless
3. Forgotten Hopes
4. Destiny Is Dead
5. Make It Right (F.F.S.)
6. One Last Goodbye
7. Parisienne Moonlight
8. Judgement
9. Don't Look Too Far
10. Emotional Winter
11. Wings of God
12. Anyone, Anywhere
13. 2000 & Gone


Album: ''Deep'' (1999 Single)
1. Deep
2. Emotional winter

Make it Right

Album: ''Make it Right'' (1999 Single)
1. Make it right (F.F.S.)
2. Deep

A Fine Day to Exit

Album: ''A Fine Day to Exit'' (2001)
1. Pressure
2. Release
3. Looking Outside Inside
4. Leave No Trace
5. Underworld
6. Barriers
7. Panic
8. A Fine Day To Exit
9. Temporary Peace


Album: ''Resonance'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Scars of The Old Stream
2. Everwake
3. J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4. ...Alone
5. Far Away (acoustic)
6. Eternity Part II
7. Eternity Part III (acoustic)
8. Better Off Dead
9. One Of The Few
10. Inner Silence
11. Goodbye Cruel World
12. Destiny
13. The Silent Enigma (orchestral)
14. Angelica (live Budapest 1997)
15. Horses


Album: ''Pressure'' (2001 Single)
1. Pressure (Edit)
2. Pressure

Resonance 2

Album: ''Resonance 2'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Lovelorn Rhapsody
2. Sweet Tears
3. Sleepless '96
4. Eternal Rise Of The Sun
5. Sunset Of Age
6. Nocturnal Emission
7. A Dying Wish
8. Hope
9. Cries In The Wind
10. Fragile Dreams
11. Empty
12. Nailed To The Cross / 666

A Natural Disaster

Album: ''A Natural Disaster'' (2003)
1. Harmonium
2. Balance
3. Closer
4. Are You There?
5. Childhood Dream
6. Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second
7. A Natural Disaster
8. Flying
9. Electricity
10. Violence

Were You There?

Album: ''Were You There?'' (2004 DVD)
1. Intro: Childhood Dreams
2. Balance
3. Closer
4. Pressure
5. Release
6. Forgotten Hopes
7. Destiny Is Dead
8. Are You There?
9. One Last Goodbye
10. Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second
11. Parisienne Moonlight
12. A Natural Disaster
13. Judgement
14. Panic
15. Temporary Peace
16. Flying
17. One Last Goodbye (Acoustic, w/ Liverpool Phil String Quart)
18. Temporary Peace (Acoustic, w/ Liverpool Phil String Quart)
19. Flying (Acoustic, w/ Liverpool Phil String Quart)
20. Pressure (Promo Video Clip)
21. Release (Live In London, Nov 2002)
22. A Natural Disaster (Live In Hamburg)

A Moment In Time

Album: ''A Moment In Time'' (2006 DVD)
1. Shroud Of False
2. Fragile Dreams
3. Balance
4. Closer
5. Lost Control
6. Empty
7. A Natural Disaster
8. Inner Silence
9. One Last Goodbye
10. Judgement
11. Panic
12. Flying
13. Angela
14. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover)



Anathema are a British Atmospheric/Experimental Rock band from the city of Liverpool noted for emotional intensity of their music. They used to play Death/Doom Metal, and are often regarded as one of the big three of that genre (with Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride ). Progressively, after touching psychedelia and folk, they've changed their music, today playing Atmospheric Rock. Pink Floyd are always regarded to be their biggest influence.

Anathema was formed in 1990 under the name of Pagan Angel and in November of that year, the band recorded their first demo, entitled An Iliad of Woes. The switching of names occurred at the beginning of 1991.

Their initial demo caught the attention of a couple of bands from the English metal scene and Anathema then began to play gigs with bands such as Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost.

The band drew a lot of attention with the release of their second demo - entitled All Faith is Lost - and a 7inch vinyl release for the swiss label Witchhunt Rec. which got Anathema a four-album deal with Peaceville Records. Their first release under the label was The Crestfallen EP in November 1992. With the material from that album the band toured with Cannibal Corpse.

Serenades, their debut LP, attracted a lot of mainstream attention. A music video derived from it - Sweet Tears - even managed to reach MTV's parade.
1994 was the year of Anathema's first European tour, which was closely followed by gigs in the Independent Rock Festival in Brazil.
In May of 1995, vocalist Darren White quit the band. Rather than recruiting a new vocalist, the band decided that guitarist Vincent Cavanagh should assume the vocals. This new formation debuted by touring with Cathedral in the UK.

Later that year, the band released The Silent Enigma, which was a turning point in their careers. The album incorporated changes in the vocal style and introduced much heavier goth elements.

1996 saw the release of Eternity, which relied more on atmospheric sounds and started the transition to clean vocals, which would be consolidated later in Judgement. A European tour followed.

The second member to leave the band was drummer John Douglas in the summer of 1997. He was replaced by the ex-drummer of Solstice and My Dying Bride, Shaun Steels.

Alternative 4 was released in 1998. During this time the band underwent many line-up changes. Bassist Duncan Patterson quit due to musical differences and was replaced by Dave Pybus of Dreambreed, where Duncan had played bass for a short period. Martin Powell (who played violin and keyboards in My Dying Bride previously) also joined the band. Finally, John Douglas assumed (again) the drummer position.

In June of 1999, the album Judgement was released. This album marks Anathema's complete shift from the doom metal genre, focusing instead on slower and more experimental songs. However, the essence of the band was kept, as their songs continued to transpose a feeling of depression and more often than not desperation.

On the same year, Martin Powell switched positions with Cradle of Filth's, keyboard player Les Smith, who became an integral member of Anathema.
Shortly before the release of A Fine Day to Exit, Dave Pybus announced his departure from the band and later joined - ironically - Cradle of Filth. He was replaced by touring bassist George Roberts and then by Jamie Cavanagh.

In March of 2002, Danny Cavanagh announced his departure from the band, joining Duncan Patterson's band Antimatter. But he later came back to Anathema in 2003 for the bands release of A Natural Disaster and started their European Tour. Since then, Anathema's sound has acquired an atmospheric and progressive tone.

Due to the closing of their label Music for Nations, their next album release is scheduled for 2007, and will be entitled 'Everything'.

Doom/Death Metal, Atmospheric Rock

Doom, Internal Struggles, Love, Despair

United Kingdom (Liverpool), formed in 1990



Vincent Cavanagh - Vocals, Guitar (1990-)
Daniel Cavanagh - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards (1990-2002, 2003-) (Lid, Antimatter, Leafblade)
Les Smith - Keyboards (2000-) (ex-Cradle of Filth, Antimatter, Ship of Fools)
Jamie Cavanagh - Bass (1990-1991, 2001-)
John Douglas - Drums (1990-1997, 1998-)
Lee Douglas - Additional Vocals (2000-)

Darren White - Vocals (ex-Cradle of Filth, The Blood Divine, Dead Men Dream, Serotonal) (1990-1995)
Duncan Patterson - Bass (1991-1998) (Antimatter, Dreambreed, Íon)
Dave Pybus - Bass (1998-2001) (Dreambreed, Angtoria, Cradle of Filth, Darkened (UK))
George Roberts - Bass (live session member)
Shaun Steels - Drums (1997-1998) (ex-Solstice (UK), ex-My Dying Bride)
Martin Powell - Keyboards, Violin (1998-2000) (ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Cryptal Darkness)


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