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Final Fall of the Gods

Album: ''Final Fall of the Gods'' (1990 EP)
1. Flowers to the Pigs
2. Final Fall of the Gods
3. Ishavet Kaller
4. The Entity in the Room
5. Creation of a Religion
6. Jesus Christ (Impostor)

Live (...And Too Drunk)

Album: ''Live (...And Too Drunk)'' (1999 Live album)
1. The Entity in The Room
2. Stay Out of The Line
3. Never Ending War
4. Money for God
5. Supreme Creation
6. Pedigree
7. Canonized
8. The Other Side of Stupidity
9. Beyond Good and Evil
10. 500 Years of Infamy
11. Gone with the Flames
12. Intolerance and Fanatism
13. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom cover)

Split Live CD

Album: ''Split Live CD'' (2001 Split)
1. The Entity In The Room
2. Cirrosis
3. Only Death IS Real
4. Dead Messiah
5. Brutal Rage
6. Massive Strike
7. Vomit In The Church
8. Flowers To The Pigs
9. Creation Of A Religion
10. Jesus Christ
11. Final Fall Of The Gods
12. Ishavet Kaller
13. Antichrist (Sepultura Cover)
14. Labyrinth [Studio]
15. First Casualties [Studio]
16. Global Slavery [Studio]
17. Conditioned [Studio]
18. Baka-sen
19. Living Dead A Go Go
20. Diversion
21. 893k
22. Mental Rape
23. Ureinashi
24. Madoinashi

Vals of Hate 15th Anniversary CD. Comp.

Album: ''Vals of Hate 15th Anniversary CD. Comp.'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Vomit in the Church (part II)
2. Leaver Collapsed (Cirrosis II)
3. Only Death is Real (Part II)
4. Dead Messiah (Part III)
5. Labyrinth
6. First Casualties
7. Conditioned
8. Global Slavery
9. The Truth/Factory of Lies
10. Face of a Lier
11. Going to Angka Loeu
12. Canonized
13. The Entity in the Room
14. Supreme Creation
15. Pedigree (Live)
16. Beyond Good and Evil/500 Years of Infamy (Live)
17. Flowers to the Pigs (Live)
18. Jesus Christ (Live)
19. Final Fall of the Gods (Live)
20. Ishavet Kaller (Live)
21. Antichrist (Live) (Sepultura Cover)
22. Sodomy and Lust (Live) (Sodom cover)
23. Conqueror (Sodom cover)
24. Horrified (Repulsion Cover)



Anarchus was formed in 1987, after failing to form another band with the idea of playing what they felt and knew. The legendary demo "Total Hate" wich was released in january '88 got a very good response in spite a low production, this led the band to foreing independent labels, and they were invited to play in many states in México. Anarchus has played with a variety of well known bands such as Sepultura, Exodus, Napalm Death, Sodom, Fear Factory, Dark Angel, Nocturnus, Master, Rotting Christ, lncantation, Krabathor, Mortician as well as some bands in the underground scene like; Phobia, C.S.S.O., Avulsed, Kataclism, Dogma Mundista, Recipients of Death, Rigor Mortis, Sayage Trust, Entety, Malignancy, Sadistic Intent (with whom they made their Grind Tour '91 in México), Assuck and Paineater (wich Anarchus went to Tampa in 1990), Requiem, Stonege, Masochism, Evil Incarnate and some more. In mid '91 they were preparing a mini tour in the U.S. but Pancho had an accident and besides,, there were other problems occurred in the band wich stopped and unstabelized the band for a long period. The kind of music (¿?) that Anarchus plays is hard to define, people usually describe it as; Thrash, Grind, Crust, Death, etc. In regard the lyrics, since the beginning they say anti-religious and nihilistic but when they say anti-religious, they mean all religions not just one in particular; christianity, satanism and other cults called obscure by their followers. The band comments: "Its more logical and realistic to believe in oneself than believing and expecting something from absurd and non existing inventions, besides, the religion has always stand for different political and social sistems and has given to the moral a threatening and dissuasive support, haterd factor, divition and intolerance,, in spite that some people call themselves good and pacifist and all other kinds of lies. Finally all this is in the benefice of only a few, in particular we have attacked christianism the most ,´cause its the religion that affect our lives directly, we are not trying to convince anyone becouse we don't see ourselves as savers, nor prophets, nor anything else, we only express our ideas as we believe that every one should. We don't believe in any kind of state, nor political, social or moral doctrine, we only believe in the individual that can really accomplish something, but then again, these are only our ideas." At this time the band is FINNISHING its JAPANESE TOUR 2004 The present line up in Anarchus is: * Pancho- Screams and Statements (Bands that has been in: Pactum, Cacofonia, Warcry). *Thrasher- Guitars (Former member of Histeria, Masacre 68, Atoxxxico, Warcry, The Sweet Leaf, AK47, and actually with Cacofonia) *Savage Grandpa- Drums(From Dahmerized) *Hugo- Bass(Drummer from C.A.R.N.E.)


Anarchy, violence, war

Mexico (Mexico D.F.), formed in 1987

American Line Productions


Pancho - Vocals (ex-Pactum (Mex))
Miguel "Thrasher" Cortés - Guitars (The Sweet Leaf, ex-AK-47, ex-Histeria (Mex))
Savage Grandpa - Drums (Dahmerized)
Hugo - Bass (C.A.R.N.E.)

Fernado ``Curro`` - Guitars
Ciro Gutierrez - Bass (The Zephyr)
Fer - Drums
Sergio - Bass (ex-Under Moonlight Sadness)
Miguel G. - Guitars (Demogorgon (Mex))
Adolfo - Drums
Joel - Drums
José Luis "Jeff" Rodriguez - Bass (Sol Negro, Bloodsoaked (Mex), ex-In Memorium (US))


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