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Into the Eternal Agony

Album: ''Into the Eternal Agony'' (1997 Demo)
1. Slaved Minds
2. Simbolic Act (Instrumental)
3. Escaping
4. Avern's Goddess (Hadez Cover)
5. Into The Eternal Agony

From Peruvian Hell

Album: ''From Peruvian Hell'' (2002 EP)
1. Penetration
2. The Ancient Legacy
3. Gods of Perdition
4. Desecration of Priest
5. Tormented by the Ghouls

Demoniac Flagellations

Album: ''Demoniac Flagellations'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Sendero Siniestro
3. Temptation and Pleasure
4. Total Sacrilegious
5. Seed of Evil
6. Signo de la Bestia
7. Kingdom of the Cruelty II
8. Bestial Masacre
9. Camara de Toruturas (Mortuorio Cover)
10. Tales of Sorcery
11. Antichrist (Sepultura Cover)

anal vomit


Anal Vomit is a morbid and barbaric Death Black Metal band, procreated in early '92 during a night full of alcohol and lust, in the chaotic streets of Lima, Peru (South America)... After some rehearsals, desecrating gigs and alcoholocausts, the obscene debut demo was recorded in '93 : "Pregnancy Rotten Masturbator", just for extremists, maniacs and sick people.

Then after some months, awful nights, nocturnal pleasures and emotional problems that lead to internal conflicts in the band, a new line-up was formed, that's how they continued the battle, and in '95 a better demo, "Welcome To The Slow Putrefaction" was released. These independent productions are now sold out. After this, some strong problems have been solved, like in every other band in the world.

The only remaining member was the perverted Toñyn Destructor, the drummer, who changed the line-up totally to allow the music and lyrics to evolve in the general context of the band. That's during october and november '97 that the third and best demo, "Into The Eternal Agony", was recorded. It features 5 tracks of pure and wild Death Metal. This demo was made in a hurry with few rehearsals, but it helped Anal Vomit to show that they were still alive.

It got great responses from the real mutantbangers from different countries and from zines. The year after, a deal with HURLING METAL RECORDS from Argentina was signed, because they were interested in the brutal music of Anal Vomit.

The band quickly recorded on the 13th and 14th of march '98 (El Techo-Studio) the split CD with CARNARIUM (Argentina) and FUNERAL (Paraguay), called "Sudamérica Brutal", featuring 7 tracks by Anal Vomit. Well, this recording was made in a hurry too because of problems with time, preparation, making process, and equipment in general.

Anyway, they gained a better response and respect from worshippers of musical brutality and devastation, thanx to the distribution of the manager they had during this moment, our battle brother Pocho Metalica from HURLING METAL. We also spreaded our works, always with our few possibilities, because the economical factor is the thing that allows a band to realise what they want.

In 2000, a deal was made with another label, from Sweden, called PLASMATICA RECORDS, to release the debut album on CD, called "Demoniac Flagellations" which will feature 10 songs of real sadism and destruction in the most insane form that you could imagine in a masterpiece like this, blessed by Mother Death, only for addicts of fornicating Metal!!! Unfortunately, Anal Vomit has absolutely no news from this label and they currently search for a serious deal to release the album.

To show they are still alive, with many Hell hymns in stock, they released a 7" EP with exclusive tracks only with the French label LEGION OF DEATH Records.

It had a killer response and has been sold out from the label in 2 months... The 7"EP shows the incredibly huge potential of the band and it should be easy to find more deals as they are among the best Death Metal bands on this pitiful planet...

Black/Death Metal

Gore (in their first era), death, satanism, demons

Peru (Lima), formed in 1992

Displeased Records


Sadonoizer - Guitar (Saram)
Possessor - Bass/Vocals
Destructor - Drums (Sarcoma (Per), Hadez)

Manfred Beingolea - Bass, Vocals (Epilepsia)
Walter Profanador - Guitars (Cadaver Incubador)
Dr Pus. (Juan ``Abominator`` Flores) - Vocals, Guitar (Gore (Per))
Jesús Gore - Guitars (Gore (Per))
Omar 'Seducer' - Guitar
Nihil Soldier - Guitars


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