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Suffering Hour

Album: ''Suffering Hour'' (1988)
1. Present Tense
2. Imprisoned
3. R.O.T. (Reign Of Terror)
4. Butcher's Block
5. A World To Gain
6. Frigid Bitch
7. Fighting Evil
8. The Twisted Cross
9. Annihilation Complete / Disemboweled


Album: ''Reason'' (1990)
1. Stop Me
2. Terrified
3. Not Forgotten
4. Wrong
5. Silent Crime
6. Misshapen Intent
7. Afraid To Feel
8. Child Inside
9. Vital
10. Quick to Doubt

Manic Impressions

Album: ''Manic Impressions'' (1991)
1. Paint a Picture
2. I Love The World (New Model Army cover)
3. Something Real
4. Dream Again
5. Explained Away
6. Still Black
7. What You Became
8. Our Reunion
9. Idle Hours
10. Far Too Long

Screams and Whispers

Album: ''Screams and Whispers'' (1993)
1. Sound the Alarm
2. Sense of Will
3. Too Many Prophets
4. Release
5. Division
6. Tools of Separation
7. Grateful
8. A Screaming Breath
9. My Soul's Affliction
10. Driven
11. Brotherhood?



Anacrusis is an innovative and progressive thrash metal band hailing from the United States. They have four full length studio albums. With the releases "Manic Impressions" and "Screams and Whispers" the band stepped out from the classic thrash genre unto sophisticated metal combining complex arrangements and unconventional dynamics borrowed from prog rock and even new wave.
They have not had as much success as some major thrash bands have, but they have toured with Megadeth and have a devoted fan base.

Formed way back in the 80s by lead vocalist and guitarist Kenn Nardi, Anacrusis combined classical thrash metal with diverse progressive components, shifting time signatures, a strong melody sense and killer riffs. Focused on a combination of listenability and high grade technicality, their most popular album, "Manic Impressions" (1992), was far ahead of its time (with a spectacular cover version of New Model Army's "I love the world"). However, with metal in a temporary decline and long-time drummer Chad Smith leaving due to financial difficulties, the band was never able to gain commercial success it deserved. In spite of this, they remain a true underground tip for lovers of more complex, yet heavy metal.

All four of their albums can be downloaded for free at their site, which is located here:

Note: It is a common misconception that Anacrusis shared a member with the famous Red Hot Chili Peppers. While both bands had a drummer by the name of Chad Smith, these are two different people.

Thrash Metal (1986-1990), Progressive Metal (1991-1993)

Politics,violence, fantasy, emotions,anti-religion

United States of America (St. Louis, MO), formed in 1986

Metal Blade Records


Kenn Nardi - Guitars, Vocals (1987-1993) (Cruel April)
Kevin Heidbreder - Guitars (1987-1993)
John Emery - Bass (1987-1993)
Paul Miles - Drums (1992-1993)

Chad Smith - Drums (1990-1992) (Geezer)
Mike Owen - Drums (1987-1990)


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