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Album: ''L'Entremonde'' (2001 EP)
1. L'ιclipse d'Itzamnα
2. A quest for hegemony
3. Reminiscence



Amphitryon were formed in 1996 at Boulogne-sur-Mer, by Matthieu Scarpa (guitar), Johann Simon (drums). Christophe Viandier (death voices) came a few later. The band plays first a 'heavy-thrash-death' style. Laurent Desvignes (guitar) joined this line-up about six months after and then, Aurélie Hais (keyboards & female vocals) and Gianni Leone (bass) during the beginning of 1997.

Each musician brings different influences which turned Amphitryon music to a sort of doom, heavy, death and black metal, with a significant atmospheric touch already. The band thus composes his first songs like "Land of Tears" and gets on stage.

In August 1998, the line-up gives several concerts and gets in Studio to record 2 songs for a French compilation entitled "Intramurock # 5". Amphitryon plays then on his first large stage at the Intramurock Festival.

Christophe decides to leave the band at the end of 1999 because of the vocal structures evolution and an increased part of clean vocals by Gianni. Therefore, Amphitryon is plunged in a long time of chaos before being able to recover a new effective line-up.

Vocals are completely reorganized during 2000 with the participation of the whole band - except Johann - to form a choir. Céline Malfoy and Sarah Barisèle, are recruited too for female vocals and Laurent finally assumes the death voices. New songs evolve thus to a much more symphonic style.

Amphitryon knows then a turning point for his career with the recording of a first autoproduced M-CD between February and March 2001 : "l'Entremonde". This record offers a certain notoriety to the band in the French Underground according to critics.

But the band is touched by changes of line-up again : Céline leaves Amphitryon at the end of 2001. Johann and Aurélie are also constrained to in September 2002. Another line-up is thus set up with Barbara Haigneré (vocals & flute) and Olivier Fourrier (drums).

This new formation gets on stage in November 2002 and shows immediately a real effectiveness. The band then plays for his most important live as 'revelation' at the Rotonde Festival 7 with After Forever, Sonata Arctica, Shaman, Paradise Lost & Saxon.

After the Rotonde Festival experience, Amphitryon starts the "Sumphokéras" project. Pure fresco as well musical as pictorial or literary, this project is based on Le cycle d'Ephapsaménée, an epic and fantastic novel written by Matthieu. The band works again with the painter Daniel Péron, also with the photographer Rémi Vimont, in order to illustrate the universe of Sumphokéras.

Once the new opus recorded, Amphitryon signs a deal with the label Thundering records/Manitou music at the beginning of 2006. Meanwhile, the band separated itself from Olivier. The replacement is then ensured by Christophe Demazeux (drums) towards the end of June of that year. After some gigs, Amphitryon is confirmed to play at RaismesFest 2007 with Therion, Finntroll, Glenn Hughes & Pain Of Salvation.

Doom/Melodic Death Metal

France (Boulogne-sur-Mer), formed in 1996

Thundering Records


Gianni Leone - Bass
Matthieu Scarpa - Guitars
Laurent Desvignes - Guitars and harsh vocals
Christophe Demazeux- Drums
Sarah Barisele - Vocals
Barbara Haignere - Backing vocals

Christophe - Vocals
Johann Simon - Drums
Olivier Fourrier - Drums


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