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Wound Creations

Album: ''Wound Creations'' (2004)
1. The Verge
2. Atrocity Evolution
3. Silent Renewal
4. Solvent
5. The Last Round
6. Other Flesh
7. Distract
8. Nothing Daunted (Gallows Pole Rock n' Roll)
9. Languor Passage


Album: ''Decrowning'' (2005)
1. Showdown
2. Lacrimal Gland
3. Decrowning
4. Tiebreaker
5. Drug of Choice
6. Denial 101
7. Control Cancer
8. Raptus
9. Warp
10. Bleeder

Leave Your Dead Behind / The Naked Sun

Album: ''Leave Your Dead Behind / The Naked Sun'' (2007 Single)
1. Leave Your Dead Behind
2. The Naked Sun (Pandora Cover)



The Helsinki-based technical death metal maestros Amoral have already astounded audiences all over Europe with their energetic shows and the “Wound Creations” album which proved once and for all there is life after Death. Carrying on in their tradition of exceptionally well-played, yet catchy and quirky death metal, Amoral are back with vengeance (and a new bassist!): the red-hot new album named “Decrowning” is a sure-fire killer in the house & garden too. In complete accord with the title of the album Amoral are no mere pretenders to the throne, but blast through the album with a regal dignity fit for true masters of the genre.

Amoral was born in 2000 as a result of the initial band members finally deciding it is time to quit doing covers and create something of their own. After several demos and a record deal with Rage of Achilles Amoral finally found a new home with Spikefarm Records. ”Wound Creations” was the the first fruit of their co-operation, which gathered a slew of favourable reviews (Metal Hammer 9/10), while Amoral’s live act was no less impressive. Witness the words in Terrorizer magazine reviewing the two-day Spike-festival, for instance: “Of all bands on the bill, this quintet seems to be by far the most enthusiastic, playing as there was no tomorrow. But judging by the quality of their performance and the response of the crowd, there should definitely be one.

Despite the inherent brutality of the Amoral sound, they also have an uncanny knack for throwing in the occasional mellow part with remarkably sharp eye for the flow of the song. It is such details that set the band truly ahead of the pack and Sound Supreme studios have provided Amoral with a huge sound to match their ambitious death metal epics. Just to prove they can rock’n’roll with the best of them, Amoral also covered Mötley Crüe in the “Decrowning” sessions!

Technical Death Metal

Psychological, Death, Society

Finland (Helsinki), formed in 1997

Spikefarm Records


Niko Kalliojärvi - Vocals (Flesh Deformation, Paingrin)
Silver Ots (Otso Silakka) - Guitar
Ben Varon - Guitar
Juhana Karlsson - Drums (ex-session for Elenium (Fin))

Yrjö "Gäggeri" Gävert - Bass (Chaos Infinitum, ex-Goresoaked, ex-Morg (Fin), ex-NorthWorld)

Matti Pitkänen - Vocals
Ville Sorvali - Bass (ex-Ahti, ex-Crypt (Fin), Lakupaavi, May Withers, Moonsorrow, Woods of Belial)
Erkki Silvennoinen - Bass (Ari Koivunen)
Eerik Purdon - Bass (Crystal Blaze, Omnium Gatherum (Fin))


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