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Mysterious Realms/Heidebilder

Album: ''Mysterious Realms/Heidebilder'' (1996 Split)
1. Die Blumen Eines Baches
2. Herbstlegende
3. Der Stechlin
4. Challerian's Fall
5. Samhain
6. Mysterious Realms
7. Stormlord

Remembering Ancient Origins

Album: ''Remembering Ancient Origins'' (2000 EP)
1. Intro
2. Wolf in Your Heart
3. Monument of Might
4. Verzweiflung
5. Winternacht



Amestigon is one of Austria's oldest black metal bands. It was founded in 1993 by Tharen (Also of Dargaard and Dominion III) and Thurisaz (Also of Summoning). Both had been a part of the black metal band Abigor and members of this band still contribute as guest musicians on recordings on Amestigon releases.

The band began by recording two demos, titled Mysterious Realms and Through The Ages We Preserve... respectively. Both were recorded onto cassette format. These demos were enough to get them signed onto Napalm Records and a split CD with the folk metal band Angizia was made as their debut release. Also entitled Myterious Realms, the split CD was released in 1996.

However the band themselves were experiencing difficulties, maintaining a constant line-up proved a problem. After releasing the mini-CD Höllentanz in 1997, the band decided to part ways. This split also marked the end of their relationship with Napalm Records.

Tharen went on to make the innovative neoclassical band Dargaard, and the industrial band Dominion III, but in 1998 his interest in black metal was rekindled and he decided to reform the band. He got in touch with Herr Wolf who agreed to join the band in the winter of 1998 on guitars, shortly thereafter, Silenius of Summoning (Vocals) and Lanz (Guitar and Bass) completed the line-up with Tharen on drums and keyboards. Thurisaz left the band to eventually take over vocal and bass guitar responsibilities for Abigor.

The band released a promotional CD in 2000 titled "Remembering Ancient Origins", it was a collection of songs previously unreleased from the years 1995-1999. It was limited to 100 copies and was released by the band personally with no record label involvement. This CD is now out of print.

The bands most recent release is a split CD with Hellbound, entitled Nebelung, 1384 released in 2002. This was released through their new label Millennium Metal Music. At this time there is no new news about any future releases, except a short news piece on their official site that mentions 2 new mini-CD projects.

Tharen recently commented that the band may well be coming to an end soon. He claims that the band have not had contact in a while, and have not be working on new material. However he claims to be in communication with Thurisaz again after the spilt, and a possibility of a new line-up may be announced soon.

Pagan Black Metal

Austria (Mistelbach), formed in 1993

Napalm Records


Silenius (Michael Gregor) - Vocals (Summoning, Kreuzweg Ost, ex-Pazuzu (Aut), ex-Abigor, ex-Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, ex-Shadow Vale)
Tharen - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards (Dargaard, ex-Abigor, Dominion III, Rune, ex-Heidenreich)
Jörg Lanz - Guitar, Bass (Dominion III, Der Blutharsch, Graumahd, Allerseelen)
Herr Wolf - Guitar

Thurisaz - Guitars, bass (until Höllentanz) (ex-Abigor, Heidenreich)
Peter K. - Guitars (session) (Hellbound (Aut), Heidenreich, December Fog, Grabesmond)
T.T. - Drums, Guitars (session) (Abigor)


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