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A New Hope

Album: ''A New Hope'' (1993)
1. Intro
2. Beyond Insanity
3. Medicine Man (L.O.G.R.A.Y.)
4. A Matter of Honor
5. Trouble
6. Art of Sin
7. Winds
8. Disease
9. Do or Do Not
10. A New Hope



Amboog-a-Lard was a thrash/hard alternative band from Florida. Formed in 1987 as a garage band, it went through brief successes but eventually flatlined by 1996. Some of its members moved onto bigger bands, the most famous one being Jeordie White who joined Marilyn Manson in December of 1993. The spearhead of their only release, A New Hope, centered around the theme of Star Wars but their music is characterized by deeper philosophical thoughts.

Amboog-a-Lard was originally formed in 1987 as a garage band by Dan Fontana, George Kokkoris and Barry Alpert. They practiced in the garage of the Kokkoris family and their first gig was in early 1989 at "The Treehouse" in Hallandale, Florida. Jeordie White and Shawn Rogers finalized the band line-up. For the next two years they would gain notoriety in Florida and open for larger bands such as Anthrax, Exodus, The Ramones and many others. In 1990, Dan Fontana replaced departing Shawn Rogers as the vocalist of the band; at that point, the band committed to recording their Professional Demo at Morrisound Recording in Tampa, FL. Frustrated by the recording industry's intense backing of alternative and grunge artists, Barry Alpert left the band in 1992 to pursue an electrical engineering degree and was replaced by Bob Franquiz. Along with him a keyboardist, Chad Steinhart, joined the band. That same year Amboog-A-Lard scored big at the first Annual South Florida Slammie Awards; Jeordie White won the award for Best Rhythm Guitarist. In 1993, the band released their only album titled "A New Hope". This achievement would be forever lost to dispersal as Jeordie White left the band in December 1993 for Marilyn Manson. The departure of this talented musician reduced the band's creative efforts and by 1996 Amboog-A-Lard would be disbanded by its last original member, Dan Fontana.

Band Members

* Dan Fontana - guitars, vocals (1987-1996)
* George Kokkoris - drums, backing vocals (1987-1993)
* Barry Alpert - bass, backing vocals (1987-1992)
* Jeordie White - rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals (1989-1993/4)
* Shawn Rogers - vocals (1989-1990)
* Jon Somerlade - drums (1993 - 1996)
* Chad Steinhart - keyboards, sampler (1992 - 1996)
* Bob Franquiz - bass, backing vocals (1993-1994)

Power/Thrash, Avant-garde Progressive Metal

United States of America (Fort Lauderdale, FL), formed in 1987



Dan Fontana - guitars, vocals
Mike Pallans - guitars
Bobby Planton - bass
Jon Somerlade - drums, percussion
Chad Steinhart - keyboards, sampler

Jeordie White - bass, guitars, vocals
Barry Alpert - bass, backing vocals (Faith in Chaos)
Shawn Rogers - vocals
George Kokkoris - drums


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