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Album: ''Spider's Web'' (2004 Demo)
1. Holy Ecstasy
2. The Countdown
3. Spider's Web
4. In The Name Of God
5. Leather Rebel/Metal Meltdown (Judas Priest)
6. Komitas


AMBEHR was founded in Yerevan (Armenia) in 1995 by Art. The band by then consisted of 3 members: Hrant (drums), Ashot (guitars) and Art (bass/ vocals)

In 1998 they recorded their first demo which was mostly thrash metal with major influences of heavy/progressive metal. The demo consisted of five songs and was called Life and Death.
Right after that AMBEHR left Yerevan for St. Petersburg where they printed and distributed a limited quantity of Life & Death. From 1998 to 2000 the demo was constantly being played on the local radio stations and the band played a number of concerts at the "Polygon" club with such bands as "Koma", "Xishnik", "God's Tower" etc.

In March of 2000 Ambehr recorded their second demo by the name of "Devil's Notebook". In this record Ambehr's music slightly shifted to a more death metal oriented style and it also included two songs from the band's previous record. By tradition after the recordings of "Devil's Notebook" Ambehr changed their city of choice to Moscow. The following year and a half was spent trying to get fit in the new city and the band resumed it's musical activity only by the end of the year 2001. First thing the band did after coming round was the release of a small quantity of "Devil's Notebook" tapes (with the help of Ta-Musica studio). This demo got also rereleased in 2005 as a full cd album by “Atolynga Records” (Mexico)
In 2002 AMBEHR suffered it's first line-up changes. The guitarist, Ashot, left the band and was replaced by two new ones, Vitalyj and Zurab. There was also an addition to the vocal section, Art's sister Marina joined the band providing female vocals.
With this lineup Ambehr's launched an intensive live campaign in Moscow and St. Petersburg and also started writing material for their first full LP album which was recorded in "Moscow Sound" studio in 2004 and was called "Spider's Web". Starting with this album Ambehr's sound gained more melody while not parting with it's excluzive heavy riffs. It was released in 2005 by "Taiga Sounds" and recieved many favorable reviews and high ranks by the most known magazines and zines in Russia and Germany, though Ambehr's members agree that it's success out of Russia was much higher then inside of it. One could easily make sure the reviews were correct as the album is widely avaiable throughout the world, it's being sold in 100 cities in Russia, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, Bolgaria, Japan and Australia.

But the inpiration to write new music was still there and in the second half of 2005 Ambehr started writing material for their next full length album, "Sword's Song". It was recorded at the same studio as the previous one - "Moscow Sound". "Sword's Song" was released in 2006 by "Taiga Sounds" in St. Petersburg. It's first presentation took place in the city of Pushkin, following presentations in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver.

At this very moment Ambehr are working hard on their next, already third release, which is rumored to be much more different from what the band did before not only musically but also lyrics wise - all the lyrics on the new album, which is scheduled for the first half of 2007, are going to be in Russian language.

Heavy Metal

Death, darkness

Armenia (Yerevan), formed in 1995

Taiga Sounds


Art - Bass, Vocals
Hrant - Drums
Vitalyj - Guitar
Zurab - Guitar
Marina - Vocals

Ashot - Guitar (Manitou)
Nataly (2002-2003) - Vocals (ex-Nemeton (Rus), Arcane Grail, ex-Andem)


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