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Youth Against Christ

Album: ''Youth Against Christ'' (1994)
1. Intro
2. Throne of Fire
3. Jesus is Dead!
4. Divorced from God
5. Hypochristianity
6. Forced Imprudence
7. Psycho Damn
8. 'Cross the Bridge of False Prophecies
9. Cauterize the Church Council

Ego Art

Album: ''Ego Art'' (1996)
1. Eidolon
2. I Take
3. Ego Art
4. C.C.C.
5. Truly Untrue
6. Pathetic Priest
7. Destructive Selection
8. Egovernment
9. Follow Me
10. Tonight this Country will Die


Album: ''Provoke'' (1998)
1. Cleaning Day
2. Route 666
3. W.E.B.
4. Ode
5. Silent Force
6. Wrong Night
7. Judgementality
8. Wasted World
9. 2000 Years
10. Fast As A Shark (Accept cover)
11. R.I.P.

In the Name of the Father

Album: ''In the Name of the Father'' (1999)
1. Holy Mask
2. Spunk
3. God Damn You
4. In The Name Of The Father
5. I Spit Black Bile On You
6. Hate Scenario
7. Pro Jagd
8. Walhalla Express
9. In Our Dominion
10. I Am Your Provider
11. The Trooper (Iron Maiden cover)

Until Heaven Forbids

Album: ''Until Heaven Forbids'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. I Am Your Provider
2. The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
3. Throne of Fire (live)
4. Psycho Damn (live)
5. Throne of Fire (demo)
6. Forced Imprudence (demo)
7. Psycho Damn (demo)
8. Cross The Bridge of False Prophecies - Dismantling The God (demo)
9. God Damn You (videoclip)

Red Harvest

Album: ''Red Harvest'' (2001)
1. Sick
2. The Stress Factor
3. Spikes And Pain
4. On The Throne
5. The Unbeliever
6. Red Harvest
7. Generation X
8. To My Friends (RIP)
9. Punishment For Decency



There are 4 bands and a couple of DJs under the name of Altar:
1. Altar, a Death Metal band from The Netherlands that formed for the sole purpose of attacking organized religion with their lyrics, especially Christianity. The band broke up September first of 2001, but two of the members decided to continue the band and after auditions, found the new members. Altar is still going strong. On their official website they have free downloads of all the albums they've made so far.
2. Altar, a Metal / Hardcore / Industrial band from Romania, ALTAR were formed in Cluj Napoca, in 1991. After holding a few concerts the band made their first entrance at Samrock`91 Festival where they obtained the popularity prize. In spring/summer of 2006 Altar performed on the Biggest Scenes of the Biggest Open Air Festivals with super killer shows: Artmania Fest, Peninsula, Rock la Mures/Periam, Fanfest, Stufstock, opening shows for giant bands like Sick Of It All or The Exploited. Moreover, after 10 Years, the band is invited again to join The Biggest Hungarian Music Festival - Sziget-Budapesta. And history goes on...
3. Altar, a Turkish mathcore band formed in 2003. ALTAR has released a 5 song EP "TRIBE" in February 2005.
4. Altar, a swedish death metal band that split up after just one demotape and a split lp with finlands Cartilage.
5. Altar, pair formed for the DJs Macau and VMC from São Luíz in the state of Maranhão - in the Northeast of Brazil. “Sexercise”, one of the songs of the pair, blew up in the European tracks and today it participates of 11 international music collections.

Death Metal

Atheism, antichristian

Netherlands (Hardenberg), formed in 1988

Crash Music


Richard Ludwig - Guitar
Marcel Verdurmen - Guitar (Mandator, Mysto Dysto, Orphanage, ex-Vault (Hol))
Andre Hemel - Bass
Michel Coppens - Vocals
Frank Schilperoort - Drums

Arnold Oudemiddendorp - Vocals (ex-Devious, Burning Hatred, ex-Pernicious)
Bert Huisjes - Guitar (1992-1997)
Edwin Kelder - Vocals (ex-Infernorama)
Nils Vos - Bass
Jarno Wilde - Vocals (Mj�lnir (Hol))
Sjoerd Visch - Drums (Monolith (Hol), The Monolith Deathcult, Visionary (Hol), To Elysium, Beyond Belief, Infernorama)
Marco De Groot - Drums (1992-1996 - then came back and left again) (Rouwen, ex-Blind Justice (Hol), Ordo Draconis, Abyss (Hol))
Attila V�r�s - Vocals
Reinier de Vries - Bass
Marcel van Haaf - Guitar
Marco Arends - Drums


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