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Album: ''Promo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Iznad Vremena
2. Secanje Na Slike Iz Sna

Price o vremenu

Album: ''Price o vremenu'' (2002)
1. Kontinuum
2. Mystica Aegyptiorum
3. Amon
4. Put u zoru zivota
5. Zar sunce vec zalazi
6. Bajka
7. Lament
8. Tonem u san
9. Igra
10. Astralni horizonti
11. Secanje na slike iz sna
12. Iznad vremena
13. Uvertira Solemnis
14. Samson
15. Gizmo

Priče o Životu

Album: ''Prièe o Životu'' (2004)
1. Reditus
2. Novi Dan
3. Trgovci Dušama
4. Još Samo Ovaj Put
5. Metamorfoza
6. Kao Snegovi
7. Egregor
8. Magija
9. Putnik na Raskršæu
10. Lišæe Minulih Jeseni
11. Ambis
12. Vreme Istine
13. Prièa o Životu
14. 30072003

Secret Spheres of Art

Album: ''Secret Spheres of Art'' (2005)
1. Secret Sphere
2. Journey into the Dawn of Life
3. Politics of War
4. Legend of a Stolen Heart
5. Falling Asleep
6. Kontinuum
7. Mystica Aegyptiorum
8. Amon
9. Beyond the Time
10. Lament
11. Astral Horizons
12. As the Time Passes By
13. Overture Soleminis
14. Samson



AlogiA is a progressive power metal band from Smederevo, Serbia. Brothers Miroslav (guitar) and Srdjan (guitar) Brankovic established AlogiA in 2000, and with the rest of the crew – Damir Adzic (drums), Ivan Vasic (bass) and Branislav Dabic (keyboards) began the realization of their first album.

During 2001, singers Ivica Laus, Bojan Milovanovic and Nikola Mijic (the winners of the biggest Serbian singing contest 3K Dur) joined them. Member of the band becomes Nikola Mijic. The album was recorded in their studio PARADOX.

AlogiA’s first album was released in February 2002 for publishing company One Records. The album was named Price o Vremenu (Tales of Time). Band adds one more keyboard player - Vladimir Djedovic. Teamed like that, AlogiA begins a concert tour and in a little while becomes the most popular heavy metal band in SCG.

AlogiA performed in many big concerts:
Three birthday concerts of the major rock radio Belgrade 202 on main Belgrade square before 40,000 citizens.
With bands Paul Di' Anno & Killers and Savatage
Three biggest Serbian Guitar Festivals in Zajecar (2002, 2003, 2004)
Anniversary concert "Ostajte Ovde" of the most celebrated Serbian rock bands Riblja Corba and No Smoking Orchestra before 30,000 people.
Two Hard'n'Heavy Festivals in Belgrade - they were the headliners.
Sold out solo concert in Belgrade's famous SKC (bands like At the Gates, Napalm Death, Biohazard and Propain also played here)
In many places along SCG: Smederevo, Kovin, Kosovska Mitrovica, Cacak, Trebinje, Odzaci, Arilje, Jagodina, Sabac, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Kragujevac, Paracin, Vrnjacka Banja, Gornji Milanovac, Becej, Cuprija, Pozarevac, Aleksinac, Zrenjanin, Celarevo, Obrenovac, Senta, Krupanj.

During 2003 Ivan Vasic, Srdjan and Miroslav Brankovic join the army and the band takes a break. After the return of these members the band resumes their work.

In 2004 they began recording their second album for the Serbian market and also played numerous concerts.

In August 2004 AlogiA signs first foreign contract with publishing company Locomotive Music. Contract is signed for English version of their first album that will be named Secret Spheres of Art. Album is containing two new songs: Secret Sphere and Politics of War.

In September 2004, AlogiA released the second album for the Serbian market named Price o Zivotu (Tales of Life). Key intention of band members is to lift Serbian metal music to the higher level and move it toward worlds' musical streams with this album. Publisher is One Records.

AlogiA is currently one of the top and most famous bands in Serbia . Members of this band have played in several other bands: Psychoparadox, Hexagram, Imperija, O.K. Racunar, Draconic. The most important is Psychoparadox.

Progressive/Power Metal


Serbia (Smederevo), formed in 2000

Locomotive Records


Nikola Mijic - Vocals (Dreyelands)
Srdjan Brankovic - Guitars, Bass (Psychoparadox)
Miroslav Brankovic - Guitars, Fretless Bass (Psychoparadox)
Ivan Vasic - Bass (Retribution (Ser))
Damir Adzic - Drums (Psychoparadox, Retribution (Ser))
Branislav Dabic - Keyboards (Psychoparadox)
Vladimir Djedovic - keyboards


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