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Album: ''Promo '97'' (1997 Demo)
1. Of a Stormgrey Vision
2. For the Night I'm Craving
3. Ensnared in Moonshades (Praises Given in Blackness)

Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity

Album: ''Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity'' (1999)
1. Introduction (The Broken Talon)
2. The Unbounded Wrath
3. My Somberness Surmounted
4. Of A Stormgrey Vision
5. He Awaits...
6. Towards The Tempting Infinity
7. Ensnared In Moonshades
8. When The Spirits Dance In Grief
9. The Thorns Cry Blood

Subliminal Antenora

Album: ''Subliminal Antenora'' (2000)
1. Breathless Flesh Sculpture
2. The Igneous Embrace
3. Daemonolith
4. Netherworldly
5. Of Predators and Preys
6. The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia
7. An Ode to the Bringer of Chaos
8. Anno Sathani

Osiris-Typhon Unmasked

Album: ''Osiris-Typhon Unmasked'' (2001)
1. The Circle of Six
2. Mercurian Soulscapes
3. In Invidiam
4. My Twin of Disorder
5. Regained Planetary Possession
6. Antithesis
7. The Parody's Zenith
8. Horns and Feathers
9. Iconoblast

The Polarity Axiom

Album: ''The Polarity Axiom'' (2004)
1. Soulquake
2. The Herald For Reason
3. Chaos Attributes
4. Blood Beguiles Phantoms
5. Drakomorphos
6. 8th Sphere
7. With Black Aureoles
8. Forsaking the Yoke



Alghazanth is a six-piece band that performs majestic and melodic Black Metal but still manages to capture gloom and aggression in their art as well. The band came to life in the autumn of 1995 and took its first steps as a duo. Soon things changed as Alghazanth started gaining some flesh around its bones in the form a full line-up. In late 1996, the band's first demotape was recorded. It was a 4-tracker recording and therefore somewhat messy soundwise. The follow-up was recorded in a shitty studio in May 1997 and had a slightly better production than the first release. A trilogy was fulfilled in November 1997 when Alghazanth recorded a promotional tape which demonstrated the band's skill to progress on every possible field. This release was sent to some labels and Woodcut Records turned out to be the one most interested in Alghazanth. The debut album, "Thy aeons envenomed sanity", was recorded in June 1998 in the more or less legendary Tico Tico -studio. Due to several delaying factors, the album wasn't released until the end of 1999. The second full-length assault, "Subliminal Antenora", came into existence after some major line-up changes. Alghazanth entered the studio facilities with a new vocalist, Nebiros, in May 2000 and reached a bit more aggressive dimension in their music. In July 2001, "Osiris-Typhon unmasked" was materialized in the same studio as its predecessor. On this third album, Alghazanth finally proved to be worth noticing and received highly positive - even praising - reviews. A while after the recording sessions, time came for Veilroth, the other founding member, to depart from Alghazanth. After various adjustments with the line-up, Alghazanth finally reached its current shape and became ready to conceive the fourth album, "The Polarity axiom". In the end of November 2003, the final mixings of the album were finished and the assault was finally materialized.

Gorath Moonthorn, the mainman of the project since its development, says that the band name came to him in a dream. His drumming style is not only reminisce of primitive Black Metal, but infuses many very interesting and complicated rhythms that certainly make for a fun listen.


Thasmorg - Guitar
Infection - Guitar
Grimort - Bass
Gorath Moonthorn - Drums
A. Simonen - Synths


Symphonic Black Metal

Darkness & Occult

Finland (Jyväskylä), formed in 1995

Woodcut Records


Mikko Kotamäki - Vocals (2005-) (Empyrean Bane, ex-Enter My Silence, ex-Funeris Nocturnum, Swallow the Sun, Verivala)
Grimort (Riku Vallisto) - Lead Guitar (2000-) (ex-Funeris Nocturnum)
Thasmorg (Mika Kaakkolahti) - Rhythm Guitar (1995-) (ex-Obscurant)
Gorath Moonthorn (Sami Järvinen) - Drums (1995-) (ex-Obscurant, Unveiled (Fin), Prevalent Resistance)

Dreminoc - Bass (1995-96)
Melchor - Bass (1999-2000)
Veilroth - Guitar (1995-2001) (ex-Behexen, Calvarium (Fin), ex-Funeris Nocturnum)
Prometha - Bass (2002)
Nebiros - Vocals (1999-2004) (ex-Unveiled (Fin), Where Victims Lie)
A. Simonen - Synth (1996-2005) (Morian, Obscurant)
Infection - Lead Guitar (2002-06) (Empyrean Bane, Horna, Obscurant, Sotajumala, Unveiled (Fin), session vocals for De Lirium's Order)


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