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Falx Lunae

Album: ''Falx Lunae'' (1999 Demo)
1. The Wait
2. War Sentence
3. Aleph
4. Sands Of Time
5. Gothic Stone/The Well Of Souls
6. Oblivion

Promo 2002

Album: ''Promo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. Hallowed Hatred
2. Sins of the Fathers
3. Crossroads


There are 2 different italian and australian artists called Aleph, a Polish Experimental Ambient/Drone artist, and a an Ambient Electronic group from Denton, Texas.

1)Aleph is a metal band from Italy. Their style is progressive-heavy. Their last release is In Tenebra (2006)

2)Aleph comes from Italy. His real name is Giancarlo Pasquini. Nowdays he's better known from his pseudonym Dave Rodgers. Aleph released his first single in 1984. However, the break-through song "Fly to me" came out in 1985 and it was written by Mauro Farina, M. Manzi and D. Bellini and produced by Giacomo Maiolini from TIME Records. The first album "Black out" was released in 1988 and the second album "Take my life" in 1990. Since then Aleph has been concentrated on Asian and Japanese markets, releasing eurobeat records there. Aleph also has his own record label ABeat C. He uses several pseudonyms and produces music for several artists. His latest releases as Aleph were released in 1997 when 2 singles "Let the music play" and "Generation of love" came out.

3)Aleph is Australian band formed in 1975. Their style is progressive rock, symphonic rock. Their released only one album "Surface Tension (1977).

Aleph (PL) - An experimental ambient/drone project from Poland. Aleph uses a variety of techniques i.e. field recordings, drones, feedbacks and frequencies actively influencing human mind. Aleph released a couple of CDRs on Polish label - Simple Logic Records (

4)Aleph is a Texan band who, on their first full length release were inspired by enigmatic samples of mall ambience and trainyard mischief. Live From Northpark Mall is an electronic pop album that gels abstract glitches and fashionable modern pop into an etheral and haunting experience.(

Heavy Metal

Italy (Bergamo / Lecco), formed in 1998

Fuel Records


Dave Battaglia - Vocals/Guitar
Giulio Gasperini - Keyboards
Manuel Togni - Drums
Lorenzo Fugazza - guitars
Antonio Ceresoli - Bass

Andrea Perucchini - Guitar
Giorgio Bonacorsi - Bass (Los Pirates)


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