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Album: ''Itse'' (2001)
1. Yhdeksäs
2. Verivalta
3. Musta Aurinko
4. Kuolevan Rukous
5. Ägräs
6. Murhamiesi
7. Tulessa
8. Manan Lapset
9. Rajan Takaa
10. Vihan Musta Tanssi


Album: ''Kuolema'' (2003)
1. Antakaa Elää (Let Live)
2. Surman Henki (The Spirit Of Death)
3. Haureus (Fornication)
4. Huoran Alla (Under The Whore)
5. Ikiyössä (In The Eternal Night)
6. Musta Leski (Black Widow)
7. Sielun Särkijä (Crusher Of Soul)
8. Kituvan Kiitos (Praise Of The Lingering)
9. Helvetissä On Syntisen Taivas (Sinner's Heaven Is In Hell)
10. Rauhassa (In Peace)


Album: ''Tyhjyys'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Sortajan Kaipuu
3. Katumuksen Kyinen Koura
4. Naaras
5. Armon Arvet
6. Pahan Tuoma
7. Harhojen Renki
8. Langennut
9. Uhrit
10. Tyhjyydestä
11. Outro

llon juhla

Album: ''llon juhla'' (2004 Single)
1. Ilon päivä
2. Hei tonttu-ukot

Joulu-Single 2005

Album: ''Joulu-Single 2005'' (2005 Single)
1. Teuras
2. Kansallispäivä


Album: ''Äpäre'' (2006)
1. Hurmasta
2. Raato
3. Säälin Koira
4. Lautuma
5. Eksyneet
6. Hirsipuulintu
7. Tahtomattaan Syntynyt
8. Itse
9. Koito
10. Syntyni


Album: ''Sika'' (2006 Single)
1. Sika
2. Tahdon


Album: ''Kalmanto'' (2007)
1. Ilkitie
2. Turhuuden takila
3. Madot
4. ...putoan
5. Harhojen virta
6. Suruntuoja
7. Naimalaulu
8. Alttarilla aamutähden
9. Kalmanto



The Finnish band Ajattara is the sound of primordial nightmare. Attempting to describe their music in less abstract terms, one could always mention it is predominantly mid-tempo, riff-heavy black metal with distant, astral synths. Yet that is just a lame scratch on the surface when dealing with such a true enigma as Ajattara undoubtedly are.

As those fortunate enough to have heard the obscure demos the main man Ruoja (guitar, vocals) created in his lone cabin in the woods during late nineties know, the Ajattara sound has been decidedly constant. Ruoja is Pasi Koskinen, the singer of Amorphis until their second newest album "Far from the Sun". The line-up was finally completed with Malakias I (drums) and Atoni (bass) in preparation for the recording of the first album "Itse" (“self”). The album made a remarkable impact on the public with its brutal, yet crystal-clear sound and the sheer strength of the material itself.

Special heed must be given to Ajattara's lyrics, remarkable for being cliché-free and poetic, yet disturbing and haunting as only a bad dream arising from deep dank soil of the local woodlands can be. Blood-feud, murder, moons rising crimson... to begin with. As with those who partake of the flesh of gods, the listeners of Ajattara will never be quite the same again.

The release of "Itse" also brought Ajattara out as a live-band, complete with additional three live-session musicians for maximum impact. Many successful shows later it was time for their sophomore album "Kuolema" ("death"), deadly as its name suggests and a logical follow-up to "Itse". The cold, barren earth bid all welcome to its embrace - with no goodbyes and no fancy headstones. This was black metal Finnish style, with an oppressive aura that is not just façade.

Enter album number three. "Tyhjyys" (“emptiness”) saw Malakias I complete his service and retreat to the shadows again, with a veteran of many music styles, Malakias III replacing him.

Ajattara gave birth to an Äpäre. (“bastard child”). Äpäre was released in the year of 2006.

Ajattara's fifth album is to be released 5.9.2007 and this time arises the Kalmanto, (Unable to translate) , yet another skin-thrilling piece of nightmare.

The line-up has changed since the last albums, the line-up is now:

Ruoja - Vocals and Guitar
Kalmos - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Tohtori Kuolio - Bass and Backing Vocals (Juha Harju from Deathchain and Shade Empire)
Raajat - Synth
Malakias IV - Drums

While the harvest may be rotten, Ajattara’s scythe is still sharper than ever.

Dark metal

Death, Evil, Paganism

Finland (Helsinki), formed in 1996

Spikefarm Records


Ruoja (Pasi Koskinen) - Vocals, Guitar, Synth (Amorphis, Mannhai, Shape of Despair, St. Mucus, To Separate the Flesh from the Bones)
Kalmos - Guitar and backing vocals
Tohtori Kuolio (Juha Harju) - Bass and backing vocals (Deathchain, Shade Empire, Trollheim's Grott)
Malakias IV (Tommi Lillman) - Drums (HateFrame, Kylähullut, Mary-Ann, Sinergy, To/Die/For, Vanguard (Fin))
Raajat - Synth

Malakias (Pekka Sauvolainen) - Drums (Am I Blood, Pestigore)
Malakias II (Jan Rechberger) - Drums (Amorphis, Violent Solution)
Akir Kalmo (Aki Räty) - Synth
Ikkala (Jarmo Ikala) - Synth
Ismonster (Ismo Liljelund) - Guitar
Orpo (Pekka Kasari) - (Road Crew, ex-Amorphis, Stone, Pahuuden Prototyyppi)
Samuel Lempo (Tomi Koivusaari) - Guitar (Abhorrence (Fin), Amorphis, Violent Solution, Verenpisara)
Atoni (Toni Laroma) - Bass (Northern Discipline)
Malakias III (Atte Sarkima) - Drums (Havana Black, Mess, Verenpisara, Godsplague)
Irstas (Kalle Sundström) - Synth


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