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Album: ''144,000 Gone'' (1984 Demo)
1. 144,000 Gone

Skeptics Apocalypse

Album: ''Skeptics Apocalypse'' (1985)
1. The Calling
2. Agents of Steel
3. Taken by Force
4. Evil Eye/Evil Minds
5. Bleed for the Godz
6. Children of the Sun
7. 144,000 Gone
8. Guilty as Charged
9. Back to Reign

Mad Locust Rising

Album: ''Mad Locust Rising'' (1985 EP)
1. The Swarm is Upon Us
2. Mad Locust Rising
3. The Ripper (Judas Priest cover)
4. Let It Be Done / The Day at Guyana

US Speed Metal Attack

Album: ''US Speed Metal Attack'' (1986 Video/VHS)
1. Never Surrender
2. Children of the Sun
3. Unstoppable Force
4. 144.000 Gone
5. Bleed for the Godz

Unstoppable Force

Album: ''Unstoppable Force'' (1987)
1. Unstoppable Force
2. Never Surrender
3. Indestructive
4. Chosen to Stay
5. Still Searchin'
6. Rager
7. The Day at Guyana
8. Nothin' Left
9. Traveler

Mad Locust Rising: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon June

Album: ''Mad Locust Rising: Live at the Hammersmith Odeon June '87'' (1987 Video/VHS)
1. Nothin' Left
2. The Unexpected
3. The Day at Guyana
4. Never Surrender
5. Mad Locust Rising
6. The Ripper
7. Evil Eye/Evil Minds
8. Bleed for the Godz
9. The Rager

Agents of Steel

Album: ''Agents of Steel'' (1998 Demo)
1. Fighting Backwards
2. New Godz
3. Bleed Forever

Omega Conspiracy

Album: ''Omega Conspiracy'' (1999)
1. Destroy the Hush
2. Illuminati Is Machine
3. Fighting Backwards
4. New Godz
5. Know Your Master
6. Infinity
7. Awaken the Swarm
8. Into the Nowhere
9. Bleed Forever
10. It's Not What You Think

Order of the Illuminati

Album: ''Order of the Illuminati'' (2003)
1. Avenger
2. Ten Fists of Nations
3. E.U.L. (Earth Under Lucifer)
4. Enslaved
5. Insurrection
6. Apocalypse (World Without Windows)
7. Forever Black
8. Dance of St. Vitus
9. Dead Eyes
10. Kontrol
11. Human Bullet

Earth Under Lucifer

Album: ''Earth Under Lucifer'' (2003 Single)
1. Earth Under Lucifer
2. Mad Locust Rising (live 2003)
3. Unstoppable Force (live 2003)
4. Agents of Steel (live 2003)

Live at Dynamo Open Air

Album: ''Live at Dynamo Open Air'' (2005 DVD)
1. Guyana Intro
2. Unstoppable Force
3. Rager
4. Illuminati is Machine
5. Ten Fists of Nations
6. Bleed for the Godz
7. Forever Black
8. Wash The Planet Clean [new song]
9. New Godz
10. Know Your Master
11. Agents of Steel

agent steel


Agent Steel are a speed metal band from Los Angeles, California that was formed in 1984 by singer John Cyriis and drummer Chuck Profus. The band released two full length albums and one EP before ending in 1988. They were most notable for John Cyriis's high-pitched vocals, catchy songs, melodic riffs and fast tempos mixed in with their unusual (in heavy metal) UFO imagery. The band reformed in 1999 and has released two full length albums since.

In 1983 a demo was released by a speed metal band named Sceptre which contained two future Agent Steel songs: Taken By Force and 144,000 Gone. The guitarist on this demo was John Camps who is believed to be John Cyriis, a founder of Agent Steel. Taken By Force also appeared on the Metal Massacre IV compilation from Metal Blade.

John Camps left Sceptre (which then disbanded) and went on to join Abattoir as their vocalist under the name John Syriis, which soon changed to John Cyriis. He soon left Abattoir and teamed up with drummer Chuck Profus to form Sanctuary, which soon became Agent Steel. Mark Marshall (before he joined Savage Grace) and Sill Simmons joined the band as the two guitarists with George Robb on bass. This line-up recorded the 144,000 Gone demo in 1984.

Various guitarist changes occurred after the demo until ex-Abattoir guitarist Juan Garcia and future Holy Terror guitarist Kurt Colfelt became members. The first Agent Steel full length album titled Skeptics Apocalypse was released on Combat Records in the middle of 1985.

Kurt Colfelt soon left the band after falling out with John Cyriis and formed Holy Terror. He was replaced by guitarist Bernie Versailles and an EP was recorded titled Mad Locust Rising in late 1985. It was released in the USA by Combat Records and in Europe by Music For Nations. This EP contained one of a few Judas Priest cover songs that were recorded by the band, The Ripper.

George Robb left the band soon after Mad Locust Rising was released and was replaced by bassist Michael Zaputil. In March 1986 the band went into Morrisound Recording Studios to record the full length follow-up to Mad Locust Rising, Unstoppable Force. The band stopped recording for a few months as they went to Europe to tour. They toured through May with Anthrax and Overkill where the split video US Speed Metal Attack was recorded. They returned in June to finish recording Unstoppable Force; however, the album was to be released in 1987 due to problems with the product.

After the recording of Unstoppable Force, the band was severed when the band members spread out across the USA. John Cyriis and Chuck Profus went to Tampa, Florida; while Juan Garcia, Bernie Versailles and Michael Zaputil who were annoyed with Cyriis stayed in California.

John Cyriis and Chuck Profus hired guitarists James Murphy and Jay Weslord as well as bassist Richard Bateman for a European tour. The tour was partly a success; however, some of the audiences did not seem to appreciate Agent Steel's more melodic approach to heavy metal (in comparison to harsher thrash metal). The final show of the tour with Nuclear Assault (which had the UK thrash metal band Onslaught as the opener) at Hammersmith Odeon on the 20th of June 1987 was recorded live and released as a video later that year.

Internal problems with the band and also the lack of appreciation by many metalheads during the tour caused the band to end in 1988.

After the band broke up in 1988 Chuck Profus and John Cyriis joined and formed a number of projects both together and separately.

Juan Garcia, after leaving Agent Steel, had formed the thrash metal band Evildead with ex-members of his old band Abattoir (as the band had split up by then). The band released 2 full length albums, an EP and a live album. They had reasonable success in the metal underground. Even though the band broke up, some of the members including Juan Garcia created a new band called Terror who released one album and an EP before breaking up.

In 1999 Agent Steel was reborn. Juan Garcia brought in bassist Karlos Medina that had been with him in Evildead and Terror, while Chuck Profus and Bernie Versailles returned. Bruce Hall joined the band as the new vocalist. His vocals were not as high-pitched as John Cyriis's but the clean sung vocals remained in Agent Steel.

Agent Steel recorded Omega Conspiracy in 1999 which was there first album in 13 years. Their sound continued on as speed metal with some modern touches.

Chuck Profus sustained a hand injury and so Rigo Amezcua (ex-Terror drummer) filled in for him for live performances. He soon decided to leave the band and so Rigo Amezcua replaced him permanently. With this line-up the band started writing new material for their next full length album starting in 2001. The album, titled Order Of The Illuminati, was released in 2003.

Soon a mini CD was released (late 2003) titled Earth Under Lucifer, which contains the single Earth Under Lucifer and three songs recorded from live performances following the release of Order Of The Illuminati.

In 2005 Agent Steel released their first DVD which contains an entire performance at Dynamo Open Air.

In september of 2007 they released their fifth full length album, titled 'Alienigma'.

Thrash/Power/Speed Metal

Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, Doom Prophecies

United States of America (Los Angeles, California), formed in 1984

Mascot Records


Bruce Hall - vocals (1998- ) (Grinchfist, Sybil, Steel Prophet)
Juan Garcia - guitars (1984-1987, 1998- ) (ex-Abattoir (US), ex-Evildead, Pontius Prophet, Terror (US), Killing Machine, Obscene Gesture)
Bernie Versailles - guitars (1985-1987, 1998- ) (Redemption, Engine, Fates Warning, Sybil)
Karlos Medina - bass (1999 - )(ex-Evildead, Terror (US))
Rigo Amezcua - drums (2001- ) (Terror (US))

Mark Marshall (1984) (Savage Grace)
Sill Simmons (1984)
Kurt Kilfelt (1984-1985) (Holy Terror)
James Murphy (1987-1988) (Disincarnate, Death, Obituary, Cancer, Testament, Konkhra, Explorers Club, guest for Crotchduster)
Jay Weslord (1987-1988)
Tim Thomas - live (2005) (Steel Prophet, New Eden)

George Robb (1984-1986) (L.S.N., Obscene Gesture)
Richard Bateman (1987-1988) (Purgatory, Lowbrow, Nasty Savage, After Death (US), Gardy-Loo, Nocturnus, Unearthed)
Michael Zaputil - bass (1986-1987, 1998-1999) (Sexist)
Vince Dennis - session bass (1999) (Steel Prophet)

John Cyriis (1984-1988) (aka Max Havlock, Max Kobol, John Camps) (Stellar Seed, ex-Abattoir (US), Black Reign, Pontius Prophet, Sceptre (US), Lemegeton, Malfeitor, ex-Vermin (US))

Chuck Profus - Drums (Black Reign (US), Malfeitor, Obscene Gesture, Pontius Prophet)


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