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Agent Metal

Album: ''Agent Metal'' (2001)
1. Return Of The Elite
2. Agents Of Metal pt.1
3. Through The White Hell
4. Lamentation Of The Agent
5. The One
6. The Chosen Path
7. The Trailing
8. Initiation To Agenthood
9. I'll See You Beyond
10. The Abduction


Fighting relentlessly through the darkest night with Gun in hand. Defying the reigning Sectarian Elite without fear, bringing to the masses the knowledge they should not have. Delivering the message of Hope against the hateful warmongers, through the purest and most uncompromising Agent Heavy Metal that kicks ass ! Such are the ways of Agent Metal, not only a musical band, nor an organization, but a true vigilante group dedicated to promoting Freedom, Metal and Might across this world and beyond.

Founded in 1996 as the Finnish metal musician, underground legend and long-time experienced Agent C left his country's secret services to record the legendary "Gunhouse Tapes" (with the very first version of the classic track I'll See You Beyond, now completely sold out), Agent Metal has evolved and grown in secrecy, finding proof of the global conspiracies against mankind and gathering solid evidences on the truth-twisting, enlightened leaders - those evidences would later become the group's self-titled debut. A new level was reached when the young French Agent M, having conducted similar investigations since 1998 and eager to kick Illuminati ass, joined forces with the Agency around 2000. An EP was immediately planned, and it quickly became a full album due to the Agents' overwhelming amount of conspiracies to report - Agent Metal was released in Summer 2001. With legendary speed metal assaults such as The One or Return Of The Elite, as well as deep, epic songs depicting the amazing discoveries of Agents on the run, this first album was hailed as a masterpiece in agency cabinets across the whole world, causing many experienced marksmen to join Agent Metal's crusade. Now there are active Agents of Metal in places as far as South America !

But this was not enough for Agent Metal, who soon felt the need to set new standards and oppose their doctrine to the iron hand of the ruling Elite. The "Three Words EP" was released six months later, its name coming from a track that embodies the very spirit of Agent Metal : Freedom, Metal & Might. Also refered as "the Trinity", this motto is the perfect summary of everything Agent Metal stands for, and has been widely represented in the group's majestic, impressive imagery. The EP also contained an Agent Steel cover - this cult speed metal band has always been considered as the spiritual father of Agent Metal, even though neither C nor M had ever heard of them when the Agency was conceived ! Only few copies were issued, and this EP is no longer available, but due to its historic importance for Agenthood, a re-release has been planned for the next year.

Meanwhile, Agent Metal hasn't lost its time. Once again, whereas the betraying rulers and self-proclaimed Kings of this world were claiming their victory a little too early, the Agents have returned with their Sign Of The Gun. With countless evidences gathered about the CIA's mind-control research programs and their own interventions to prevent the Illuminati from realizing their most ambitious masterplans, the bringers of the Three Words are back stronger than ever, and they have come to Kill, Fuck and Kick Ass ! From the relentless thrash attack of Wings Of Fury to the tormented brainwashing waves of Monarch, from the heavy rock pace of the title-track to the astonishing epic feeling of the 11 minute closer Gunbearer, this new album once again sets new standards for Agent Heavy Metal. Illuminati and False Agents tremble with fear, by the Sign of the Gun the Truth shall come to light !!!

Speed/Power Metal

Espionage, Freedom, Metal & Might

France, formed in 1996



Agent A
Missions : rhythm guitar, songwriting, M.A.S.
Operating region : South America
Agent since June 2001

Agent B
Missions : backing vocals, sightings
Operating region : Southern Europe
Agent since July 2002

Agent C
Missions : lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, songwriting, sightings and investigations
Operating region : Northern Europe
Agent since 1996 - Founding member of A.M.

Agent H
Missions : backing vocals, sightings & web design
Operating region : not localized
Agent since 2003

Agent M
Missions : rhythm and lead guitars, fingered bass, songwriting, webmastering and investigations
Operating region : Southern Europe
Agent since 1998 - Founding member of A.M.'s final incarnation

Agent N
Missions : backing vocals & diplomacy
Operating region : Southern Europe
Agent since 2003


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