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Dance Of The Dead

Album: ''Dance Of The Dead'' (2005)
1. Fallen Evil
2. Dance Of The Dead
3. 100 Years From Now
4. Men Of Sorrow
5. Suffocator
6. The Killing Spree
7. Warlord
8. Cockroaches
9. Return To The Valley Of The Kings

Welcome to Insanitarium

Album: ''Welcome to Insanitarium'' (2006)
1. Reign of Terror
2. More Meat?
3. Slaves
4. Welcome to Insanitarium
5. Within Darkness
6. The Battle of Bannockburn
7. Before the Storm
8. Gods of Total War.



Agankast was formed in march 2005 by ex-Atomkraft guitarist Rob Matthew Redhead. Rob enjoyed great success with the 80s thrash metal band, living the metal dream for the following three years.. touring and appearing with the likes of Venom, Exodus, slayer, testament etc. In 2005 and based in the Scottish borders rob recruited locally for his new band and got an early break with the discovery of singer/bassist Allan Scott. Allan had been in numerous local bands and had cut his teeth on the scottish gig circuit with galashiels death metal band Death certificate. Rob and Allan began writing immedietaly whilst also searching for the right second guitarist and Drummer. Enter Drummer , Drew Gill Gill had been recommended by Allan Scott who had worked with him in the past, his drumming style fitted in perfectly to the bands no nonsense Old School Heavy Metal approach and the three began working on demo material. These early songs would go on to form the backbone of the bands early material free music that was genourously donated as a promotion for the newly launched Agankast website. New songs like "Butcher and the Clown" and "Gorotica" allowed the critics and metal public alike to quickly understand the songwriting quality of the "now returned ex-Atomkraft guitarist" and the formidable band he had assembled. From the start Agankast had set out to become a four piece, and only months after the bands initial forming a second guitarist was ready in the wings. Enter Ciaran wright(18) Wright was discovered after numerous auditions across the scottish borders. Hailing from Edinburgh he was an instant choice as the final link to the band... his truly outstanding technical and speed of playing contrasted perfectly to robs own unique style. Agankast had now emmerged as a "powerfull live band" and began touring around scotland in autumn of 2005, this coincided with the bands self produced "Debut release" entiled "Dance of the Dead" which recieved excellent reviews from webzines across the world and giving the band an overall score of 8/10 on 95% of all reviews... comparing Agankast to early Metalica and Supultra and with comments like "Agankast are way better than Atomkraft" which inevitably brought a wry smile from Rob. Agankast were now 100% focused on creating first class Heavy Metal music. Agankast ended 2005 on a high with the confirmation of Bloodstock 2006 a new second album was being discussed. New songs were penned and Agankast began recording a new follow up album entitled "Welcome to Insanitarium" it was begun in december 2005. And after a long cold Winter in the Highlands Agankast re-emerged in march 2006 with a new album complete. The band got back into gear and began gigging around Britain for the first time. the album was officially released in june 2006 and reviews started coming in immediately afterwards... yet again Agankast recieved a constant 8 / 10 for their second release "Welcome to Insanitarium".... and with many comments such as "This release confirms beyond doubt the quality of Agankast". Agankast were in confident mood and with evermore UK gigs looming and Bloodstock festival 2006 on the horizon all seemed well. However in mid june of 2006 Agankast decided to part ways with Drummer Drew Gill. Agankast wasted no time and within a week had contacted James Savage 18...Savage had been known to the band and was immedietaly recruited. So all four began rehearsing for the Autumn shows now booked....and Agankast hit the road for a series of shows in the run up to the Bloodstock festival. Agankast appeared at the UKs largest independant music festival "Bloodstock" in september 2006 and recieved a great public and press reception. In November 2006 drummer James Savage was ousted for "musical reasons". Enter 17 year old Ryan Scott a young Scottish Thrash drummer from the bands local area....with a change of musical direction and with Agankast now consentrating purely on a " Thrash Metal " sound... Ryan Scott proved to be a smart addition. Agankast began recording their third self - released CD entitled "Walking with Angels - Running with Devils" in december 2006, the Double CD was completed in april 2007. It marked the final contribution to the band by founding member Rob Matthew Redhead, as work commitments abroad meant an end to Robs Agankast journey in april 2007. Armed with a fantastic back catologue of music and a new Double CD prepared plus new material on the way for 08...Agankast announced their new guitarist.........this is the story so far.

Thrash/Heavy Metal

United Kingdom (Selkirk Scotland), formed in 2004

no label


Rob Matthew Redhead: guitar (ex-Atomkraft)
Allan Scott: vocals and bass
Ciaran Wright: guitar
James Savage: drums

Ava Robertson: drums
Jimmy Manningham: guitars
Drew Gill: drums


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