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Vilgra Jtt

Album: ''Világra Jött'' (2003 Demo)
1. In Lovelorn (Lair Lady)
2. Szentségtelen Eszme (Unholy Notion)
3. My Dark, Satanic Love
4. Halálos Kívánság (Deathly Request)
5. Világra Jött (He Has Arrived)

Az jszaka csszra

Album: ''Az éjszaka császára'' (2004)
1. Ethereal Darkness (Intro)
2. Büszke Menet
3. Az Éjszaka Császára
4. Debemur Morti Nos Nostraque
5. Maradok
6. Egyszerû Temetés
7. Through The Light
8. Eternal Past
9. Lost Time (Outro)

Stt Prfcia

Album: ''Sötét Prófécia'' (2004 Demo)
1. Rettegés A Démonok Örjítõ Kacajától (Tormentor Laughing As Demons)
2. Kik Sátán Sebeit Tépik (Who Tears The Wounds Of Satan)
3. Gathering For The Final Attack
4. Sötét Felhõk Jönnek (Dark Clouds Coming)
5. Megtörve (Broken)
6. Lost Wisdom (Burzum cover)
7. Fák Temetése (Funeral Of Trees)
8. The Mood Of Darkness
9. Sötét Felhõk Jönnek II (Dark Clouds Coming II)
10. Álom (Dream)
11. Halott Testbe Zárva (Captured In Dead Body)
12. God Is Wasted (Ragnarok cover)
13. Sötét Prófécia (Dark Prophecy)
14. Fagyos Ölelés (Freezing Embrace)
15. Megnyugvás (Release)

Knz Harag

Album: ''Kínzó Harag'' (2005)
1. Kihalt Kertben Nem Lesz Termés
2. Harag Lángja
3. A Fény (instrumental)
4. Prófécia
5. Ében Lovag
6. Dirge Of Szása
7. A Vár Árnyéka
8. Az Igaz
9. My Hate Is His Spirit (Ragnarok cover)
10. Lelkemnek Legmélyén
11. Sleeping Forest

Layae blcsje

Album: ''Layae bölcsõje'' (2006)
1. Layae Bölcsõje
2. Könnyek Útja
3. Fekete Hárfa
4. A Szenvedést a Kárhozat Váltja
5. Ea, Lord of the Depths (Burzum cover)
6. Õszi Esõ
7. A Múltunk Hatalmával
8. Utolsó Táncom
9. Az Elveszett Életünk
10. A Vár Árnyéka (re-recorded)
11. Kínok Tüze (outro)


Album: ''Víziók'' (2007)
1. Víziók
2. Myterious Path of Desires
3. Kilenc tele a ködnek
4. Journey to Immortality
5. The Lockness Door
6. Menedékem a Sötétségben (Ragnarok cover)
7. Álom II.
8. Kövekbe vésett nyugalom
9. Black Moorland
10. Who never really left
11. Idegenül
12. Holtszak

aetherius obscuritas


Aetherius Obscuritas is a one-man band, playing Black Metal. It was started as a project, now it is the first demo, recorded in 2002. sept.- 2003. jan. : „Világra Jött”. Arkhorrl plays on all instruments, except the bass(2002-2004: line up – Gergely Norbert, basser in Arkhorrl’s other band, Sudden Death.) The secund publish followed it, which was planned to out with 7 songs, but because some new songs recorded during that time, it grew up to 15 tracks, which is the secund work: „Sötét Prófécia”. The newer ones: „Az Éjszaka Császára” and „Kínzó Harag” followed them. Now those are in attendence of Terranis Productions…

„I don’t know how long it will be act, because it depends only myself. So it isn’t plausible to conclude the band’s working. I like to do it. I need an extra to feel well and this is Aetherius Obscuritas. This is my salute to the Black Metal „Ancestors” and adifying the hungarian underground black metal scene, this means me BLACK METAL. I don’t care this nowadays marker, „true black metal”, that’s why I don’t give any markers to my music.

Furthermore, i have to name some bands who are the big influences for me, and without them my music may looks like else or doesn’t be at all. At first, primarily thanks to Varg to charmed me with his earlier works, Aske and Burzum, why for his invidual voice got moved things in me. The secund is Ancient. Hereby also the older ones, especial „Chainian Chronicle”, which is a huge influence. And of course, I can’t miss out Ragnarok, All my awe is them…”

Black Metal

Spiritual, Agony of Death, Symbolic Means

Hungary (Szigetvár), formed in 2002

Sleaszy Rider Records


Arkhorrl (Vágvölgyi Viktor) - all instruments & vocals (Sudden Death (Hun), Oneness, guest vocals for Merculistarya)
Zson - Session drums (Sudden Death (Hun))

Gergely Norbert - bass (2002 - 2005) (Sudden Death (Hun))


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