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Dark Sorcery

Album: ''Dark Sorcery'' (1995 EP)
1. Black Dust
2. Victory
3. Raven and Blood
4. Nordlys

Beyond the Wandering Moon

Album: ''Beyond the Wandering Moon'' (1997)
1. Under the Blade of the Dead
2. Sworn Revenge
3. White Realm
4. Sentinels of Darkness
5. Embraced
6. Vind
7. Waiting for the Storms
8. Winter Tale
9. To Enter the Realm of Legend
10. Celtic Harp Solo (The Last Feast)

...And So the Night Became

Album: ''...And So the Night Became'' (1998)
1. There's No Wine Like the Blood's Crimson
2. As I March
3. Warrior of the Crescent Moon
4. Blodsverging
5. When the Crow's Shadow Falls
6. Ild Dans
7. ...And So the Night Became
8. Fyrndeheimen

Shadows of Old

Album: ''Shadows of Old'' (1999)
1. Under the Eternal Blackened Sky
2. Descent to the Underworld
3. Dark Rage
4. Resurrection
5. The Summoning of Shadows
6. Death's Golden Truth Revealed
7. Cuchulain
8. Prophecy of the Elder Reign
9. The Sunset's Glory

Burning the Shroud

Album: ''Burning the Shroud'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Burning The Shroud
2. Midnatt Storm
3. Raven And Blood (1999 Version)
4. To Enter The Realm Of Legend (Live)
5. When The Crows Shadow Falls (Live)
6. The Summoning Of Shadows (Live)
7. Cuchulain (Live)
8. Dark Rage (7" Version)
9. Fire And Wind
10. In The Darkest Circles Of Time

Ascension of Terror

Album: ''Ascension of Terror'' (2001)
1. Possessed by the Serpent's Vengeance
2. Slaying the Lambs
3. Ascension of Terror
4. The Essence of the Elder
5. Warlust
6. Wrath of the Warlord
7. Burning the Shroud
8. Denial of Salvation
9. The Lair of Anubis

A Darker Monument

Album: ''A Darker Monument'' (2003)
1. Sword of The Earth
2. Slavestate
3. Litany of Ra
4. Soulslayer
5. Darkstorm
6. Genocide Delight
7. Seen Through Abhorrent Eyes
8. The Trident
9. Sons of War


Album: ''Hexaeon'' (2006)
1. The Darkest of Minds
2. GodHead Charlatan
3. The 9th Revolution
4. In The 3rd Dwells Oblivion
5. Hexaeon
6. Punished
7. Ageless Void
8. Christbait
9. What I Crave



Formed in 1993 in Bergen, Norway, these 'Dark' Death Metallers released their first demo in 1994 entitled "Walk My Path".

They have toured in Europe with such bands as Enslaved, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Marduk, Mayhem, Red Harvest, Emperor and Limbonic Art. Their latest album Hexaeon was released in 2006.

Black Metal (early), Death Metal (now)

Anti-Christian, Warfare, Mystic, Nature...

Norway (Bergen), formed in 1993

Dark Essence Records


Ares: vocals, guitars (1993-) (ex-Gorgoroth, session in Grimfist, ex-Immortal (Nor), live for Black Hole Generator, ex-Corona Borealis (Nor))
V'gander: bass (2001-) (Chaos Predicted, ex-Cult of Catharsis, Helheim (Nor), Ravengod, Deathcon, Taake)
Dreggen: guitar (ex-Cult of Catharsis, Grimfist, Black Hole Generator, Taake, Deathcon)
Terris : Drums (Malsain, Gravdal)

Bass & keyboards:
Morrigan (1996-2001) (ex-Obtained Enslavement)

Radek (1999-2004) (Radomir Michael Nemec) (Amok (Nor), ex-Taake, ex-Malice in Wonderland, Dead to this World)
Stian (2004-2005)

Erik (Vrolok) (1993-2006) (ex-Thy Grief, ex-Gorgoroth, Bourbon Flame, Sulphur, Deathcon)
S. Winter: drums (Forlorn (Nor), A Winter Within, Gehenna (Nor), Eld)


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