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Dark Order

Album: ''Dark Order'' (2001 EP)
1. The Return of Apolluon
2. Eternal Hate
3. With Blood They Pay
4. The Awakening
5. Bloodlust
6. Hell Unleashed

Bleeding the False

Album: ''Bleeding the False'' (2005)
1. Cenobites
2. Soulburner
3. Morbid Desire to Burn
4. Biblewhore
5. Forever Nailed
6. Satanic Victory
7. Enchanter
8. Bleeding the False
9. Doorknocker
10. Bow Your Head
11. I Hate Your Existence
12. God Gives Head in Heaven
13. Hell Unleashed

Rise to Dominate

Album: ''Rise to Dominate'' (2007)
1. Helel Ben-Shachar
2. Spreading Their Disease
3. Living Sin
4. Hate Them
5. You Pray to Nothing
6. Caressed by the Holy Man
7. House of Greed
8. Godless
9. When the War Comes
10. There Will Be No Heaven for Me
11. Luke 4-5-7
12. No One Escapes Us



There are 6 or more bands with the name Aeon. The first one is a Swedish death metal band. The second one is a UK Psychedelic Trance producer. The third one was a Croatian progressive death metal band. The fourth is an Canadian metal one-man project. The fifth isn't really a band but a Danish rapper. The sixth one is a Mexican underground EBM / Electro band.

The Swedish Aeon.


* During the summer this year the four members Tommy Dahlström, Zeb Nilsson, Johan Hjelm and Arttu Malkki of the newly broken up band Defaced Creation decided to form a new death-metal band that should try to create a more pioneering and miscellaneous style, instead of doing the usual “old-school” death-metal, (even though the roots was in the “old-school” death-metal). Later Morgan Nordbakk joined Aeon to fill in as the other guitarist.

* During the fall of this year, Aeon recorded their first demo, which included the songs “Return of Apolluon”, Eternal Hate”, With Blood they Pay”, “The Awakening”, “Bloodlust” and “Hell Unleashed”.


* In may this year the 6-track demo was released as a MCD - entitled “Dark Order” - for Necropolis rec. “Dark Order” sold out very fast, and still today, people asks for it.

* Morgan Nordbakk leaves Aeon, to be replaced by Daniel Dlimi (ex Equinox ov the Gods). This was good for the band since Daniel also was a experienced song-writer for this kind of death-metal, and he picked up on Aeon´s concept very fast.


* This summer, drummer Arttu Malkki leaves the band to be replaced by Nils Fjellström.

* Aeon starts to work on material for their upcoming debut album more effective.


* In fall this year Aeon starts recording “Bleeding the False”.


* On sept 20th Bleeding the False was released for Unique Leader rec. The album gets very good response from both fans and media.


* In april this year Aeon hits the European roads with Cannibal Corpse and Prostitute Disfigurement.

* In early summer Aeon part ways with longtime bassplayer Johan Hjelm.

* In juli Aeon signs a record deal with Metal Blade.

* In September Max Carlberg join Aeon to fill the spot as bassplayer.

The Aeon from the UK is Lachlan Mackenzie, hailing originally from Australia, now resident in Nottingham, UK. His first release, Orthodoxy (2006 - Relativity Records) follows in the footsteps of Scorb and Deviant Species with intelligent, chunky, danceable Psy.

The Aeon from Pula in Croatia was formed in 1989. Their music can be described as progressive death metal. Keyboards can be heard very often in their songs. They released one promo album "Ephemeral" in 1996. The band split up in 1997.

The American Aeon.

The Aeon from the US is an African-American producer/emcee from Philadelphia, PA. Still early in his professional career, Aeon has worked with artists such as Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Raw Poetic from the rap group Panacea, and is in the process of completing work on EPs for Choklate and DC rap talent Emoni Fela.

He has also contributed production to mixtapes for Dj Jamad & Amanda Diva.

The Aeon from Denmark is a rapper from Næstved, Denmark. He spits raw and honest lyrics, and you can easily tell, that it's not just plain bullshit but that his harsh childhood has made him who he is. Let his music speak!

Brutal Death Metal


Sweden (�stersund), formed in 1999

Metal Blade Records


Tommy Dahlstr�m - Vocals (Defaced Creation, Diabolicum)
Daniel Dlimi - Guitar (Divine Desecration, The Equinox ov the Gods, Sanctification, Souldrainer)
Zeb Nilsson - Guitar (Defaced Creation, Diabolicum)
Max Carlberg - Bass (Oltued)

Morgan Nordbakk - Guitars (1999-2001)
Arttu Malkki - Drums (1999-2002) (Defaced Creation)
Nils Fjellstrom - Drums (Chastisement, In Battle, Sanctification, Odhinn, ex-Souldrainer, Dark Funeral, A*Teem)
Johan Hjelm - Bass (Defaced Creation)


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