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Album: ''PsychoStasia'' (1996)
1. Heroes in Godly Blaze
2. Psychostasia
3. Seance of Shamans
4. The Book of the Worm
5. Thoth (Lord of the Holy Words)
6. Mythic Descendant
7. As the Gods Succumbed
8. Across the Gray Waters

Terror Of Thousand Faces

Album: ''Terror Of Thousand Faces'' (2005)
1. Intro
2. Halls of Human Tragedy
3. Descend to Eternal Torment
4. Bleeding for Supremacy
5. Suicide, Terrorize
6. I Don't Care About Your Murder
7. Slain in the Grace of Thy Name
8. Book of Flesh
9. Terror of Thousand Faces
10. Orphica Holodemiurgia



A Loimaa Death Metal band formed by bass player Jani Aho, Jusi Tainio on drums and former DISINTERED vocalist / guitarist Jarkko Rantanen in Loimaa during 1991, ADRAMELECH sought out a vocalist and second guitarist to join the founding trio and came up with Tuomas Ala-Nissila and Erik Parviainen respectively, Rantanen switching to drums after Tainio departed.

The band recorded the 1992 'Grip Of Darkness' demo, featuring new bassist Mikko Aarnio, that led to a deal with the French Adipocere label.

Following the release of the 7" vinyl 'Spring Of Recovery' single in December 1992 and a show with Demilich, Beherit and Crypt of Kerberos in 1993, Seppo Taatila, previously with Demigod, joined and contributed to the recording of 'The Fall' sessions, released in June 1995. The band then featured on a compilation released by the Spanish label Repulse with the track 'Heroes In Godly Blaze'.

The liaison with the Spaniards led to a two album deal with Repulse, the first fruits of which was the commercial release on CD of 'The Fall' tape.

The 'Psychotasia' album arrived in June 1996. ADRAMELECH were to lose bassist Aarnio after the 'Psychotasia' album and also added the ex-vocalist of Demigod towards the end of 1996. For the May 1998 mini-album 'Seven', a five track affair featuring two new studio tracks, a brace of live cuts and a re-recording of 'Ancestral Souls' re-titled 'Captured In Eternal Lost', the band comprised Rantanen, bassist Phillipe La Grassa and drummer Seppo Taatila. 'Pure Black Doom' ensued during April 1999.

ADRAMELECH were still undergoing line-up ructions in 2001 when in September guitar player Ali Leiniƶ departed. An album, entitled 'Terror Of Thousand Faces', was recorded but process proved arduous as their singer quit before completion of the tracks. The album finally emerged in June 2005 through Xtreem Music. EMISSARY's Marko Silvennoinen took over on lead vocals. Mikko Aarnio was to be replaced on bass by Tommi Rantanen, a scene veteran of Uncreation's Dawn, Forever Winter,Impious Havoc, NIGHTSIDE and Vordven.

Death Metal


Finland (Loimaa), formed in 1991

Xtreem Music

On hold

Jari Laine - Guitar (Crimson Midwinter, Torture Killer)
Jarkko Rantanen - Drums, Vocals (ex-Demigod (Fin))
Tommi Rantanen - Bass (Forever Winter, Impious Havoc, ex-Nightside (Fin), ex-Uncreation's Dawn, Vordven)
Marko Silvennoinen - Vocals (Emissary (Fin))

Mikko Aarnio - Bass (Crimson Midwinter)
Jani Aho - Guitar, Vocals
Ali Leiniö - Vocals (Demigod (Fin))
Seppo Taatila - Guitar (Demigod (Fin))
Jussi Tainio - Drums


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