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Irae Melanox

Album: ''Irae Melanox'' (1988)
1. Fearful Visions
2. Zephirus
3. Irae Melanox
4. Lamento (Anonymous XV Cent)
5. Decay (Saver Comes)
6. Was Called Empire
7. Eyes of Alabaster
8. Dreams of a Jester

Broken History

Album: ''Broken History'' (2005)
1. Intro: Fantasia I
2. I'll Save the World
3. Cluny Calls
4. Choral Prelude
5. Broken History
6. Beloved Jerusalem
7. Heap of Bones
8. Dethroned in Shame
9. Darts of Wind
10. Different Times, Different Places
11. Declaimed Prelude (The Bread and The Water)
12. Ten Wiles (Much More than Begged Mercy)
13. Conclusion



Adramelch are formed in 1987 in Milan. The original line-up features Gianluca Corona at the drums, Franco Avalli at the bass guitar and Lorenzo Marconi at the guitar. Later, in Art High school, Gianluca meets Vittorio Ballerio, lead singer of Phoenix - a Hard rock band playing its own music in live gigs in the Milan Area, and asks him to join Adramelch

Initially the band performs solely cover songs of other "HOLY MONSTERS" bands: Queensryche, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. Vittorio will be major influence in pushing Gianluca and Adramelch, to write their own songs.

In September 1987 the band structure changes completely: Gianluca, being the author of Adramelch's music, switches to the best suited guitar, and a new drummer enters the band: Luca Moretti. Lorenzo leaves the group to form DEATHRAGE and his place is taken by Sandro Fremiot.

After six month spent totally focusing on composing, rehearsal and song arrangement, the five musicians enter Hammill Studio in Milan to record their first Demo, Irae Melanox.

The demo is acclaimed by the critics and specialised press, simultaneously, arousing interest in some Italian labels, among which LM records of Ravenna. LM records invites Adramelch to take part to one of the first Italian Metal compilation: Heavy rendez-vous together with other bands like CREPIN DEATH, MOON OF STEEL, DUNKARDS...
Meanwhile the band starts playing concerts in the Milan area.

Thanks to the intervention of milanese music label Metal Master, in June 1988 - in a short time and with very little money - Adramelch record their first Album Irae Melanox.

Soon after the release of Irae Melanox, the band undergo a crisis due to various reasons.

The album is acclaimed by national and international specialised press (e.g. the english magazine Kerrang, usually very caustic about Italian productions, awards the album a flattering 4 out of 5!!!). Sadly, maybe due to the total lack of promotion by the label, maybe because of the italian xenomania of that period, the public response is poor.

Though very proud of the final result, the band is quite disappointed for the poor sound quality of the album, the result of a low budget production.

Irae Melanox complexity makes it an album of not easy listening, that will eventually take years to be appreciated by the public all over europe.

Franco and Luca departure due to military service implies enormous difficulties in carrying on the making of the second album.

As a result, for a long period the band members pursue individual projects.

Vittorio forms Columbus' egg, a rock jazz project and Franco joins him; the band activity will result in an album.

Franco, while starting a proficuous new experience with the progressive rock band Enter, substituting Lorenzo Dehò, calls Vittorio in the band. As a result of the succesful activity of the band, a 24trks demo is released in 1992.

Gianluca works on new rock songs, starting to write lyrics in Italian. The result, in 1995, is the birth of a new project, In-Canto (previously named Zefiro); the band features Vittorio, Gianluca, Franco and new musicians among which the drummer Luciano Marinetti (ex Mistere de Notre dame). This interesting artistic experience swiftly ended due to the lack of devotion and conviction by part of the band members.

In July 2003 Gianluca, Franco and Vittorio gather again, with the first aim to prevent Gianluca Musical works, composed between 88 & 90’s, from falling into oblivion. But the band soon realizes that there is room enough for new works and projects - laying the foundation for a second album!

A new band structure is created: the second guitar is replaced by keyboards/Piano (Davide Doviti). The idea is to extend the musical solutions and range of the band.

The original drummer Luca Moretti, gone to live in Rome since 1992, could never be part of the new project. Sigfrido Percich, who has been previously playing with Vittorio in a classic Prog Rock cover band, joins Adramelch. He's a powerful drummer with various significant musical experiences: Nu-Metal (Indastria, K-Again), Prog-Metal (Acron, Arkhé), Crossover (Funk The Chicken) and Techno-Trash/Death (Insania, Nightward).

Initially an external support and collaboration is granted by Andrea Volontè (coming from Fratelli Calafuria, a noise band where he sings and plays guitar); a gradual strangement of Davide, that will result in his desertion from the band just a few weeks before the HOA show, will bring Andrea more and more involved in the project.

In July 2004, Adramelch take part in the prestigious Headbangers Open Air in Hamburg, playing a set of old songs (from Irae Melanox) and four new songs. The crowds response is enthusiastic!

Though everything seems to be going on fine, at the end of the summer Franco gives up, a decision somehow related to his personal musical interests, tastes, and priorities, which don't match well with those of the other members of the band. A week later, Andrea follows his steps and leaves the band, too.

That's why the Adramelch reunion has come so late! Keeping the band together isn't so easy at present, just like it hasn't been easy in the past, and everybody in the band is aware of that. Different strong personalities, different aims and personal problems make any human mix unstable.

The contemporary loss of Franco - cofounder of the band, important balance element and very skilled musician - and of Andrea that so much - as external member - had contributed on the arrangements, represents a moment of uncertainty... a possible crisis, for Gianluca, Vittorio and Sigfrido... but thanks to their great coesion, commitment and dedication to Adramelch and to each other, this danger is overcome. The production of the new songs goes on.

In september 2004, a new guitarist joins Adramelch: Fabio Troiani. He is an old friend of Vittorio, they both played in a band called Anathema (years before the english band Anathema was formed). Having a good Metal background as well as a wide range musical culture, Fabio embraces the project enthusiastically, perfectly tuning with the rest of the band, and since the beginning he cooperates decisively to the new arrangements.

A few weeks later, after an accurate research and rehearsals with many bass players, a new experienced and talented axeman, Maurizio Lietti from the alternative hard rock band Sentenzia, completes the line up at the bass guitar. The entrance of Mau boosts up the process of arranging the songs for the new album, which takes shape more and more.

In January 2005 Adramelch sign with the italian label Underground Symphony for the production, recording and distribution of their second album, "Broken History", a concept album about crusades.

Broken History is recorded and mixed in February 2005 at New Sin Studio in Loria by Luigi Stefanini, and released on September 2005. The response of the press is enthisiastic: as to the end of december 2005, more than 40 reviews from magazines and webzines from all over the world acclaim it as one of the best metal albums of the year, recognizing the strong originality, melodic taste and performance of the band.

During 2005 Adramelch play some live gigs, among wich the Keep it True Festival in Germany and the 1980's Italian Metal Legions Attack festival in Vicenza (Italy), and work to the production of the new songs.

In january 2006 Adramelch play two live gigs in Wuerzburg and Kaiserslautern (Germany), and play a song from the new repertoire, We march, we fail, which achieves a good success among the fans. The song is presented again during the first concert held by the band in its hometown, Milano, on march 2006.

Progressive Metal


Italy (Milan), formed in 1986

Underground Symphony


Vittorio Ballerio - Vocals (Anathema (Ita))
Gianluca A. Corona - Guitars (Anathema (Ita))
Fabio Troiani - Guitars (Anathema (Ita))
Maurizio "Mau" Lietti - Bass
Sigfrido Percich - Drums (Time Machine, Gianluca Ferro, Insania (Ita), Acron (Ita), Heart of Sun)

Franco Avalli - Bass
Luca Moretti - Drums
Sandro Fremiot - Guitars
Lorenzo Marconi - Guitars (Deathrage (Ita), Athrazina)


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