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Album: ''Hear the devil comes'' (2003 Demo)
1. Majesty (Instrumental)
2. Hear The Devil Comes
3. One Last Journey



Chapter I - Area 51

Acropolis is an Israeli-based melodic metal project, combining elements of power metal, neoclassical and progressive music.

Acropolis was founded in 2001 under the former name of Area 51, when guitar player Daniel Varfolomeyev was looking for new musicians to form a project that would exceed the boundries of the Israeli metal music, with a broad, melodic approach.
With 2 new friends, the first lineup was formed including Elad Manor (Guitars), Amir Shaham (Drums) and Ran Buldor (Bass Guitar).

Quickly preparing a couple of original songs and a few covers, the band debuted onstage in the first Extreme Rock Festival, Tel-Aviv in August 2001, with Daniel handling the vocals aswell.
The positive feedback from the concert followed an invitation to play onstage again in a local tel aviv club a week after together with Crossfire, Armilos, Hellfire, Solitary.. and other local acts. for this concert the band recruited Golan Shay for the vocals, who was dismissed right after it.

With the rise of public interest in the band, it was time to find a permenant lineup of musicians to take the band for the next level.
After 6 months of intensive searching, the final lineup was formed as follows:
Daniel Varfolomeyev - Guitars
Elad Manor - switched to Bass Guitar
Asaf David - Guitars
Dror "Shoko" Pe'er - Vocals
Amir Shaham - Drums
Dana Ayalon - Keyboards

Chapter II - Good ol' Acropolis

The new-born lineup written 3 new songs, and recorded them in Eyal Glottman's (Ex-Eternal Gray) studio in Haifa in August 2002.
The same month the new lineup made 2 live performances in Tel Aviv (Extreme rock III festival), and Jerusalem (Ir-ha-noar festival), and officially changed the band's name to "ACROPOLIS".

In the following months after the recording session, mixing and additional recordings took place at Daniel's house in the north, an Official website has been opened, and in February 2003, 2 out of the 3 recorded songs were released to the net. causing a major hype around the new band, leading to the band's most successful year to date.
Concerts in 2003 included the first Megadeth tribute show in March, with Azazel, ShworchtseChaye and Solitary.
a headline concert in April with Hayoreshet, The Johnsons and Stone of Tears.
At that time, the demand for concerts and material grew, and the lineup expirienced difficulties working because of the geographical distances between band members, who were scattered across the country from north to south. soon Dror announced his departure from the band, and the lineup made it's last show in August 2003 together with Dror Lukach band.
Following Daniel's contacts with vocalist Dror Lukach, Acropolis re-recorded the vocals for their flagship single "Hear the devil come", featuring Lukach's voice in Elrom studios, September 2003 (produced by Boaz Bar-Levy).

Daniel relocated to central Israel the same month to enforce the project's activity, but musical and personal disagreements between members, in additon to the upcoming enlistment to the Israeli army of 3 of them, has led to suspention of all band's activities, though never announced officially.
That era in the projects history has left a stamp on the local metal scene, and some of it's members became sought-after musicians.
Daniel joined Folk-black veterans Arafel, and participated in other special projects which took him on the stages aside of Ancient, Khonkra, Aborted and Behemoth. Dror Lukach joined Stella Maris, and Elad was already playing with many acts such as Dehumanized, Solitary, The Fading, Matricide...

Chapter III - Acropolis 2006

After being suspended for more than 2 years, Acropolis found a new form and life, when Daniel and vocalist Yochai Davidoff started working on original material in parallel to their other mutual projects, and the name of Acropolis was taken for the project.
The new material sounds more mature and song-oriented than previous efforts, and a new lineup was recruited:

Daniel Varfolomeyev- Guitars, Composition, Production
Yochai Davidoff - Vocals, Melodies, Lyrics
Elad Manor - Bass Guitar
Shaked Furman - Drums
Alex Karlinsky - Keyboards

The new lineup Entered the studio to record a new single titled "Lead the wake" which is now available for listening and download
Currently the band is recording it's debut release!

Power Metal

Gods, souls, judgment day.

Israel, formed in 2001



Yochai Davidoff - Vocals (ex-DamnNation, ex-Stone of Tears)
Daniel Varfolomeyev - Guitar (ex-Arafel)
Elad Manor - Bass (The Fading, ex-Solitary (Isr))
Shaked Furman - Drums (The Fading, ex-Solitary (Isr), Dissonant (Isr))
Alex Karlinsky - Keyboards (ex-Arafel, Moth Eaten Dream)

Amir Shaham - Drums (ex-Edgend)
Dror ``Shoko`` Pe'er - Vocals
Asaf David - Guitar
Dana Ayalon - Keyboards


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