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Are You Rebel ?

Album: ''Are You Rebel ?'' (1990)
1. Del Rocca
2. Barmy Army
3. I Mean Acid (Do Ya Like It ?)
4. Waitin' for the Hair
5. Lammin', Obtrusive, Vulgar, Emasculin' Machine (W.A.S.P. cover)
6. I Fuck the Violence (I'm Sure I'm Right)
7. I Am the Mystic
8. Woman with Dirty Feet
9. Megalopolis
10. Nagasaki Baby
11. Moshin' in the Night *
12. Mike Cwel *

Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks

Album: ''Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks'' (1991)
1. Are You a Rebel?
2. Too Many Cops
3. Acid Drinker
4. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
5. Yahoo
6. Max - He Was Here Again
7. Ziomas
8. Traditional Birthday
9. Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks
10. Angry and Bloody
11. Street Rockin'
12. W.G.F.S. Power
13. Don't Touch Me
14. Zorba
15. Flooded with Wine

Strip Tease

Album: ''Strip Tease'' (1992)
1. Strip Tease
2. King Kong Bless You
3. Seek and Destroy (Metallica cover)
4. Rock'n'Roll Beast
5. Rats
6. Poplin' Twist
7. Masterhood of Hearts Devouring
8. You Are Lost My Dear
9. Menel Song / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
10. Blood Is Boiling
11. My Caddish Promise
12. Mentally Deficient
13. Hell It Is a Place on Earth
14. Ronnie and the Brotherspider
15. I'm a Rocker


Album: ''Fishdick'' (1993)
1. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
2. Oh, No! Bruno (NoMeansNo cover)
3. Deuce (Kiss cover)
4. N.I.B. (Black Sabbath cover)
5. Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd cover)
6. Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover)
7. Run Run Away (Slade cover)
8. Fuckin' the Tiger
9. Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
10. Ballada (Flapjack cover)

Vile Vicious Vision

Album: ''Vile Vicious Vision'' (1993)
1. Zero
2. (Voluntary) Kamikaze Club
3. Vile Vicious Vision
4. Pizza Driver
5. Under the Gun
6. Marian Is a Metal Guru
7. Murzyn Mariusz
8. Balbinator Edzy
9. Then She Kissed Me (The Crystals cover)
10. Hats Off (2 This Lady)
11. Polish Blood
12. You Freeze Me
13. Midnight Visitor

Infernal Connection

Album: ''Infernal Connection'' (1994)
1. Hiperenigmatic Stuff of Mr. Nothing
2. Anybody Home ??!!
3. The Jocker
4. Track Time: 66.6 sec.
5. Drug Dealer
6. Slow and Stoned (Method of Yonash)
7. Dancing in the Slaughter-House
8. IQ Cyco
9. Backyard Bandit
10. Infernal Connection
11. Konsument (Kazik cover)

Pump the Plastic Heart

Album: ''Pump the Plastic Heart'' (1995 Single)
1. Pump the Plastic Heart
2. 24 Radical Questions

The State of Mind Report

Album: ''The State of Mind Report'' (1996)
1. Private Eco
2. To Be the One
3. 24 Radical Questions
4. Solid Rock
5. United Suicide Legion
6. Pump the Plastic Heart
7. Maximun Overload
8. Solid Rock Part II
9. Wild Thing (The Troggs cover)
10. Walkway to Heaven

Walkway to Heaven

Album: ''Walkway to Heaven'' (1996 Single)
1. Walkway to Heaven
2. Private Eco

High Proof Cosmic Milk

Album: ''High Proof Cosmic Milk'' (1998)
1. Rattlesnake Blues
2. Human Bazooka
3. High Proof Cosmic Milk
4. What's Happenin' in the Heart of Pacyfist
5. More Life
6. Be My Godzilla
7. Dementia Blvd
8. Blind Leadin' The Blind
9. Gain on Shit
10. Proud Mary (Creedance Clearwater Revival cover)

Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!

Album: ''Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!'' (1998 Live album)
1. Zero
2. The Joker
3. High Proof Cosmic Milk
4. Poplin Twist
5. United Suscide Legion
6. Street Rockin'
7. Slow and Stoned (Method of Yonash)
8. Barmy Army
9. Floded with Wine
10. Pizza Driver
11. I Fuck the Violence
12. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
13. Wild Thing (The Troggs cover)
14. Proud Mary (Creedance Clearwater Revival cover)

Amazing Atomic Activity

Album: ''Amazing Atomic Activity'' (1999)
1. Amazing Atomic Activity
2. You Better Shoot Me
3. Satisfaction (Rolling Stones cover)
4. Cops Broke My Beer
5. Wake Up! Here Comes the Acids
6. My Pick
7. She's Gonna Be a Porno Star
8. Justify Me (I Was So Hungry)
9. Home Submarine
10. House Full of Reptiles
11. What a Day

Broken Head

Album: ''Broken Head'' (2000)
1. Superstitious Motherfucker
2. Dog Rock
3. El pecado
4. Calista
5. Don't Go to Where I Sleep
6. Rubber Hammer and a Broken Head
7. There's So Much Hatred in the Air
8. The Wildest Planet in Space


Album: ''Acidofilia'' (2002)
1. Intro
2. Disease Foundation
3. Drunk Eyes
4. Pig to Rent
5. Be Careful with This Gun, Daughter!
6. Hydrogen
7. Stick Around
8. Edmund's Hypocrisy
9. Dammed Diamonds
10. Propaganda
11. Acidofilia

Maximum Overload

Album: ''Maximum Overload'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Barmy Army
2. I Fuck Violence (I'm Sure I'm Right)
3. Street Rockin'
4. Max - He Was Here Again
5. Poplin Twist
6. King Kong Bless You
7. Zero
8. Pizza Driver
9. The Joker
10. Slow & Stoned (Method of Yonash) (Bonarowski mix gitarowy)
11. Drug Dealer
12. 24 Radical Questions
13. Walkway to Heaven
14. Human Bazooka
15. High Proof Cosmic Millk
16. Cops Broke My Beer
17. Justify Me (I Was So Hungry)
18. Superstitious Motherfucker
19. Calista
20. Oh, No! Bruno

Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal

Album: ''Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal'' (2004)
1. E.E.G.O.O.
2. Life Hurts More Than Death
3. The Ball and the Line
4. Fill Me
5. Black Blood Canyon
6. When You Say to Me "Fuck You" Say It Louder
7. Stray Bullets
8. Jennifer and Ben
9. Primal Nature
10. Hate Unlimited

acid drinkers


Acid Drinkers, polish heavy/thrash metal band founded in 1986.
Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki - lead vocals, bass guitar
Aleksander "Olass" Mendyk - guitar, bkg vocals
Darek "Popcorn" Popowicz - lead guitar
Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta - drums


- Acid Drinkers "The Hand That Rocks The Coffin" (2006)
- Acid Drinkers "Rock Is Not Enough, Give Me The Metal" (2004)
- Acid Drinkers "Acidofilia" (2002)
- Acid Drinkers "Broken Head" (2000)
- Acid Drinkers "Amazing Atomic Activity" (1999)
- Acid Drinkers "High Proof Cosmic Milk" (1998)
- Acid Drinkers "Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!!" (1998)
- Acid Drinkers "The State Of Mind Report" (1996)
- Acid Drinkers "Infernal Connection" (1994)
- Acid Drinkers "Fishdick" (1994)
- Acid Drinkers "Vile Vicious Vision" (1993)
- Acid Drinkers "Strip Tease" (1992)
- Acid Drinkers "Dirty Money Dirty Tricks" (1991)
- Acid Drinkers "Are You A Rebel?" (1990)


ACID DRINKERS traces its origins back to September 1986. The very act of setting up the band took place an hour before IRON MAIDEN concert in Poznan, when Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki (vocal, bass guitar) met Robert "Litza" Friedrich (backing vocal, guitar) and they decided to sell the entrance tickets. The money they got was in no time spent on cheap Polish wine known locally as "kwas" (English "acid") The line up was then enlarged by Dariusz "Popcorn" Popowicz (guitar) and Maciej "Ślimak" Starosta (drums.) Soon they created a few song such as Barmy Army or Del Rocca which are performed live even these days. Unfortunately, after two months of blissful existence, the band suffered the loss of Titus - the leader, who had been called up to the army. Titus stayed there two years while the rest of the band performed with other bands. Popcorn joined WILCZY PAJAK (WOLF SPIDER) and Litza became a member of legendary TURBO and later CREATION OF DEATH. When Titus was finally released from the army, ACID DRINKERS was reactivated.

They first appeared on stage on 26th August 1989 in Wroclaw at a fairly big metal festival called "Metal Madness". They played three songs during which they remained completely still on stage, which was a pretty shocking idea as for a metal band at that time. The audience was absolutely taken aback. The same year they played only one more gig together with TURBO, WILCZY PAJAK and GOMOR.

In the meantime ACID DRINKERS recorded their first demo including Nagasaki Baby, Del Rocca and I Mean Acid. The demo noticed by Tomasz Dziubinski (Metal Mind Productions) was presented at Midem Fair in Cannes. A month later ACID DRINKERS signed a deal with Music for Nations. In 1990 ACID DRINKERS performed at Metalmania Festival in Katowice, which has been the largest metal festival in Eastern Europe for many years. The show was so excellent that not only fans but also critics and journalists regarded it as a triumph. In a blink of an eye the band gained popularity across the whole country. It was even called "GUNS’N’ROSES at METALLICA’s speed".

In October 1998 Litza left ACID DRINKERS, soon replaced by Przemyslaw "Perla" Wejmann. The same year the band was awarded "the Best Rock Band of the Year" by Polish Public Television. ACID DRINKERS also received "Fryderyk", the Polish equivalent of Grammy Award in category of "hard’n’heavy" in 1998, 2000, 2004. In 2003 Perla left the band. The place emptied by him was soon taken over by Tomasz ‘Lipa’ Lipnicki, the leader of another famous Polish band – ILLUSION. When Lipa left the band in march 2004, next guy joined the band. His name is Aleksander “Olass” Mendyk, guitar player from great hardcore band called NONE. Now, boys are preparing a new album... Premiere – summer 2006.

ACID DRINKERS has always been one of the best and the most live-impressive Polish heavy metal bands. It has been estimated that so far they have played over 700 concerts in Poland and abroad. From 1996 to 2003 ACIDS headlined 7 tours and their audience reached a million of people. They headlined all the important Polish rock and metal festivals. The band supported many international stars, such as DEEP PURPLE (in Katowice 03.06.1996 and 24.06.1998 and 27.06.2004 Legia Stadium-Warsaw), Ian Gillan ("Toolbox In" tour in Poland and Czech Republic December 1991), MEGADETH, Bruce Dickinson, SEPULTURA , PARADISE LOST and SLAYER. The band has been recognized as the best Polish band of the 90s’ by Polish journalists, readers of Polish rock and metal magazines and, of course, BY FANS.

( from: )

Heavy Metal/Crossover

Drugs, Alcohol, Humor

Poland (Poznañ), formed in 1986

Metal Mind Productions


Tomasz ``Titus`` Pukacki - bass, vocals (ex-Virgin Snatch, ex-Albert Rosenfield, Homo Twist)
Dariusz ``Popcorn`` Popowicz - guitars (Slavoy, Wolf Spider, Armia, Budzy i Trupia Czaszka, guest in Neurothing)
Maciej ``Slimak`` Starosta - drums (Flapjack)
Aleksander ``Olass`` Mendyk - guitars, vocals (None)

Robert ``Litza`` Friedrich - vocals, guitars (Turbo (Pol), Slavoy, Creation of Death, Flapjack, Arka Noego, 2 Tm 2,3, Kazik Na ¯ywo)
Przemyslaw ``Per³a`` Wejman - guitars, vocals (Guess Why)
Pawe³ ``Drak`` Grzegorczyk - guitars (Hunter (Pol))
Tomasz ``Lipa`` Lipnicki - guitars, vocals (She, Illusion (Pol), Lipali)

Piotr ``Chomik`` Kuik - drums


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