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Album: ''Parentalia'' (1994 Demo)
1. ...The Twilight Appear
2. Request at Pardon
3. Weary View, Weary Future
4. Darkshine
5. Execution
6. Parentalia
7. The Dawnless Realams
8. Serenade After Millenium
9. Dorhimsul
10. Desert...Nothingness
11. Cromlech's Shades
12. Under a Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)

Visibilium Invisibilium

Album: ''Visibilium Invisibilium'' (1996 Demo)
1. Wen El-Andune
2. S³owiañska W³ócznia
3. Mro¼ny Wiatr
4. Dorhimsul
5. Artemis Spring
6. Unswa
7. Ater Wenus
8. Eksodos

Dwie Twarze Mroku

Album: ''Dwie Twarze Mroku'' (1997 Demo)
1. Sjenwit (rozkosz i cierpienie)
2. Pośród śnie¿nej nocy
3. Alraune
4. Na skrzyd³ach zwyciêstwa
5. Lêdzianin
6. Dwie twarze mroku

Wieczny powrot

Album: ''Wieczny powrot'' (2001 Single)
1. Wieczny Powrót

Krzyk Świtu

Album: ''Krzyk Świtu'' (2002)
1. Krzyk ¦witu
2. Mogi³a
3. ¬ród³o Mej Mocy
4. W Le¶nym Majestacie
5. Krwawa £za Horyzontu
6. Dwie Twarze Mroku
7. Denga
8. Lêdzianin
9. Kontyna
10. Wiecznie we Mgle


Album: ''Hybris'' (2007)
1. Preludium
2. Blades Of Truth
3. Legend Of Ages
4. Millenium Of Disgrace
5. Interludium
6. Stanica
7. Gorej¹ Wici
8. Fame Of Arkona
9. Fire And Blood
10. 16 X 955
11. Hybris / Postludium



It was the cold autumn 1991 when it arose from the abyss for the first time... yet its voice hadn't truly sounded until the last days of 1993. It was then, when Wizun (drums) joined up with Mscislaw (bass, git., voc.), the former of the band. Since then they have progressed the common way being the core of Abusiveness which many other musicians bustled around...

The first recording that summated the previous stage of the band's development was 'Parentalia' Reh-demo'94, which was not widely distributed. In the same year first live performance of the band took place (Mar 94). The second recording was 1996-Demo 'Visibilium - Invisibilium', in which the concept of further development was outlined. Until September'97 new material had been perfected to create second demo tape - 'Dwie Twarze Mroku' (Two Faces of Gloom). It received many voices of approval and positive reviews. It was distributed by 'Skaven Prod.' and 'Nawia Prod.'. Despite the continuous instability of the whole band's line-up and various problems from the outside next releases were prepared. All that time the group was active, performing inter alia together with: Blasphemy Rites, Cicatrix, Convent, Damnable, Deflorace, Emptiness Cry, Hypnos, Heresy, Melancholy Cry, Parricide, Requiem, Titan Mountain, Yattering, Seminarium, Succubus, Sophistes. The 'Watrajar' demo was recorded in May 1999 and a year later it was released at the courtesy of 'Nawia Prod.' as an MC split with Hefeystos's 'Vilce Sjen' material. The same year 2000 a full-length production 'Krzyk Switu' (Dawn's Scream) had been realised, which was taken over and released two years later. Meantime, one-song promo 'Wieczny PowrĂłt' (The Eternal Return) was recorded. Wizun and Mscislaw were actively playing also in other bands, which slowered a little the development of Abusiveness. In the beginning of 2003 Wizun decided to leave the band, Mscislaw however did not intend to suspend its activity and seeking new people, he was preparing new pieces. In the early spring 2004 Wizun came back to join up his powers again in the new conception and new line-up of the band. A completely new and destructive strike is being prepared...

In August 2004 with new line-up and new material we performed at 'Merciless Festival' 2004 in Chelm. The turn of 2004 and 2005 was also the time of concerts (i.e. we took part in 'Open Hell Fest' in Czech Republic) and of intensive work on the new stuff. In the beginning of 2006 we released a 4-song Rehearsal Promo 'Legenda WiekĂłw' (Legend of Ages), exclusively for potential record labels. This brought a contract with German Heavy Horses Rec. for the European release and a license for Poland for Death Solution. The album's title is 'Hybris'...

Epic Pagan Black Metal

Antichristian, Paganism, Nature

Poland (Lublin), formed in 1991

Heavy Horses Records


Mscislaw - vocals, guitar (Deivos, Eclipse (Pol), Engraved (Pol), Profundis, Pripegal, Ulcer (Pol))
Kirtabus - guitars
Marcin - bass (Eclipse (Pol))
Wizun - drums (Deivos, ex-Eclipse (Pol), Engraved (Pol), Parricide (Pol))

Jaroslaw - bass 2000-2003 (Deivos)
Ostry - keys 1999-2001 (ex-Pripegal)
Tomasz - guitars 1998-2000
Pogan - guitars 1997-2000 (Profundis)
Visibilium - guitars 1991-1997 (Visibilium)
Grzegorz - guitar 1993-1994
Wojciech - drums 1991-1993


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