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Album: ''Promo 2001'' (2001 Demo)
1. Tama
2. Choir of an Ancient Kingdom
3. Izlaz
4. Kapija Nava
5. Bog Mraka
6. All Souls Night


Album: ''Abonos'' (2004)
1. Bog Mraka
2. Choir of an Ancient Kingdom
3. Izlaz
4. Misli
5. U Krošnjama Abonosa
6. Kapija Nava
7. Duh Predaka
8. Tama
9. All Souls Night
10. Uspavanka


Album: ''Urlik'' (2007 Single)
1. Urlik



ABONOS is one of the most popular contemporary metal bands in Serbia. They gathered in late 1999 in Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). Because all the differences within band members and different styles and influences, their music is a complex opera metal with female and male vocals, keyboards and crushing thrashy guitar sections. Lyrics consist of combination of Serbian and English language with different themes. The first full-length album is available on CD, published as a self-release, for bands own independent record label Porodicna manufaktura (Family manufacture) in Serbia in 2004. It contains 10 songs which describes different moods and feelings. In the same time listener can feel beauty and shiver. Critics about the album are mostly positive which is because of it's diversity. ABONOS plays metal with lot of mixtures. In a base it sounds as gothic metal, mostly because of atmosphere, with energetic thrash base, but there are also other influences: from classical and Serbian medieval music to the most extreme metal. In that way they break the boundaries and fans of all metal sub-genres like their approach to the music. They are some kind of link between metal sub-genres. At their beginning in 1999 they started at once to have lot of live gigs so the audience knew about them much more before they release their official debut. They played live all across the Serbia. They immediately become main live attraction which resulted that their shows were visited by not only metal audience. They become famous not only by unique music, but also as the visually interesting band which pays a lot of attention for the great look, clothes, complete image and the general impression.

Gothic Metal

Serbia (Belgrade), formed in 1999

Porodièna Manufaktura


Marija Dokmanoviæ - Keyboards, Vocals (ex-Seraphim (Ser))
Jaksa Vlahoviæ - Guitars
Milan Jankoviæ - Drums
Tomas Ljumovic - Bass
Srdjan Jeremic - Vocals

Marta Vlahoviæ - Vocals, Keyboards
Nikola Vrhovac - Guitars
Vladimir Laliæ - Bass, Vocals


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