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Inside Nowhere - Outside Nothing

Album: ''Inside Nowhere - Outside Nothing'' (2005 Demo)
1. Cure for Obscure
2. 723
3. Inside Nowhere
4. Mortul
5. Outside Nothing



Abnormyndeffect was initiated in January 2003 in Chisinau, Moldova. At the beginning it was planed as a short-time project and it was called Butchers. The line up was: Shtefan(drums), Radu(guitar), Mircea(guitar/vocals) and Dima(bass). It took several weeks working to prepare the first material. After the 1st concert on 25th of February a conflict in the band took place and Butchers stopped existing. In May we restarted playing with a new line-up: Radu(guitar), Shtefan(drums), Dima(guitar) and invited Oleg(bass) and Stas(vocals). We prepared the material and in summer we gave some concerts in Kishinev and went as headliners to a fest in northern Moldova.
In August Dima had to leave the band and we took Mircea with Stas on vocals. The band style has also been changed from old-school death to death/grind. After the first concert with the almost done new material, Stas said that he didn't like the changes and left the band.
In autumn we finished the new stuff and in November we made a recording at Max's studio (band's friend). In 3 weeks the 6 tracks demo "Don't worry, be happy" was done.
On 13th of December we participated in a tribute to Death.
After some addition to the material, in winter we had several concerts with Foetor Mortis, Disentomb, Empathological Necroticism, Fleshgore. Then we started project with Empathological Necroticism - "ND4SPD" (need for speed). All the spring was spent on improving the technical skills and preparing a new grinding material for recording a mini-demo/promo album "Ineffable Trance" which was ready in July 2004. After that we had several gigs with Disentomb and Chordewa and participated to "Metal Heads' Mission Fes"t in Crimea, Ukraine. In September 2004 the band name changed to Abnormyndeffect and we had some gigs already with the new name. In November Abnormyndeffect participated to Petrogrind Fest in Saint-Petersburg with Disentomb, Fleshgore, Inferia, Slugathor, Scrambled Defuncts and many others.
The winter and spring 2005 was spent on making some new stuff and in April we gave a concert with Alter Ego(MD) and Mind Eclipse(UA).
In June/July we've recorded a new demo CD "Inside Nowhere-Outside Nothing" and had some gigs presenting the new CD and again participated to "Metal Heads' Mission Fest" playing with Ahumado Granujo, Neglected Fields, Toxic Bonkers, Napalm Death and others.

Actual band lineup is: Stefan(drums), Oleg(bass), Mircea(vocals), Radu(guitars). be continued.

Brutal Death Metal

Moldova (Chisinãu), formed in 2004



Mircea - vocals (ex-Foetor Mortis)
Radu - guitar
Oleg - bass
Shtefan - drums


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