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Vicious Attack

Album: ''Vicious Attack'' (1985)
1. Screams From The Grave
2. Vicious Attack
3. The Enemy
4. Ace Of Spades
5. The Living And The Dead
6. Stronger Than Evil
7. Don't Walk Alone
8. Game Of Death

The Only Safe Place

Album: ''The Only Safe Place'' (1986)
1. Intro: Beyond The Altar
2. Bring On The Damned
3. The Only Safe Place
4. Nothing Sacred
5. Hammer Of The Gods
6. Back To Hell
7. Temptations Of The Flesh
8. Under My Skin
9. S.B.D. (Feel The Fire)
10. Night Of The Knife

No Sleep

Album: ''No Sleep 'Til Kalamazoo'' (2001 Live album)
1. Vicious Return
2. The Enemy
3. Under My Skin
4. Vicious Attack
5. Everybody Dies
6. Stronger Than Evil
7. Off
8. Screams From The Grave
9. Ace Of Spades



Abattoir were a Speed Metal band from Los angeles formed in 1982. Abattoir soon became one of the most remarkable early speed metal bands. Consisting of Mal Sanchez (bass, ex-Evildead), Mark Caro (guitar, ex-Evildead), Rawl Preston (vocals), Juan Garcia (guitar, also was in Agent Steel) and Robert "Danger" Wayne (drums) they startet to play first gigs the same year. Typical line up changes happened the the early days which lead John Cyriis (John Syriis at the time) (vocals ; later Agent Steel) into the band. This line up produced a 2 track demo Tape, but soon after releasing the song ``Screams From The Grave`` on Metal Blade's ``Metal Massacre 4`` sampler the band already fell apart for a short period of time.
John and Juan went on to form Agent Steel while Mark and Mel reformed Abattoir in late 1984. The band got signed by Combat records in the united states and released their debut album ``Vicious Attack`` in 1985. At this time Steve Gaines (v; ex- Bloodlust (US)), Danny Oliverio (g) and drummer Danny Amaya (of MX Machine)filled the gaps in Abattoir's line up. Soon after the release of their debut Steve Gaines was replaced by Mike Towers (ex- Heretic). Gaines tried to form his own project called Tactics and later on rejoined is first band Bloodlust (US).While ``Vicious Attack`` was an almost thrash metal oriented album his follow up ``The Only Safe Place``, released in 1986, showed the band from a more melodic side best described as speed metal on the border to power metal.
``The Only Safe Place`` turned out to be the last album of the band a little after the release of this album Mel Sanchez got together with his formed bandmate Juan Garcia, who left Agent Steel in 1987, to form Evildead. After the Mel was gone Abattoir went through several line up changes but never found a constant line up and finally split up in the late 80's.

In 2001 Abattoir returned and released a live album titled No Sleep 'Til Kalamazoo, and in 2004, a demo titled From The Ashes (which is in fact a rough mix of their 2003 album, Evil Incarnate, that was accidentaly erased during its recording). The band has since has parted ways with Kevin Mac Shane & Steve Gaines (who is busy recording and touring with new bands Pagan War Machine and Dreams of Damnation).

Power/Speed Metal

Violence, Battle, etc.

United States of America (Los Angeles, California), formed in 1982

Combat Records


Steve Gaines - Bass/Vocals (Bloodlust (US), Pagan War Machine, Dreams of Damnation, Anger as Art, Tactics)
Mark Caro - Guitars (ex-Evildead)
Mel Sanchez - Guitars, Bass on Demo & First Two LPs (ex-Evildead)

Rawl Preston
Rich Deathcamp
John Cyriis aka 'Max Havlock', 'Max Kobol', 'John Camps' (ex-Agent Steel, Stellar Seed, Pontius Prophet, Black Reign, Sceptre (US), Lemegeton, Malfeitor, Vermin (US))
Mike Towers (ex-Heretic (US), Masi)

Juan Garcia (Agent Steel, Evildead, Pontius Prophet, Killing Machine, Terror (US), Obscene Gesture)
Danny Oliverio

Ron Gonzoles (1984-1984) (Commander (US))
Robert ``Danger`` Wayne
Danny Anaya (MX Machine)
Kevin McShane


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