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Album: ''Demo'' (2003 Demo)
1. On The Road
2. Living With Heartache


Album: ''Watchmen'' (2006)
1. Take Me Higher
2. Hang On
3. One Step From Heaven
4. Safe
5. Not Enough
6. Time Is Over
7. Livin´ The Heartache
8. Wings Of Thunder
9. Man In A Hole
10. On The Road
11. Time Is Over (Multimedia Track)



The Watchmen were a Canadian rock band. They were one of the most commercially successful Canadian alternative rock groups of the early 1990s.

The group was formed in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by vocalist Daniel Greaves, guitarist Joey Serlin, bassist Pete Loewen and drummer Sammy Kohn. Serlin was a comic fan and named the group after the DC comic. They released their debut album, McLaren Furnace Room, in 1992. (The album was named for one of the band's rehearsal spaces, the furnace room of the McLaren Hotel in Winnipeg.) The single "Cracked" garnered the band significant airplay on rock stations, but was quickly eclipsed by the anti-spousal abuse anthem "Run and Hide", which became the band's breakthrough hit.

Loewen left the band, and was replaced by Ken Tizzard. The band's 1994 album In the Trees confirmed their place in Canadian rock with the hit singles "Boneyard Tree", "All Uncovered" and "Lusitana".

Their 1996 album Brand New Day was not as well-received by critics or audiences -- "Zoom", "Incarnate" and "Shut Up" were moderately successful singles, but none achieved the kind of success that the band's earlier singles had. 1998's Silent Radar was the band's return to commercial success, with the hit singles "Stereo", "Any Day Now" and "Brighter Hell".

Their 2001 album Slomotion saw the exit of Sammy Kohn and the remaining members experimenting with more industrial textures. As if prepared for a bad reception, the band also packaged the album with a second greatest hits disc. The album was, indeed, poorly received by fans and critics, with only the single "Absolutely Anytime" gaining any radio airplay.

The band subsequently broke up. Greaves went on to form Doctor with Rob Higgins, Tizzard joined Thornley, and Serlin appeared on Ryan Malcolm's debut album before forming his own new band, Redline.

Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Argentina (Buenos Aires), formed in 2003

BlackStar CP


Darío Iván Sención - Vocals (ex-Arkanus (Arg), ex-Humanimal, Subotovsky - Trombini, Jerikó)
Germain Leth - Bass (Martin Knye-Magiar, ex-Ariadna Project)
Eduardo Luis Giardina - Drums (ex-Ariadna Project)
Emmanuel Alejo López - Guitar
Charlie Giardina - Keyboards

Guillermo d'Medio - Keyboards (Ariadna Project, Lithuan)
Rodrigo Alejandro Gudiña - Guitar (Ariadna Project)


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