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Album: ''Schwarzwald'' (1997)
1. Inferno Bizarre
2. Uprising Hordes
3. Rivers of Fire And Blood
4. Schwarzwald
5. Monarchy Dies
6. Heroism
7. Outburst of Hate
8. Where Fires Burn
9. E Caha Di Bela
10. Messiah Noir
11. Blackbird
12. Thunderbuilder
13. Summoned Be Thy Flesh


Album: ''Gladiator'' (2000)
1. Into the Gates
2. Hell's Gates Are Opened
3. Swallow All Pride
4. Victory!
5. Evil Spawn
6. Bloodgrief
7. Slavesend
8. Impaled Liar
9. Hellbender
10. Crushed 'Till Death
11. Hymn of the Gladiator

Lord of Beneath

Album: ''Lord of Beneath'' (2002)
1. Into the Dark Ages
2. Condemned to the Throne of Azrael
3. Force of the Serpent
4. Horsemen Out of the Cold
5. Angel of Fire
6. Lord of Beneath
7. The Plague
8. Begehem Ir Mista Begehem
9. Midnight in Hell
10. Bloodshed
11. Hail Satanas
12. Torch the Bastards
13. Bring Out the Dead



Unlord is a North European band existing since 1989. Unlord started out as a musical expression of some friends. They recorded three demos in a period of 6 years. None of those were ever available for sale. Their third demo was so incredibly good and strong, that they immidiately got a deal with Displeased records. Unlord still remains the musical expression of some very talented musicians. You can immediately hear the mystical, atmospheric yet brutal backgrounds of the members. Unlord's goal is not big publicity about their music, they only want people to enjoy their creations.

In 1997 Unlord released their cult debut album 'Schwarzwald', the band entered the studio again in the spring of 2000 to record their second album 'Gladiator', which was released in september 2000. Unlord sticked to their brilliant black metal style which they showed on their debut 'Schwarzwald'. No trendy whimpy style, just great black metal the way the masters play it. The band recorded their third and last album in 2001. 'Lord of beneath' will blow everyone away; Unlord put everything they have in this album. As many times as it has been said, it's really true this time: Their best album by FAR! Cover painting drawn by Petagno, whose work for Motörhead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Marduk is well known throughout the scene.

Black Metal

Hell, Evil, Torment...

Netherlands, formed in 1989

Displeased Records


Dennis ``Gorghophon" Jak - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards (Cardinal (Hol), ex-Consolation, ex-Nembrionic)
Marco ``Thorgrim`` Westenbrink - Guitar, Vocals (Nembrionic, Black Metal)
Toep ``Stabath`` Duin - Drums (Putrefied, Blastcorps, ex-Cardinal (Hol), ex-Consolation)

Manoloxx (Manolito) - Vocals (ex-Cardinal (Hol), ex-Apocrypha (Hol), and ex-Consolation)
Xzerberus Xzyphiluss - Vocals
Yhe - Bass


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