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Symphonic Extremities

Album: ''Symphonic Extremities'' (1995)
1. Symphonic Extremities
2. The Killing Fields
3. E.N.D. (Erroneous Notion Of Death)
4. Black Light
5. Darkest Void
6. Ode To Noise
7. The Grip
8. Fatal Delay
9. Megaton
10. Blink
11. World Of Sin (Bonus Track)

Puppet Of Destruction

Album: ''Puppet Of Destruction'' (1998)
1. Never
2. Mortal Stomp
3. Scorn
4. Puppet Of Destruction
5. Gutterbox
6. Repentance
7. World Of Sin
8. Crosshope
9. Conform To Reality
10. Charged / Power

The Mechanics Of Perilous Times

Album: ''The Mechanics Of Perilous Times'' (2000)
1. Temple Of The Spirit
2. Greed Regime Inc.
3. Perilous Times
4. Shroud Of Science
5. The Purging
6. Crash Course
7. Warlord´s Sword
8. Burn
9. MutalMitlu
10. Violence & Bloodshed

Into The Pit

Album: ''Into The Pit'' (2007)
1. One for All
2. Exonerate
3. Deathwish
4. Blood Covenant
5. Heart of Metal
6. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden Cover)
7. Transgressor
8. Blink
9. Blind Faith
10. Into the Pit (Instrumental)
11. Game Over



Ultimatum is a late-1980s-styled thrash metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
(Ultimatum is also the name of a french RAC/RIF band)
Ultimatum has been hard at work finishing up their fourth full length album called "Into the Pit". Recorded in their home town of Albuqerque, NM at Site 16 Studios with producer Ysidro Garcia at the helm of this project this is sure be the essential Ultimatum CD to obtain.

"Into the Pit" will prove to be Ultimatum's best work yet impressing both old and new fans alike with their more powerful and aggressive style. If you've heard their Limited EP "Till the End" which sports four tracks that will be on the album then you know this album is sure to rock all Christian metal/thrash fans hard and heavy which is no less than what Ultimatum's fans would expect.

With "Into the Pit" to be released Spring 2007 and backed with a US tour Ultimatum will take the Christian Metal/Thrash Scene by storm. Songs on the CD will include tracks "Heart of Metal", "Death Wish", "Transgressor", "Game Over" and "Blood Covenant" as well as an added bonus cover of Iron Maiden's "Wrath Child".

For more information and sample tracks please visit their myspace at or .

French Ultimatum released two albums: Rébellion in 2000, Jeunes et Européens in 2002. The band has split.

Thrash Metal

Christianity, Society

United States of America (Albuquerque, New Mexico), formed in 1992

Roxx Productions


Vocals: Scott Waters (ex-Once Dead (formerly known as Vengeance Rising))
Guitar: Robert Gutierrez (Angelic Force, Saint (as guest))
Bass : Rob Whitlock
Drums: Alan Tuma (ex-The Moshketeers, Combat Faith)

Drums: Mike Lynch
Drums: Sean Griego (1996-2007)
Bass: Tom Michaels
Guitar: Steve Trujillo (Angelic Force)
Guitar: Augustine Ortiz


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