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The Omega Rising

Album: ''The Omega Rising'' (2006)
1. ...Of Flesh & Blood
2. Unanimation
3. Split-Tounged
4. The Omega Rising
5. Coffinborn
6. Silent Hosts Of Decay
7. Engulfed In Hellfire
8. Lifeless, Cold & Crimson
9. Out Of The Evening Mist
10. Pet Cemetary * (Ramones cover)
11. World Wide War**



It should come as no surprise to those familiar with Jens Ryden’s previous solo-album “Entombed in the midnight hour” that Rydén leaving Swedish black metal band Naglfar would by no means mean the end of his musical endeavors. While Naglfar sailed on, simultaneously releasing perhaps their best album to date with “Pariah” and new vocalist Kristoffer Olivius firmly taking his place as an outstanding singer and frontman, Jens stayed out of the spotlight, biding his time and now 2 years after the split has emerged under the moniker Profundi, laying waste to small countries, burning babies and pleasing all those who thought things were better back in ’95.

The first thing that needs to mentioned is the impressive skills with which Rydén handles the music of the album. Playing all guitars, keys and bass himself, as well as programming drums, doing artwork and of course singing you’d think that at least one aspect should falter and bring down the rest. Not so. It pains my failed-musician’s-heart but everything on “The Omega rising” sounds great, the guitars churn out melodic black metal riffs that swarms and attacks the listener while the bass and drums repeatedly hammers down the point for those slow on the uptake. This is good shit.

The music can’t escape the comparisons to Naglfar, the trademark sound (not to mention the unintelligible but vicious vocals) and riffs are there as well as the way the songs flow and are constructed. It’s no surprise nor is it a bad thing, Rydén was one of the founding members and helped shape the bands sound into what it was at the time of him leaving around “Sheol” so of course the similarities will be there. If I’d say that there’s one thing that separates Profundi with its ancestor it’s that there’s a marked sense of urgency and chaos in “The Omega rising” that perhaps was less visible in Naglfar. From the layering of vocals and songstructure to the chaotic almost Azagthoth-like solos (oh yeah, the solos deserve extra mentioning. Really fucking good) Profundi sounds more like a army of half-starved cutthroat robbers ravaging random passers-by compared to Naglfar’s slick, merciless elite force of murderous soldiers. Which one you prefer is up to you really. Personally I’m just delighted that I can now have my cake and eat it too. Naglfar is still going strong and Jens is back on the scene with a very convincing and impressive album. I look forward to many more releases by Profundi!

Multi-talented Jens Ryden first proved his might as vocalist with Naglfar, then for the multi-faceted Dead Silent Slumber solo project. Now the ex-Naglfar member returns with the Profundi debut. Jens handles all vocals and instruments, and even provided the artwork. A work of unbridled extremity and creativity that avoids easy categorization.

Black/Death Metal

Nihilism, Despair, Emptiness, Nature

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 2006

Profound Lore Records


Jens Rydén - Everything ( Dead Silent Slumber, ex- Naglfar (Swe), Thyrfing, Ancient Wisdom (session))


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