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Six Seconds Kill

Album: ''Six Seconds Kill'' (1996)
1. Perfect Kill
2. Winterlands
3. Panzer
4. Frontlines
5. Virus
6. Halls of Oblivion
7. Reload
8. Eviscerated Bitch
9. Gunhead
10. Last Supper

Soul Collector

Album: ''Soul Collector'' (2000)
1. Das Leben Will Gewonnen Sein
2. P2krieg
3. Der Panzert�ter
4. Panzergrenadier
5. Schwars ist Unser Panzer (Ich Batt'einen Kameraden)
6. Unser h�chste Ehre
7. Kalt Wie der Finsternis
8. Zum Gegenstoss

Room Service

Album: ''Room Service'' (2003)
1. Tomorrow
2. Creature
3. Lies
4. Suicide
5. At the Grave
6. Death Approaches
7. Metal Church (Metal Church cover)
8. Room Service
9. The River Red
10. Evil


Album: ''Bello'' (2007 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tomorrow
2. Creature
3. Lies
4. Suicide
5. At The Grave
6. Death Approaches
7. Metal Church (Metal Church cover)
8. Roomservice
9. The Red River
10. Evil
11. Victorious Life
12. Y2War
13. Panzerkiller
14. Panzinfantry
15. Black Is Our Panzer
16. The Highest Honour
17. Cold As Darkness
18. Retalliation
19. Jerusalem
20. Before Life



Panzerchrist is a Danish blackened death metal band which is known for it's brutal war-sound, and a morbid fascination with warfare and particularly huge tanks.

The Danish band was born back in '93 when Michael Enevoldsen left the melodic death metal band Illdisposed. Panzerchrist was formed in a line-up, which would soon be changed completely (scroll down for all line-ups).

They recorded their first record called "Six Second Kill" in '96, and it was released by the record-label Serious Entertainment. The debut was very well received in the death metal-scene.

Two years later in '98, a totally "new" Panzerchrist recorded their second album called "Outpost Fort Europa", wich was also released on the Serious Entertainment-label. Only drummer/founding member Michael Enevoldsen and vocalist Lasse Hoile remained of the original line-up, rest were replaced by new band members.

A few years later, the line-up was again heavily changed, wich caused a complete new sound to emerge this time. In '00 Panzerchrist released one of their most brutal albums until now: "Soul Collector", this time on their new label Mighty Music. Notable things on this album are the German lyrics wich gave a new dimension to their war-sound. It must be noted that the lyrics aren't based on Nazi-ideology from the second World War and that Panzerchrist are in no way connected to neonazi's.

Founding member of Panzerchrist, Michael Enevoldsen, has this time switched from drums to guitars and has furthermore collected the following souls to make the absolute strongest Panzerchrist album so far: Reno Killerich (an extremely talented drummer, who delivers one of the most intense drum attacks in (Danish) metal history. This skinbasher does his work out at the gym and practice behind his drums seven days a week), Bo Summer (The Illdisposed vocalist intensifies the level of brutality drastically with his violent growls), Michael Kopietz (who used to play guitars in the death metal band Frozen Sun is a creative force behind half of the material on "Soul Collector") and female bass player Karina Bundgaard who also played on the previous album "Outpost- Fort Europa".

The entire album is focused on war. From the song titles to the cover itself. The cover, being shot by a close friend of the band who was stationed in the war ridden Kosovo, displays a graveyard with several destroyed tanks and troop carriers. To those of you interested, the tank on the cover is the Yugoslavic version of the Russian T-34 main battle tank. The lyrics are, as you might have noticed, written in German. Please notice that this doesn't mean that the message and image of Panzerchrist has extreme right-wing orientation!!! The German lyrics were meant as an experiment with an alternative language instead of the ordinary English. Death metal lyrics actually sound very cool and brutal pronounced in German.
The fourth album "Roomservice", released on Mighty Music, was released in '02. The band also got a new line-up once again, losing a few members. With "Roomservice" they returned to English lyrics, but the themes never changed. The music had at this point became very much blackened death metal-oriented, couped with hyperblasts and also keyboards.

Their fifth record "Battalion Beast" was released on "Neurotic Records". in August 2006. The new album introduced a devastating new sound, for the band had moved even closer to their cold, tremolo-picking black metal roots. Reno Kiilerich left the band closely before the recordings and was quickly replaced by Bent Bisballe Nyeng from the band Die, but his style didn't fit Panzerchrist's style, so again Reno recorded drums for this one - yet it is uncertain if he stays with Panzerchrist or not.

In December of the same year, long-time lead guitarist Frederik O'Carroll left the band. Frederik's statement:

"After having thought about it for quite some time now I've decided to leave the band. I've had a great run and I wish the rest of the band the best of luck."

It is currently unknown how Panzerchrist will handle their ever-evolving line-up in the future.


"Six Second Kill" (1996);

Lasse Hoile - Vocals
Finn Henriksen - Guitar
Jes Christensen - Guitar
Nicolej Brink - Bass
Michael Enevoldsen - Drums

"Outpost Fort Europa" (1999);

Lasse Hoile - Vocals
Kim Jensen - Guitar
Rasmus Norland - Guitar
Karina Bundgaard - Bass
Michael Enevoldsen - Drums

"Soul Collector" (2000);

Bo Summer - Vocals
Michael Kopietz - Guitar
Michael Enevoldsen - Guitar
Karina Bundgaard - Bass
Reno Kiilerich - Drums

"Roomservice" (2003);

Bo Summer - Vocals
Rasmus Henriksen - Guitar
Frederik O'Carroll - Guitar
Michael Enevoldsen - Bass
Reno Kiilerich - Drums

"Battalion Beast" (2006);

Bo Summer - Vocals
Rasmus Henriksen - Guitar
Frederik O'Carroll - Guitar
Michael Enevoldsen - Bass
Reno Kiilerich - Drums
Karina Bundgaard - Keyboards

Death/Black Metal

War, metaphoric negative-based

Denmark (Aarhus), formed in 1993

Prutten Records


Michael Enevoldsen - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards (Illdisposed, Angel Accelerator Death)
Bo Summer - Vocals (Illdisposed, guest for Detest (Dnk))
Rasmus Henriksen - Rhythm Guitars (Demolition Inc., Die (Dnk))
Karina Bundgaard - Keyboards (bass on <i>Soul Collector</i>)
Reno Hilligsø ``Killerich`` Killerich - Drums (Evil Morgan, Kobeast, 12Gauge, ex-Chthonic (Session), ex-Dimmu Borgir (Live), ex-Downlord (Session), ex-Exmortem (Dnk), Hate Eternal, Old Man's Child, ex-Strangler, ex- Vile (US))

Nicolej Brink - bass
Lasse Hoile - vocals(ex-Angel Accelerator Death)
Michael Kopietz - guitar (ex-Frozen Sun (Dnk), ex-Angel Accelerator Death)
Kim Jensen - guitar
Rasmus Norland - guitar
Jes Christensen - guitar
Finn Henriksen - guitar
Frederik O'Carroll - guitar
Michael Pedersen (aka Galheim) - drums (Denial of God, Livjatan, ex-Exmortem (Dnk), Ad Noctum (Dnk), Mareridt, Mordulv?, Hellsermon, ex-Church Bizarre)
Bent Bisballe Nyeng - session drums (Die (Dnk))
Dea Lillelund - keyboards (ex-Fairytale Abuse)


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