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Rise of Chaos

"Rise of Chaos" (2006 Demo)

1. Eternal Night
2. Commander Chaos
3. Darkness Has The World

1. Eternal Night

Eternal Night

Into the black of night they were forged
By the avil of darkness and the hammer of war
Armies of thousands blackned souls
Standing in the frontline
Waiting for the call

At the unredeemed gates of underworld
Chaos shall rise and lead them all

"Yellra our creator
Feed us with thy strenght
Protect us from the light
Fulfil our souls with hate"

Enemies of light it's time for your revenge
Attain your weapons and stand, wait for my command
As the sun goes down and the twilight takes the sky
Red clouds of blood will be our guide

Ruin, terror, pain
Death and devastation
Running in our veins
It's our blood

Raging armies aligned
Anxious for the fight
Commander soon will start
The ride of the end of daylight

Black sun will rise and burn up high
The eternal night

2. Commander Chaos

Commander Chaos

Commander Chaos, your legion roars
For mutilation, for eternal war
Ride on! lead to the kill!
You're the one they will obey

Bring them all sorrow
Set the pain of death in their eyes
For all the black hordes
They will know your appetite for war
Agony shall rise

Immortal warrior without compassion
Hatred is the fire that burns your will of fight

Anguish, pain and misery
Reign beside thy merciless hand
We are ready for the kill
By your command

Rise to be my master
Rise to be the god of all

Within the dark of my soul I breed the seed of hate

Hell-bent shall be my heart
My blackened soul forever yours
Rot is my flesh under your lust

Bastard loathing one, you rule the world
As the light fade out and you grow strong
For you armies give their lives
For you the feared ones will march
Into the bloody war

3. Darkness Has The World


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