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The Pouring of the Seventh Vial

"The Pouring of the Seventh Vial" (2007)

1. The Dead Set Sail
2. Durin's Bane
3. Ghosts in the Attic
4. The Outcasts of Man
5. Dysthymia
6. Blue Warrior (The Shell)
7. Casualties of War
8. The Coven of the Sabbats
9. Death's Touch

1. The Dead Set Sail

2. Durin's Bane

Into the abyssal caverns below
The demons of might have fled
These shadowy winged beasts
That give off horror and dread

Taller than the greatest man
With a whip of blistering fire
Once rampant among the land
Their situation is now more dire

The most feared of all creatures
Among the dark lords’ forces
Standing with the might of Morgoth
These demons battled the Noldor

Aiding in the dark quest
To recover The Silmarils
With a host of evil spirits
Mighty dragons and a vampire

In the deep caverns of Moria
Did one such creature dwell
And utterly was thrown down
By the hands of the grey one

But in this effort, both were slain
The grey one to return again
As the great wizard of white
To endure the fight against evil

The dark lord Melkor’s servant
With his golden ring of power
And later burning eye of fire
Beholds the demons of might

3. Ghosts in the Attic

A shadow creeping in the night
Blacker than darkness itself
It darts in and out of sight
Concentrating on its next victim

Demons and all else may roam
And forever remain a mystery
Moving freely through the house
For the deep echoes of eternity

The child laying quiet in bed
Unmoving, he stiffly remained
His sheets pulled over his head
His energy this spirit had drained

The shadow shifted
Now over the bed
Spirits be damned
Go back to the dead

The tug of the covers
While he tried to sleep
Made him begin to cower
And he began to weep

Something about this tiny room
It gave the soul a lingering chill
And from this forsaken closet
The darkness did always spill

4. The Outcasts of Man

Bulging muscles
Scarred flesh
Unfriendly eyes
Sharpened axe

Lone warriors of the thick trees
Humanity’s forgotten children
Berserk masters of destruction
Frenzy causing reign of terror

Fearsome warcries of pain
Loathed creatures of sin
Merely just misunderstood
The dark age of man begins

Mostly chaotic by nature
Souls of black by choice
Raging soldiers of might
With cold forged steel

Electricity of motion
Their combat prowess
Completely unmatched
Almost inhuman speed

Enemy of not only man
But also of the undead
Necromancers of night
And the evil elfish drow

Riding upon the bare back
Of wolves or steeds of black
Illiterate monsters of mankind
Foolish to those whom are blind

They can never be sneak attacked
For they always seem to be ready
At the smallest moment to react
And to kill you where you stand

Wearing your skin
As a telling trophy
That none should cross
The outcasts of man

5. Dysthymia

Smells so intoxicating
Part of your design
Looks so breathtaking
Path to my demise

The caress of flesh
So warm, yet so cold
The meaning behind
Is empty and devoid

Simple acts of kindness
With open interpretation
An open path to my sin
Or the terror of my mind

Your hair of radiant strands
Feeling your soft touch on
My softly quivering hands
Makes everything else so clear

As the memories fade
And slowly wash away
And a solemn teardrop
Withers away to die

Whatever may break the chain
Be it my friend or my foe
Eternally bound to you I am
And a downward spiral to hell

Don’t take my….Soul!!

6. Blue Warrior (The Shell)

In a forgotten land
Beyond the age of time
Forged by a darkened hand
Crafting the perfect crime

A giant hole in the world
The endless well of souls
Where dark plots unfurled
Oh the evil demons it holds

The stone coffin of a demon
From a sinister and distant past
Back into this mortal coil
Her presence is utterly cast

Even the appointed guardian
Cannot stop the hands of fate
And an innocent young girl
For her, it is now too late

Emerging from the stone prison
And into the poor girl’s body
The blue warrior hath now arisen
In this strange and different world

The soul of the innocent
Now utterly destroyed
A reversal of this process
Is completely impossible

The demonic goddess’ power
Are nothing short of amazing
Though they begin to devour
Her possessed mortal body

The great old one called Illyria
Would search to conquer this world
And send it into utter darkness
Now until the brink of eternity

The great old one called Illyria
Would search to conquer this world
And send it into utter darkness
Now until the brink of time

Her mighty legions vanquished
From the epic wars of the past
She would build a new army
To bring about the apocalypse

7. Casualties of War

Inside the frozen forest
Deep in the Ardennes
Where the goatmen live
With their wolvish tyrrany

Ghoulish necromancer of decay
Graveyard smells of rotting flesh
The cunning elemental of darkness
Torrents of snow flutter from the sky

Among the towering trees
Shells and fires burst forth
What the demonic eye sees
His imminent failure for victory

The frost bitten winter
Led many men to die
Dire casualties of war
For the oven master

Tearing out the entrails
Of the anointed one
And propping his body
Onto a large wooden pike
The demonic ritual is begun
With more bloody sacrifice

As the wooden shaft
Emerges from the head
And the fires are lit
The most berserk follower
Raises up his blade
And slices open his wrist

These angry barbarians
Came from disturbing pasts
Where their villages
Were ravished and pillaged

Their mothers slain
Their fathers tortured
Their sisters raped
Themselves left for dead

Now is the time to rise again
With the blood of the innocent
Rise again

8. The Coven of the Sabbats

Screams from the house
Echo forever in the night
Lies the children espouse
Drive the poor woman from sight

From the old dirt lane
The women plodded on
Though her feet were in pain
She knew she must be gone

Torchlight from the villagers
Whom swarmed into the night
And made after her with haste
As they bore their penetrating light

The poor woman stopped
The sound of her followers was gone
While to her knees she dropped
She knew she wouldn’t last ‘til dawn

As the torchlight grew near
The woman’s face fell pale
With the villages plight clear
Her running was of no avail

To the stake they tied her
Bound; unable to escape
And soon they lit the fire
Which would be her end

The only way to eliminate
The ominous threat of witches
Was to burn away their powers
With the grandeur of god’s fire

As the lonely woman wept
None other mourned her state
High upon her wooden pyre
Her townspeople sealed her fate

With a final bloody scream
The women let her spirit
And her soul tear forth
From this mortal realm
Cursing the damned people
To their now timely demise

9. Death's Touch

Those who hunt at night
And thirst for blood
Horribly brutal murderers
Insane serial killers

The lone woman kneels down
Her revolver at her side
And checks the new victim
Revealing this kill is fresh

Her sparkling teal eyes
Fight back the tears
Another innocent lost
To the vile darkness

Kate runs off towards her apartment
Through the dark of the night
Her blonde hair flailing about
Her job impairing her sight

Arriving at her room
She hurriedly enters
And locks the door behind
She is still so alone

Reaching for the bottles
The first of them of pills
The other of them liquor
She puts her woes to end

Damning her life for the misery
And utter anguish that is caused
She feels her world begin to spin
And then it fades off into black

Unbeknownst to her
A hero is at her door
And he breaks inside
To see her dead body

Rushing to the bathroom
He turns on her shower
And thrusts her corpse
Under the icy cold water

She sputters, coughs and awakens
Thanks to the noble man’s attempts
And her tearful teal eyes stare up
And gaze deep into his immortal soul

Now she believes


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