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"Naberius" (2006)

1. Building the Bridge (instrumental)
2. Birth of a King
3. Revealing Dark Desires / Temptations of the Devil
4. Ravaging War
5. The Royal Conflict
6. The Conjuring
7. Acacius's Solution
8. The Face of Death
9. The False Winter
10. The Troll Hunter
11. Crown of Femurs
12. March of Death
13. Galdor's Demise
14. Bloody Asymmetric Warfare of Fire (instrumental)

1. Building the Bridge (instrumental)

2. Birth of a King

Into the world
The child was born
The tiny Acacius
Son of Agathor

Chaos did reign
In the land they called home
As troll blood fell
From the midnight sky

Amongst the hallowed trees
Mighty battles were waged
Our heroes were slaughtered
And our new king was raised

In the mystic forest
A warrior emerged
To vanquish the dark ones
And their lord Naberius

I called out his forsaken name
“Damn you Naberius” I cried
And unto my piercing summon
The towering dark lord materialized

Alas, then I was merely a boy
And the dark lord laughed at me
“Maybe when you have grown
You may have your shot at me”

This young lad
Our new prince
Will soon be king
And our last hope

3. Revealing Dark Desires / Temptations of the Devil

Acacius bemoaned
The fate of his people
"Father, I swear!
Such a fool you are"

His father's leadership
Left much to be desired
And Acacius now felt
The leader should be him

Boiling pots of tar
Setting the forest ablaze
Ravaging the hills
Skinning trolls alive

Acacius's evil plans
Were much more
Dark and sinister
Than his father's

Galdor and Acacius
Were now at odds
As the prince became
More and more violent

"Damn it Galdor,
move yourself aside!"
Acacius screamed
As he leapt upon Galdor

Pinning his childhood
Friend to the floor
Acacius's malice
Oozed forth

Galdor surrendered
Giving up the fight
And Acacius left
But darkness stayed

4. Ravaging War

The Holocaust
And Genocide
Ravaging War
Bloodshot Eyes

Maniac trolls running
Through forests of green
While the ancient trees
Whisper to the breeze

With gleaming suicidal pretext
Slice deep into your soft neck
Attempt to summon the dark one
And send blood to block out the sun

Asgard; Hall of the Gods (Asgard)
800 Men; Through the many doors
Gleaming, Glistening and Shining Steel
In the Land of Valhalla (Valhalla)

To Odin and Thor
Sacrifice be made
Of worthless peasants
That without their life
A better world be made

5. The Royal Conflict

I return from battle
Victorious am I
The blood of trolls
Stains my armor

My father is angered
For I just disobeyed
His simple command
And went out alone
To the trollish lands

My enraged father storms off
Leaving me gasping and in tears
His sharp, lingering words echo
And delve deep within my ears

“Acacius my son
You live under my rule”
Well it won’t be forever
Of this, I will make sure

6. The Conjuring

Acacius sat naked and alone
Trapped in the darkness
Within a massive cave
Far from the safety of his town

Not even trolls dare venture here
The home of warlocks and witches
The most powerful necromancers
And other unspeakably horrible things

A small light appeared
Off in the distance
Deep in the tunnel
And Acacius followed
Dragging the corpse of
A castle guard behind

Upon reaching a small antechamber
Acacius knew what he must do
The light exploded and illuminated the room
Full of instruments of blood stained death

From the dead man's skull
Acacius gouged out the eyes
And placing two fingers in the sockets
Smashed the skull upon the ground

A slurry of blood and brains
And grey matter exploded
Across the damp floor
And an evil laugh echoed in the distance

With that task done, Acacius completed
This satanic ritual by tearing open
The flesh of the guard's chest and
Ripping out his still warm heart

As he sat back down
In his blood soaked nakedness
And began to eat
The lord of evil appeared before him
Legions of doom were at this demon's disposal
And that was exactly what Acacius wanted

7. Acacius's Solution

In the dark, cold night
Just before the slaughter
The royal family slept, while
Acacius crept into their chamber

No sound was made
As he stood over his mother
Between her breasts
His dagger penetrated

Before she could scream
His hand covered her mouth
And her world turned to black
Like a candle light now burnt out

Removing the blade
He turned to his father
It was now time to take
The second lamb to the slaughter

Plunging the dagger
Into his father's throat
Bright red blood erupts
Amidst gasping gurgles

Agathor stares at his son
Acacius seems cold and distant
As he wraps his hands onto his
Dying father's head

As a tear rolled down
Agathor's solemn face
Acacius quickly snapped
The mighty king's neck

His parents were dead
And now their blood
Was on Acacius's hands
And he simply loved it

8. The Face of Death

The face of death
Silent in the night
The reaper is coming
For this fight

Acacius is the one
Who should taketh all the blame
He would be king at any price
Even for his parent's life

The townspeople are under
The dark one's command
Almost slaves to his will
They cannot break their chains

But alas Acacius remains
Steadfast and vigilant
His bravery is what
Must lead them all

9. The False Winter

As the snows of winter began to fall
Down by the quaint little riverside
The wood elves began to appear
Out on their never-ending patrol

The ancient alfar people
Sacred was their land
And trolls and human alike
Dare not to tread there

As Galdor watched them
From a safe distance
It was quite clear that
They were very alarmed

Before Galdor could react
A wooden arrow slammed
Into the tree next to him
With a white note attached

It seemed as if this winter snow
Was actually a farce
For it was not yet winter
But in fact a demon was afoot

The mighty wood folk elves
Restricted forever to stay
Upon their hallowed land
As was the price of
Their complete immortality
Could do nothing to help

(Elfish Chant)
Galdor, ye distant one
You cannot hide from
The evil that is afoot

You are the only one
With the strength
To vanquish it

10. The Troll Hunter

Sneaking, Crawling
Fleeing, Escaping
Walking, Running
Towards the trees

From the window
Acacius did escape
To the ground below
And the forest beyond

As he reaches the woods
He realizes he is not alone
There is a group of trolls
Standing right before him

Withdrawing his knife
He leaps into the air
He plunges the dagger
Deep into one’s spine

Blood spurts out of the wound
And the creatures, frightened
Run off in absolute terror
Acacius follows after them

He follows them to a cave
Their hidden home, it is
And once within, the door is closed
And he simply slaughters them all

Rising anger
Burning flesh
Ripped and torn
Bleeding hearts

Severed heads
Bloody hands
Left for dead
On darkened land

The pain inside
It burns so hot
The pain inside
I want it to die

The inner turmoil of Acacius's mind
Was finally coming to a head
The damned child's deeds
Finally had caught up with him

With his wretched soul
Caught up in his own
Putrid stench of agony
Acacius was unable to function

In this world of hate
Amidst his realized dreams
Acacius's anger in the front
Tore him practically asunder

No amount of gushing blood
Nor quantity of heads
Of giant trolls on wooden pikes
Could satisfy his mind

The walls in his head
Breaking down from within
This warrior of steel
Falling apart all around

Despite the fact that the reaper
Was calling his name
It wouldn't be enough
Enough for him to die

Acacius sat in turmoil
His eyes bloodshot red
It was as though he was
Now demonically possessed

And with his temper raging
He grabbed his sword
And tore from the castle halls
Out into the forest beyond

11. Crown of Femurs

Acacius lay battered and bruised
His solo encounter with the trolls
Did not go as well as he had planned
In fact it nearly cost him his life

Engaging an overly angry one
That wore a crown made of femurs
Acacius now lay broken
Beneath the forest canopy

Even with the surges of adrenaline
Acacius could not help but yell
Hoping that somebody could hear
His mutilated and bloody calls for help

Galdor appeared from the distance
As the crouching troll took aim
And with a mighty blow from his sword
Severed the beast's jugular

Barring sharp canines
The troll limped away
Leaving its bloody trail
As it was now held at bay

Acacius was in dire need
Of some form of assistance
Luckily Galdor was there
To resuscitate his lifelong friend

The tendons in his poor legs
Wished to simply give way
But Galdor dragged Acacius
Back to the castle far away

Once home, Acacius's emotions
Started to get the best of him
And months of strenuous muscular
Combat training did Acacius begin

12. March of Death

On the field of death
Legions march at night
Power at my hands
Mighty dragon's flight

The wet grass
Under our feet
The legions march
Through the streets

The strength of Tyr
The warrior of one
Pulsed through
Acacius's veins

With almighty strength
Fueled by the mighty
Bite of the wolvish Fenrir
The steel warriors marched

Following the path
Of the rune
That points northwards
Towards the sky
The legions make their way
Unafraid to die

Despite the arm that was lost
To the fangs of the beast
The battle lust of Tyr
Drives the men on and on


13. Galdor's Demise

Corruption and greed
Society will bleed
Anointed demons feed
Upon the people’s need

Blot out the sun
The end has begun
The sky turns to black
There’s no turning back

Escape, Escape
Run to the hills
Escape, Escape
From that which kills

Political pests
Rotting flesh
Needless deaths
Dying breath

The two warriors met
Within the castle halls
They start their battle
Amidst blood stained walls

“Galdor, my friend, stand aside”
“I will not scurry off and hide”
“Then you will be utterly destroyed”
“I will not suffer your parent’s fate”

Rushing at each other
Swords are quickly drawn
Acacius strikes with fiery rage
And Galdor is put on the defensive

“Join me, and be my dark prince”
“No, I would never stand by you”
“Then let us end this”
“Yes, let us”

With a harsh surprise attack
Galdor is thrown through
A large wooden door
And Acacius stormed away

Broken, poor Galdor lay
Left for dead on the floor
With no more opposition
Acacius became the dark king

14. Bloody Asymmetric Warfare of Fire (instrumental)


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