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"Witchery" (1998)

1. Tears of Hate
2. Dustfire Soul
3. In The Shadows of our Fears
4. Made of Fire
5. Wish Crafts
6. Bleeding...
7. End

1. Tears of Hate

Tears of hate

The dark dreams don't make me a fugitive
Your eyes can look, but they cannot see
My tears in that evening
when I was laid down on your bed
They weren't blackmail
They weren't for you

You heard my cry
This pain is my fate
But you can know
They were tears of hate

Let the fire burns
It hurts like your eyes
Let the fire hipnotises
It deceives like your lies

The sunlight can turn your life
And a spell casts your soul forever
Walking around in your wishes
You fall on your knees today,
You lost what you had, and see it
Bleeds for rage

2. Dustfire Soul

Dustfire Soul

I wanted to be the others
To know what wasn't me
The soultaker called me
And put my soul in a cage
I thought I had won the war
But it hadn't yet begun

Why are we ashamed of our fate?
Why are we ashamed of being ourselves?
Why are we living in lies?
In lies...

I looked to a mirror
And there was no trace of my image
I looked for myself, I couldn't find anyone
I thought I had won the war
But I had already lost it

The sun will rise and the lies will die
Will I have the chance again?- to believe in love
Will I have all the strengh?

I will born again

3. In The Shadows of our Fears

In The Shadows of our Fears

Hidden in your hopes
There's an angel looking for us
In the shadows of our fears,
There's a demon to tear us apart
I thought that my soul would let my body alone
walking on the streets, trying to find you
I stoped looking for my other part, when I saw
the future in your eyes
just the future in your eyes...

The demon's got to tear us apart
I couldn't imagine you for a long time so far
The demon, he's got to tear us apart
He came to steal your heart
And throw it, throw it into an icy ocean

There's no future in your eyes now(3x)
I see my dreams, they're falling down

And the demon is dancing and laughing
... and my dreams are falling down...
And throw it into an icy ocean...

4. Made of Fire

Made of fire

I hate myself but I don't wanna die
I just want to get high
To spit in everyone who made me cry

Tears of hate, thoughts of hate
Black sky turns into a bloody hell
The sky made of fire
Eyes too blind, impossible to watch
Now I love myself

Because I hate you more than I hate myself(3x)

I'll make you live in pain
I'll kill you this way
You won't die in vain
Your bloody tears will be like rain, to me

5. Wish Crafts

Wish Crashed

You wish crafts
You don't know how to fight
You wish crafts
Can you face death and desgrace?
You will miss, and you will kill
You don't know how to use each craft

Can't you see? You've killed all our dreams
Can't you feel girl, the rage in the air?
And you ask to someone what the hell do you do
to protect yourself
from the conspiracy
We are the conspiracy
Be carefull we will catch you!

Wish crafts now, but it can last forever
You wish and wish, and pray and cry
in a desperate scream
Look into your own what you'll find
It's an invisible solution for the rest of you life
You wish crafts, you wish crafts...

6. Bleeding...


I am begging you please
Don't make me feel like this
I don't want to believe
But I just have doubts

Living under my fear, bleeding(2x)

I don't wanna hate
But there's no other choice left
I don't wanna fall, so god falls with me

Living under my fear, bleeding

The sign on my skin
Your face in my insanity
Feeling, you're asking for me
Until I still can live

7. End


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