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Lovesongs Of The Forsaken Demo

"Lovesongs Of The Forsaken Demo" (1994 Demo)

1. In Aeturnum
2. La Mort D'Amour
3. Sorrow of the Angels

1. In Aeturnum

Tearstained are the halls of my empty soul,
melancholia`s haunting call is the only one I have known.
Innocence has lead me into this void
while years eroded a youth I never enjoyed
through childhood I slept
unsheltered from the scorn
now, I`ve awakened with age to love ever lorn
forever and ever
I`ll search for the solace
which can only be found in an embrace

In throes of desolation
I prayed unto divinity
I endured the emptiness and frigid pain,
but even God had forsaken me
I prayed to find a solace for my heart bereaved
only to be forgotten by the God I once believed
now, I serve this punishment
under the ice condemned
for my loss of faith,
to hell I was damned
downfallen in inquity
desolate, I`ll be
My somber stare traverses sepulchers lonely

Eternally, my limbs sealed in place
the only shelter from the cold of the ninth circle of hell

Too see what awaits in forever
a lifeless gaze
My final endeavor
I looked through the blackened skies
and beheld the radiance of paradice
my eyes have frozen in false sancity
eternally bound, my tears have turned to ice

2. La Mort D'Amour

The once beautiful flower has withered and gone
it is memory`s charnel vast, that I wepeth on
lifeless, this lonely heart swoons neath my breast
for my tears bring you back, not from silent rest

Lamentation and woe, peace never shall I know
Blood less bitter be than these tears brackish with sorrow
every promise ever born, now lay broken
false words are better left asleep, on thy lips, than spoken

With autumn`s dirge, summer doth end
and dreams, like leaves, decay into the wind
pallid as the breath on which they blow
is my heart, buried neath a solemn pall of snow

This ice holds no sanctum, nor reason
for thy heart`s swift change of season
with your dying element and emotion unfold
and I, I`ll live no longer, in this cold

Sadness, unlike love, is eternal

3. Sorrow of the Angels

Heaven weeps with my sorrow
through the clouds veil of black lace
an infinity of angels
share the tearstreams I pour away
within the storms of sadness
I`ll eternally remain
love is lost forever
you are mourned by this rain

Ever weeping......

Mine is the sorrow of angels.....


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