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Womb of Pestilence

"Womb of Pestilence" (2003)

1. Opened And Tainted Graves
2. Underneath The Seven-Fold Eye
3. Fires Burn Black
4. A Monolith Clad In Fog
5. Illuminating Void
6. Dark Spires Swirl In The Abyss
7. Corpse-Altar-Light
8. Lifeless Union

1. Opened And Tainted Graves

2. Underneath The Seven-Fold Eye

3. Fires Burn Black

Glorification of the cyclical moon
Five points to be a sign for the horns
Manifestation of the spherical flesh
Seven wounds to light the way
We sung as the hammer danced

A dream of a loathing glare
Forthright as the sun, from two burning spheres
As torrents of abhorrence, the gleam swept through
As the purest of flames
The radiance from the first and the last
Was slaughtering everything and all
We rejoiced for we had wrought pain

The conflagration of divinity in aeons
Was brought forth in a flame from the west

A shape clad in leather wings
In the gleam of its blackened eyes
Vast fires leapt in awe of the endless torture

4. A Monolith Clad In Fog

In the fog
A monument

The black monolith,
Forever stands still.
The keeper of the stones,
The eye of the abyss,

The watcher,
The pathway into the unknown...

5. Illuminating Void

The rays of the morbid moon
Illuminate the way
As burial mounds are opened
The dead lifted
In dread of their new life
Hung across varied trees
Prepared with knife and rope
Their lifeless bodies wavering
Limbs in grotesque endeavour
Trying to remember death's magnificence

This body I consecrate
With godly seed
So it may rise once more
With heavenly light in its dead eyes
With divine voice in its mouth

Let his eyes open
And bathe us in the light
Of the void once again

To be ashes
And rotting flesh

6. Dark Spires Swirl In The Abyss

A towering mountain naked in the wasteland
Circling steps lead upwards (to everlasting wisdom)
The ascension has been set
Below the shadows command
and rise in defiance and fire

The crown conquered
A large bluish sphere closing in
A step through
Into the coldness of space

From doorway to doorway
Passed beyond shapes through the gate
Tomes of power piled on wood
A turn
A doorway, one of the last

From horizontal to vertical
The stars burned brighter here
The correct patrh was laid
Finally the form did rise and speak
In the centre the stellar ones amass
and in the depths they awaken

I can already see the shapes
The spires swirling in the abyss
The lights burning in the depths

All the shadows are the same
The shadows are death

7. Corpse-Altar-Light

In the abysmal mirror image from below
The four armed daemon
two of it's hands straining to reach the stars
a pair of swords diagonally in the other two

Dark steel rides the fleshy canvas (of the corpse)

The soon to be sun inside his dead eyes
The moon inside his cranium

The microcosm
Around me
Spilt on the floor

In front of me
His body bent grotesquely
To form the holiest of shrines
In his eye sockets now the eternal fire burns
His foul, twisted mouth sings hymnals of praise
Carved sigils feed on his soul

Upon his heavenly carcass
We smear our saliva
Its wounds serve as resting places
For our ensnaring tongues
And his veins as our vessels
For we shall never feel drought,
Nor hunger, or anything else
As long as this altar pulsates with HIS light!

8. Lifeless Union


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