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Leviathan Dawn

"Leviathan Dawn" (2003)

1. The Omega Point
2. Ignorant Fuck
3. Terror Extravaganza
4. Plague Revolution
5. Total Eclipse
6. Satanicide
7. Loudun 1633
8. The Hammer of Satan
9. It's What You Wanted
10. Leviathan Dawn

1. The Omega Point

more whiskey and decay
more nails hammered into the brain
the dead dogs have returned
more violent more insane
drenched in black blood vomit
soaked in batter acid
burnt by the dying sun
more ignorant yet still blaspemous

hightech instruments of human torture
i know ways to make you suffer
so dcayed so vile
you cant even begin to imagine

the final tempest leviathan dawn
the omega-point, the end of it all
dazed and abused reality dissolves
experience suffering like never before

and i feel enourmous delight
in my demented twisted mind
while i strain you of your blood
drop by drop
your lifeblood rattles to the ground

and when the black sun dawn
laughing i witness
the last gurgling breath
of mankind

2. Ignorant Fuck

Servant of the human lie
serve me my alcohol
that is all you are worth

tearing apart your beloved pages
burning scorching your sacred places
raping everything so holy

Hell! you ignorant fuck

fucking on your dogma
filling your pussy with hate
bringing you down with pain
making you feel so good

spread! you ignorant fuck

scream like a good christian should
your intentions make you a slut
witness the coming of the antichrist

suck you ignorant fuck

3. Terror Extravaganza

hello mr negative
how are we doing today
the world is fucked up
everwhere decay and pain
the earith is one fucking cesspool
all colours fade to grey
humanity has lost its meaning
so yeah, i would say we're doing ok

fire in the sky
fed up with your lie

i hate therefore I am
one godless nihilistic motherfucker
i just dont give a damn
just fucking die

her my decay
can you hear the end rumble our way
the sweet sound of destruction
symphony of screams and laughter
oh magical mushroom cloud
come swallow us all
in the end it makes no difference
in the end nothing makes a difference

fire in the sky
just fucking die

4. Plague Revolution

fire burns black
gonna set your world ablaze
our plague spreads
gonna destroy your brain

evil invading
revolt for Vultyr
bring forth destruction
ruin and decay

plagued with disease
dirty devouring whore
haunted by black blood
satan inside your veins

20 eyes
watching you
shellish mouths
gonna swallow you

cut the goodness from your heart
destroy your twisted moral

we are taking over
you'll do you deeds
you'll dream our dreams
you'll kill for vultyr

the philosphy of the beast
plague revolution

5. Total Eclipse

Enter the frostbitten wastelands of my heart
where nothing good has ever grown
petrified, cold, heart of ice
eclipsed by the moon, buried under the snow

hate consumes all, no love lost
black eclipse of the heart

drowned in a swamp under thick ice
no feelings left, nothing at all
burning black, my fire consumes all
with hate i burn, grim and cold
no pity left for your petty suffering
no compassion here for you whore

6. Satanicide

it makes no difference to me who i kill
as long as there is blood
no fucking difference to me
none at all

suffer the satanicide
homicidal evil in its purest form
suffer the satanicide
gotta feed the demons dwelling inside

the time of cleansing is upon the earth
worthless human worms
i am here to rid the earth
of your pestilence

7. Loudun 1633

satanic possession, writhing and cursing
mass hallucination, demonic encounter
speak in toungues unknown to men
fullmoon rites, of blood and semen

crawl to your cross and die, you filth
worthless priest of a weakling god
your concration belongs to me now
ursoline nuns, whores of satan

witchcraft and heresy, horror and blasphemy
welcome to the possession theater
evil spells and sorcery, sin, and sodomy
welcome loudun 1633

diseases spreading plague and smallpox
pest eats away through your skin into your brain
vile stink of vomit and hot a pressuring
the smell of death, putrid stench every where

blood and smoke, plague and death
welcome to the possession theater
pain and suffering hate and disbelief
hail the grandicur, loudum 1633

death recapts the population
where is your shepard now
the sun rises strangely dim today
blackened by smoke rising
from the ruins of the town church

true rebellion

8. The Hammer of Satan

through thunder and through blood
travelling on the flaming wings of war
riders of the apocalypse
heralds of the end

we are satan's hammer
demons riding the winds of carnage
we are satan's hammer
from your cracked skulls
we'll build our thrones

with lightning and with fire
the executioners of the revelation
we'll burn your world
and piss on the ashes

the evolution reversed
mankinds' creations erased
the art of destruction
greatest masterpiece of all

we are the hammer of satan

9. It's What You Wanted

10. Leviathan Dawn

cold stone black dawn
cries from the bleak forest afar
bloodstained wounded
the grim moon has risen

blood sweet blood
pulsating from your wounds
knife sharp and long
ecstasy through self-mutilation

cold stone soaked black
insane laughter echoes in the halls
bloodstained dying
await the arrival of master satan

cut the flesh feel the blood pouring
ancient calling, leviathan dawn
the ultimate in pain and pleasure
far beyond the understanding
of weak human minds

oh await your dawn
you filthy worms
the sun is dead
the moon is black

i killed the light
i devoured the stars
eternal darkness leviathan dawn.


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