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Another Nail In The Coffin Of God

"Another Nail In The Coffin Of God" (2004 Demo)

1. Introduction
2. The Call
3. Sorrow Silence End
4. The Tower
5. Plague
6. Forgotten Cult Of Penetration
7. Lust
8. Hatred
9. Black Amber

1. Introduction

2. The Call

Born into an age of illness
Brought to you by Addidas
A premature race of misfits
Bred to kiss Johowah’s arse

Here’s to you - raise a cup
Or a sharpened blade
Lay your soul and every hope
Into an early grave

Each of you enthrone your will
Kneel your charity in shame
Desecrate all right and wrong
Temple of the flesh - profane

Raise you fist in anger - spit
On Christ and on his grave
Curse the name of Allah - rape
The Goddess of the lame

Join us - we study death
So we can laugh it down
The morals of a dying world
Devised to bleed its young

Join us - this is our age
Of anger, hate and Satan
Satan of the flesh and soul
Gnosis of the great beyond - Satan!

3. Sorrow Silence End

Wretched sorrow
The sun is setting into seas of blood
Upon these pages are my soul and heart
If there are such things at all

Centuries of thought into decay
I watched your cities grow like putrid mould
Upon the lands of your ancestors’ graves

A death-like silence
Falls upon you every night at dusk
Sorrow - hunger
Death will swallow all your cities up

Torn - asunder
The seven seals of the book of John
It reflects our own will upon ourselves
We planted seeds of our own death

A death that knows no race or creed
The stones will crush us all into the chasms
This end, however far, it lights a spark
The only light within the blackness of my heart.

4. The Tower

In the days when death, less subtle
Rode upon the very wind
The Plague into this town blew in
And quartered the life it harboured

Humans lived in midday darkness
Cursed the Lord or Antichrist
From the port and to the sky
Cast their jaundiced eyes in sadness

And meanwhile as booboes swelled
The fairest of maidens blackened
Ill to bed with no way back
Into common gravepits felled

Far too many for the churchside,
Not enough for hell
Young and old they fell
Dogs and vermin multiplied

The tower upon the isle,
Far from shore, but not of sight
Was hollow from the fire inside
The new-found grave for the dead and vile

The dead, so many, choked the streets,
Were ferried across the harbour
With naught ado - into the tower
The plague grew weak as it was filled

Scorn the hand that brought destruction
The same no doubt that made the stars
Rain into the sea at night
Stir up sprites of putrefaction

The stench of death clung to the mist
That crept at night out of the water
The tower of the dead and rotten
Bled pestilence into the wind

5. Plague

Wretched were the tidings from much distance east
The wrath of god descended there as fog
The pestilence had smothered all living that it touched
And crept across the sea towards our shores

A corpse am I and black my eyes
Come see the world through these rotting holes
Become black flesh and wear thin to bones
To dust to blow together with the wind

The bishop and the sailor are alike
In superstition, the latrine and death
Both grab for their cross, kneel and pray
The reaper takes the other in his stead

Lo-behold the reaper is himself among us
Black as pits of hell, he gathers souls
Tall among the wailing crowds he walks
Everywhere he steps the dying fall

Fewer lights are lit tonight - the less for dying
The fiend of death is dining with the prince
A cry of sorrow issues from the deep
It summons all tonight into eternal sleep

Humanity - in gluttonous numbers
Has long been itching for some kind of doom
They weep now that it is here so soon
They flail themselves for it to be gone

Abstracted horror gnawls deeper North
The stench of death into life's bouquet
Of centuries without a bath - human worms
Behold the common grave this is your worth.

6. Forgotten Cult Of Penetration

Does the desolation of your mind
Make you salivate after the dead?
Well I prefer them still alive
I mortify them in my bed

Here in Hades women are all whores of Satan
Pale flesh - parted blood-red lips
Chanting hymns to their suicide
Gasping at the searing of his dick

Do you feel the poison of depression
Washing over your empty heart?
See me pass, I carry Satan’s spark
Tell me the you need a brutal fuck

Hear me goddess, for I worship thee
I yearn to be in Heaven of your cunt
To my evil temple follow me
Where I can be your only god

Forgotten is the cult of penetration
Of intercourse with everything in sight
A throbbing, funeral ovation
To the performers of the ancient art

Do you want to know what death is like?
To climax is to fall into a grave
To crave some more is fucking suicide
And that is why we are in hell tonight.

7. Lust

Lust is a hungry demon
Cloaked in the unlight
Bearing the torch of evil
Whispering at night

Rise to the call of flesh
The darkest of desires
Desecrate the chaste - descend
Into carnal fire

Praise destruction
Love is a hollow lie
Muttered by victims of
- Of Lust unsatisfied

Fuck in the name of god
(and not to mention Satan)
Shameless to envoke the Lord
Both in bed and prayer

A thousand unholy thrills
Inside of Satan's lair
The crystal ship departs for hell
Through gates of skin and hair

Of moral codes of men
A vessel for the most obscene
Is all we are - Amen.

8. Hatred

Demons - Rise!
Answer as I call your dreaded names
Horror lies
Deep beneath the raging ocean waves

Grind humanity to powder
Filter it through time and pain
Drain all reason and compassion
Passion and all hope in vain

Dissipate a pint of blood
In nightmares for a hundred seers
Bring to boil for a day
And two thousand years

Humans - gather
Praise my name as I deliver hate
Curse you - perish
This will be the last and greatest plague

The semen of a million ghouls
Spilled for artificial beauty
And finally - the bloodied foetus,
The saviour's return to nothing

A droplet for a drinking well
A teaspoon for a lake
The rivers run with bile
The oceans foam with hate

9. Black Amber

Lost within the man-made forests
The cities do not have a heart
Waiting for the end to start
And burn us from among these stones

The scorching purges of extinction
Will fracture concrete bark
To weep black molten sap,
Solidify to black amber

Look into my eyes and see, here
The world is at a bitter end
The waters of the flood have risen
And swallowed up dry land

Uncounted years hence, washed up
Upon a nameless shore
A murky gemstone beaconing
A vision of our dying world

Nostalgia, oblivion
Remember? I too lived
And of the end I dreamed
Each night like death not sleep

You spoke to me, your voice
Like song above the sea
What did you say to me?
It passed out of all knowing...

Pale distance towards a forgotten dawn
Sealed in amber, deep beneath the sea
See what distant eyes could see
The passage of their time turned stone
Amber - see the dead forest
That stood uncounted years before our birth
The pale dawn that warmed our ancestors
Gleaming through the petrified trees, long fallen

Amber of the murky waters
That pound upon the shore
Edging past the path of sorrow
Into the daylight world

The labyrinth beyond
Has swallowed up some souls
And not the first for sure
But to these goes my song

Heralding the pending darkness here
Gathering to greet the end
Wishes well and re-morse drained
For we shall never cross our paths again.


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