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"Immagnifico" (2005)

1. Visions
2. Wild Rain
3. Night Watch
4. Dimension Shift
5. Cursed
6. To Life Restored
7. Reunion
8. Tonight
9. Open Wide
10. Raven Black (bonus)

1. Visions

Here comes the world
Build of dreams,
Made of hopes of a child
Living here
In most secret and beautiful place of your mind
I believe
The time will finish the tale
Dream of all dreams
Open your heart for the wind
And breathe
Come, unlock the door
And see your visions come true
Come, tear down the wall
And bring the light back to you
Never know what waits on the road
Be brave, and always believe
Your time will come
You always have reasons to live

Here comes the world
Of the sun, of the wind and the rain
Silver tears
Shed by heavenly pain
Time, only time
Will find and bring you the keys
Of the world you believe
Seting you free from the chains

2. Wild Rain

Caress me my distant light
Set my spirit free tonight
I breathe silent air,
Tender wind of the night
Know no meaning of this pain
Gently whispers coming rain
I fly through the clouds,
Flashing lightnings...

Heal my dreams and clear my mind
All the memories left behind
Shall I live again
Shall I drown in the rain

May the sun decide tonight
Leave the clouds and shed the light
Or leave me alone
Inside the eye of the storm

With me, in this way
You will stay
In the rain
With me, in this way
You will stay
Forever in the rain.

3. Night Watch

When the darkness hides the earth
In its veil of the doom
Over the hills rises the mist
Evaporates the deadly gloom
Close your shutters tight
And cover your face in fear
Hear the howling in the night
We are here
You'll see us on the plains of death
we rise up from our tombs in wilderness
as heaven sheds its tears
and bitter end is near...

Nightwatch we are
Ambassadors of doom
We rise to take you away
And we'll come for you soon
In the light of the moon
We ride through your land
To take somebody with us
And be at peace again...

Nothing can save you from your fate
When the nightwatch comes for you
Screaming echoes of the pain
On moors where forests grew
In the sunlight you are safe
But the night will come again
Live and let live
But we will return...

You fear the dark
We devour your fear
Don't talk too loud
Or we may hear...

4. Dimension Shift

Why, am I condemned to suffer so long
Where is the world to which I belong
Caught in deep fear, and pain
And there is no way to hide
Beyond the other side
Nowhere to run...

Beyond the seven seals of quantum law
Over the gravity, inside the core
Pure emptiness,
The nonexistent glow of dying time...

Feeling nothing, being no more
So we have won this holy war
So, let's rejoice
And reign no more...

5. Cursed

Something is wrong with my eyes
Will you tell me what has gone wrong
With the stars
Why do they hide their eternal light?
Was it something I've done?
Or it's something
You have done to me?!
Don't tell me I know...
I've been here in my dreams many times
I was deaf... I was blind
But I could feel the cold and the darkness beside me
Well now those nightmares are true
And my life it remains far behind
Nothing lasts forever
Under the sky

All you desire,
You'll get, but you'll never hold long
All what you grasp,
You'll keep, but you'll never yearn
What you could keep,
You'll want, but you'll never find
Everything's lost
Besides your questioning mind.

Something is wrong with my eyes
How this weird nightmare came true
I am lost
In this prison cell of my mind
Silence renders me helpless and blind
No turning back beyond this gate of fear

Don't tell me I know...
I've been lost in the cradle of lies
For too long I was blind
I could never believe that my horrors could bind me
Well now those nightmares are true
And my life it remains far behind
Nothing lasts forever
Under this sky

6. To Life Restored

7. Reunion

Crimson sky is burning
See the fires rising high
And I feel the time is coming for us
Many days of struggle fall into the past
The future open lies before us
Dreams come true
The fire is burning in our hearts
Like distant star
To show the way
At night and day
The sign of spirits guiding us
Towards our fate
And rainbow spread across the firmament

In the days of treason
And the reign of downfall
We engraved our souls with mark of glory
Now the heroes of the past times start to fall
The time is high to start new stories

8. Tonight

I close... my eyes...
And see the golden light of thousand stars,
They shine upon my sleep
From high above
My soul, my light
I know I can reach out and touch the sky
And feel
Warm raindrops on my palm

Bring me a dream of my love so true
Warm, like the stars in her eyes
Bring me the melodies of feelings inside
As we walk hand in hand

For once again,
You take away my heart
Don't leave me now
Don't let the silence freeze my heart
And soul, fair price for your embrace
But you wouldn't take
A single fallen star from me

9. Open Wide

I'm free once again
From fear and the pain
The fire burns inside
As I dance through the rain
The curse has been broken,
The light fills the place
The light
From the inner space
I leave the castle walls far behind
And travel far away
Into my dreams
Into the night and day

Open wide
Open wide for the sun, the wind and the rain
In the name of true meaning of life I regained
Open wide for the dream - true freedom of soul
In the name of the love,
Open wide once and for all!

In lights of the stars
And whispering of leaves
The grace long forgotten
Appears and relieves me
Of the fear and the suffering
The grief and the pain
Set me free again

I leave the castle walls far behind
The hope will never die
Inside my heart
I know that I can fly

I've changed the ways of fate
Unbound my soul
Nothing can hold anymore...

Unfold my wings and fly to the stars
So free and so insane
Once and forevermore
My life has just began

10. Raven Black (bonus)


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