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Indefensible Vehemence

"Indefensible Vehemence" (2001 EP)

1. Intro
2. Prodigy Of Solitude
3. 00 Buck Shot
4. Inherited Deformity
5. Embludgeonment (Regard to Devourment)
6. A Puppet Mill

1. Intro

2. Prodigy Of Solitude

The given world
The programmed reality
The planted ideal
Like wrapped up in an oblaat
Nothing but obey the animus
Of artificial god
Unaware of poison concealed
Humans are in rapture
Not knowing what to distrust

Desire for the peace in emptiness,
Now the floating mind
Swerved off the track of time
Unchained from the chain in the space
Soon the voices inside fade away
Hovering in the darkness is all

Making the self with hypocrisy
Once you peel off the skin
Then a lump of endless desire
The wise men without wisdom
Respecting their ostentation
Leaning on the meaningless confidence
The insatiable fool, bathed in instinct
That respect nothing and no remorse
Poison grow poison running the eternal depletion

At the end of ideal in blood
You betray yourself and all you have
In the farther miracles and dreams
What you bloodshot eyes find out for?

3. 00 Buck Shot

The abominable pre-existence recollected
Castrated tyrants and their existence even denied
Crawling in the mud
Supported by the ideal
Led them to despair
Life with the ideal
Death with the ideal

The logical non-sense
Spiritual Corruption
Escaping from the reality
Somnambulist�s murmur
All comes here
The one-way carnage
The feast on your self

Don�t avert your eyes
Rapture of pervert deep in the eyelids
Don�t cover your ears
Angel�s chattering, shameful melody of the dead

Brand of blasphemy ebullient
My dears ringing never stops
I thought I knew�
It�s not my fault�
Calling my name from the past
Hatred is sweet poison the god created
For the graceful thought of narcissism
Let�s bathe my hands in blood again

4. Inherited Deformity

It was beneath the husk of idea
Born in the mud with
Amniotic fluid and blood
The celestial unrealistic sight
The Brutal goddess wiped
This greedy miserable existence
With her fingertips of insanity and deceit

Leaning on the gaunt ribs
Dismal faith with fang removed
The morals crisis brings martyr in the night
The enlarged and twisted self
Yearning for their existence
And sharing the depth in isolation

Ambiguous existence
On the numerous corpses
The creature that devour happiness
The machine to escape from death
Neither of them
Your words appear and disappear
Just like the mirage of desert

Anachronistic virtue wiped off
The pride in the past
Soulless bodies that saving
One another and graceful spirits
Tortured by disgrace and wasted
Into the nightmare
With exasperation to all that living

5. Embludgeonment (Regard to Devourment)

Life of nothing
Ignorance, silence, prejudice, ostentation
Death of nothing
Brain washing, threat, repression, hoax
Numerous war dead, traces of ravages of battles
All is Pandora�s box behind the history
Recollection of pride and tragedy
Turning into dust by wind
Consciousness fading is soaked by the giant ego
Put another hero to silence

Logic of the weak descends from above
Swing the blade named humanity
Lost the sole shield of pride
Weak brains disabled, it no longer resists

The lie named world peace
Self-punishing hypocrisy
The words too crude to progress
Attitudes too egoistic to desire
I can�t stop trembling (in anger)
Logic of atrocity that trample down the miracles
Strange enthusiasm that loses the glory
Before the merciless self-punishment
The known bears talking
Before the deceitful purification
The churchman bears breathing

Strict witness, silent eye witness
The great foundation stone, Rest in Peace

6. A Puppet Mill

On the hands of innocent children
Colorful poisonous worms
Started to crawl
Drowning in the taintlessness
Narrowed their eyes dazzling
Shepards temptation artfully began
Holding a gold bell of deceit
Spinning their words burning in red

In prehistoric and mysterious
Sign of evil
Fanatics talkative assembly
Began the pray of despise
Perpetual truth unawaken seen

Feather of atonement chopped
Flew by the winds of ruin
Story shadowed now roaming
Sky blue painted in black
Soil-gluttonous demon filling the stomach of spiders

Embedded pleasure for everyday life
Days of living with no distress
And the peaceful life
Now the intelligent-riddled
Inobservance remained
No credibility and
No (fucking) formality fulfill the needs
River of stagnant and the sky be falling
Plotting and tricks
Running from wounds of relations
The complete corruption now be done


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