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No Speed Limit Weekend

"No Speed Limit Weekend" (1986 Demo)

1. Korgüll the Exterminator
2. Ripping Headaches
3. Blower
4. Fuck Off and Die
5. Tornado
6. Iron Gang
7. War and Pain
8. Warriors of Ice
9. Nuclear War
10. Overreaction
11. Helldriver
12. Ravenous Medicine
13. Voivod

1. Korgüll the Exterminator

Korgull, the exterminator.

Thereís a new killer in the line
Of the host
He catches his victims and let
Them fall into decay
Itís the law of the jungle
One or the other must die
Awaiting unavoidable death in the hole.

If you need the horrors of war
See Korgull
The nebulous prowler will come to
Take you and exterminate your life.

You take your chance but the
Sky is clouding over
You wanna be out but nobody
Lets you go away
The grand master of fast purification
Know that youíll never survive.

If you need the horrors of war
See Korgull
The nebulous prowler will come to
Take you and exterminate your life.

Korgull, Korgull is here lím
Exposed to the direct danger
Iím hearing the echoes of the battle
Korgull walks along the land
He kills and terrorizes me
His name is Korgull.

Awaiting reinforcements
Rematerialize in nothingness
I am not out to reform this world
Just to fight with this creature
I saw him with my own two eyes
He was coming from otherworldly
With his vitreous eyes that fix me
Itís too late
Korgull rules the earth.

2. Ripping Headaches

Delivering the noise to keep
My head red hot
Riding in the long run
I get the energy
Tonight letís go lím here
To feel my suicide
We turn it on
And youíll be going crazy
The electricity is in the aired to shock
Breaking into shivers
If you want disorder
Theyíre manu maniacs here
The shit is just beginning
It will be long before
We see posers again
Iím gonna tear some wimp
Rockers limb from limb
Running the speed in blood
Blowing my ears with noise
In this place everybody becomes mummified
I donít know why but itís sure
Weíre the violators
Anyway I shall go whether fate leads me
In some place they looked at
Us in wide mouthed
Maybe because we are heavier
Than all destructors
Itís a lot of fuss and you donít have a choise
Bite kill rush skulk and thereís
No chance to save your cracked brain
Burn slam shout scream the end is
Always near I want to drop my pill
The riff came full putsch at my head
Do you like it?
Youíve got a brain damage
Itís the ripping headaches
Lím still smashing and
My body is doing bad
We donít care and you know
All the world must die.

3. Blower

Like a killer in the state
Like a rat in a maze
Living in a city of freak
Lives on children in the snow
Itís too late you canít go
Smashes on with turning teeth
Run like blower
Eats like a grinder
The wheels of chains
Roles and roles again
It was marching like a prowler
Sacrifice the raw flesh
You are nice, you are cash
Here come the flesh eater
Chattering sound of iron
You smell the smoke of carbone
Tell me if itís near
Iím in the snow
I panic, I canít go
I see the yellow blades of danger.

4. Fuck Off and Die

Aarrg me and my guys are
Trying to keep it high
Weíll play all night for you
Iím banging my head til lím dead
As long as you move
Weíre on the fast way
Delivering the best that I can
Can you see what lím doing
Running from day to day
Just to let it go
Címon move your assholes
Stand up right now, kill off
Well líve got the command
Did you understand?
Attacking is the only way to win
Awaiting the war day and
The inflammation
Youíre the first who will be burning
If you see the storm, no time to go down
Thatís why lím screaming
No pleasure the pain comes down here
No return donít look back
Thereís no tomorrow
And if youíre a fucker
And donít believe it, I say
Fuck off and die
Iíve got the control
With my heart of stone
Í feel the Hades in the air
The vibration is in my bones
And the noise keeps the thrill
The adventure has just begun
No religion in this place
Youíre awaiting for that moment
Forget it and donít loose your time
Donít want to become like that
Thereís many times to raise hell
Thereís many ways to live your life
Together weíre staying for yell
Donít break your fever
So if you need religion
Or a god to believe
So if youíre a looser or just
A fuckin wimp
Fuck off and die.

5. Tornado

Nature deadly twisters
War of winds strikes again
You live in a nice neighborhood
As nice as it will be after
They drop down from the clouds
Completely out manís control
Some day itís gonna catch me
The tornado is right behind
It picks me up to overseas
The tornado is right there
Cumulonimbus storms arrive
Lightning flashes a hundred miles around
Electrical collision course
Creates the elephant trunk
Creeping and looking for your home
Sucking anything from the ground
Go 25.000 feet in the air
The dead list of all thunderheads
The strong winds and the vacuum
Are gonna take you to the heart of the storm
Moving and turning
No escape, you disappear
It rips you off, keeps you in
Rises you up and pushes you out
Into the guts of the tornado
Get high by the suctions of the funnel
Spinning at 300 miles an hour
And trying to outwit this monster
Moving and turning
No escape you disappear
It rips you off, keeps you in
Rises you up and pushes you out
The frontal attack, now is in the past
Is it finished, or is it coming back?
No one knows, where it goes
Am I safe? Am I gone with it?
Running scared
Do it quickly if you see it
There is no time, for a warning
The tornado has struck hope you have some luck
Dust will make you blind, nothing you can find
Running scared

6. Iron Gang

Weíre always going fast
When itís time to make it high
Donít listen to this scrap
Tonite your gonna fight.

Iron gang comes hear
Metal noise is near
The final assault crushes the crowd
And the bestial waddles will explode
Donít stop the rifle fist.

The next gang is on my list
Never turn back take care of you.

Letís fight
Weíre falling in the dark
And takin the leather straps
We always need a shot
When weíre given the notch
Iron gang come hear
Metal noise is near
The eye of war fixes your god
No regret we plunge in the riot.

Acid rains fall forever
Soak in the bones
The blood flows like a river
On metal road.

Acid rains fall forever
Soak in the bones
The blood flows like a river
On metal road.

7. War and Pain

In the smoke of combat
No gods give you the guts
You see the fire in the sky
The bombs fall by your side
I put wonder in my gun
Let me free, let me run
Armed with swords and hash
I run, kill and fight
I remove the knife in your sore
I believe in the deathís call
I live to kill, create war and pain
You die for fire, burns in flames
Our disaster is not complete today
We make no different because
You fall in fate
The war punishes, and pain resists
The wildness shouts
The blood burst out
Weíre going in hell tonight
For another loud attack
And you see in the mist
Black flag is on my mast
The cannons creep
In your desert to kill
And no defence, no forces
Youíre the bloodlust victims
In the smoke of combat
No goes gives you the guts.

8. Warriors of Ice

Learning the rules of the games
With atrocity
Living in a prehistoric weather
With intensity
Armed cold weapons in hand
Charged, mangled corps on the land
The bastions contortions on the prey
Makes me lust to kill em all everyday
Crudely by frost
Too young to rust
Fight be wild
Warriors of ice
The hell fighters
Warriors of ice
Midway through life, midway to death
The nomad soldiers fight for the best.

Feel the chill by the polar race
Make the word a disaffected place.

Live to die, eye to eye
Raise the chase, face to face.

Raise the chase, face to face
The dirty desperado goís back
At freezing point
Nail stone fall and fall again.

Prisoners of the ice wheeze in a sultry weather
This is the fate of frozen aggressors.

Advance thermal killers
Theyíre the barbaric butchers
Here they are to abuse
Stipping the barren land
Crushing all til nothing stands
Ready for attack
Theyíre gonna shoot you in the back.

9. Nuclear War

Fast and pure desolation
Lust the blood in my brain
Hard and dry destruction
Wet under the neutron rain
Die in this Holocaust
Scream the deflect attack
Burn before we reload
Streets before
The power blast
War a command for blood
We scream
Die nothing less than
Death we creep
Storm the only weather
Start the directives assassins
Warm inside the under shelter
Wait and fell your broiling skin
Hot oz one disappear
Blight in the atomic detention
Rats itís a survival breed
Destroy with deflagration
I have one track itís to kill
Youíll never stop me
Running my evil way
With radioactivity
My machine comes at night
Missiles they strike
Save your life in the dark
For the loud attack
Hey nuclear war
Iím really up tonite
For my last ride
Never returning at home
Iím home die
The war machine is not save
And I canít escapee
When the bombs will hit
My face, it will drive me insane.

10. Overreaction

Itís coming over you
Can you see the phosphorescence of the factory?
Moving away, out of this territory
The systems became overload
The warning lights were on that night
Nobody knew what was going on
But it will be here for months
Or even years
Itís coming over me
The ugly underside of the nuclear energy
Brings us today this atomic calamity
The malfunctions of the instruments
For this blunder we have to go to hell
Itís coming over us
Donít be scared, the engines exploited
But itís just a technological risk
And this thing will continue throughout the ages
The evolution canít run without damage
Mother nature canít hear you
The China syndrome will die much later than you
The China syndrome
In the air, it smells bad
Feel the disease, the nuclearchy
Weíre lucky, weíll die young
Itís hard to endure, to be a mutant
The transformation, is almost complete
Research has no end, containing the power
The dangerous results, itís not our fault
Create the force, we got no fear
Lock the doors, weíre engineers
Awaiting to suffocate, purchasing the program
Vomiting the pollution, of energy games
Create the force, we got no fear
Lock the doors, weíre engineers
Welcome to the China syndrome
Itís an over overreaction.

11. Helldriver

When you take your steering wheel
When you speed up your engine
Your rage makes up your counter
Hell spins and burns your tires
Hit and run again I eat when I can
I have no limits my life is a risk
Letís speed the road hog
His sheet iron is hot
The helldiver and his damnation
Speed up in hell to run so fast
When the sound of metal raises
When the smoking valves make a pin
Fuel and oil are my blood
The law is over, lím out
If you want to stop the speed freak
Prepare a good plan to do it
Coz heís always in the red zone
And heís a runner
Of the hell road.

12. Ravenous Medicine

Another emergency truck keeps rolling fast
Two-lane highway and they run on the wrong track
You still donít know that youíre never going back
Youíre going to the science hospital
You guess that your body is still alive
They estimate youíre in pretty good health
Good shape for some of out sadistic tests
Doctor said you must stay in bed
Surgical scourge on you...
Electric shock through you...
Feel the scalpel they cut you with
Going into the experimental room
How much radiation can your body stand?
You did very well; youíll feel better soon
The Red Cross is turning black
Wake up in another department
You see the nurse with blood on her clothes
They got another experience for today
Maybe the worst of them
Diagnosing the pain, the ravenous medicine
Discovering the cure, the ravenous medicine
Died through illness, the ravenous medicine
Donít care how many organs you gave
Injecting the drugs
Till you become the slave
Turn off the machine that keeps your heart beating
Theyíre gonna do it to you.

13. Voivod


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