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Lost In My Tears

"Lost In My Tears" (1995 Demo)

1. My Dead Dream
2. La Priere
3. Why Should We Die?
4. Alone
5. Enshrouding Death
6. So Beautiful
7. Sweet Pure Flower

1. My Dead Dream

Some voices called me and they woke me from my dreams
It was so peaceful and strange
The autumn rain wets the ground

My dead dreams come to me
You were mine, my dead dreams

Reason can kill dreams
Look what it has done to me
Look at what it has done to us
The light has gone off, that dream is finished, the man is dead

I'd like to turn back and look for my dream
But behind, there's nothing
There is just recollections of my dreams

I won't see anymore the sun rising
Damned for mistakes never committed
The endless life could be a prison until the end of the world

The flame has gone off, the man has gone away
Forever and ever, look at what it has done to me
Look at what it has done to us

Oh my dead dream.

2. La Priere

3. Why Should We Die?

Why should we die?
I want to know
I lost my faith
I'm so alone
Who are you?
Where's your god?
Live in peace, where's that god?

Your faith in god is only dictated by fear
You are so cowardly to believe in bloody gods and in useless legends about immortality
Remember you don't know anything and your mass of gods say just the perverse
Madness of their inventors

What's the aim of life?
The man that you define so spriritually, sees his body getting old
Following the laws of time and you say to me that we have to believe in a god stays out of time
But where's the goodness of suffering without opposition in its law?

4. Alone

And if it was just a big dream
Can I do something for you?
I'm the creator of darkness, I'm the creator of your black dreams
Could I do something for you?
Time crawls past so slowly.

I remember everything you know
I saw the fleeting light
I remember how the dead people laughed at me
I can still see mad bodies running down the road
Alone forever and over my senses come and meet my trueself
Real friends are screaming in my confused head
I'm not gonna listen to your painful lies

Those voices are looking for me
Slowly can I do something for you?
I'm the creator of darkness, but now I'm free in my different life
I'm free to be alone
No, not mad...just free, free!

5. Enshrouding Death

You didn't think that time would pass so quickly
Remember, sooner or later, death will carry you away
Then, you'll have all the time you need

Even you will be called, your name is already engraved on the rock of time
Repent for what you have done, if you have time

Only death will bring you away
Of your mind, nothing will remain
In your life, you have just dreamed
Wasting your precious time

Your soul is afraid, it doesn't want to leave you so soon
You yourself, are afraid, you know that death will enshroud you
The path you have travelled is long, too long
You know you can't be saved, this, your dying soul tells you

You've had your chance
You will arrive in the eternal valley and then you'll be forgotten
In the eternal valley, you'll be forgotten.

6. So Beautiful

When the rain will confuse her tears
When the wind will comb her hair
When the grass will cut her feet
When the forest will whisper her name
When their voices will crash with the sea
And when that white dress...oh my love

From the eyes, I can see
Dying light, crawling dreams
In my home, leave your heart
Drink my blood and arise, a new life

I will hide nothing from you
In my ignorance in my fear
in the fear that the attempt could fail
I don't even know if it's something that I can give more than once
I don't know the price of the prize, but I will risk for you and we'll find it together
A mystery or fear like I've found everything on my own

In my eyes, in my eyes I will never feel anymore, the sun shining in my heart
I will never feel anymore the heat of love
Only blood, blood for a life, blood that gives me life

Watch in my eyes what can you see
Only desires
Watch in my eyes, drink from my veins
Have a new life, beauty forever no more days
You will die through the centuries, place after place
Time after time, life after life
Now close your eyes, open your veins
Have a new life for the eternity
Come to me and I will be the sun that you will orbit around
And my rays will give you the secrets I've hidden
And with my power, and my magic, I'll dominate and rescue you
An endless dark that will help you to comprehend everything.

7. Sweet Pure Flower

Never the time, will calm my passion
Since I have held back from the grave to find you

Sweet pure flower

You were a stream of tears, which sang beyond the dark forest...reborn

With the shadow's power, I wait for you amidst the folds of time

And only your name can light within my soul, a flicker of life
Nothing else matters, it's neither bad nor good
It's emptiness, which has no sense without you.


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