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The Darkest Love

"The Darkest Love" (2006 Demo)

1. The Darkest Love
2. Kissing The Rose
3. Church Of Solitude
4. In Blood We Trust

1. The Darkest Love

Late at night
I find myself
The mirror says
The truth again

For what I lost
rising down
Under my bed

Black cold wind of despair
Red tears of blood again

the darkest love
In the darkest night
The darkest love
Is the light of (the) night

The darkest love tonight

Want to fly
through your eyes
I `d like to fall
Into your world

No one to save
My crystal tears
Who says itís good
They just are fools

It cuts me like a knife
my soul dies at night

2. Kissing The Rose

Black is my mind
No sense to my life
Fears in my dreams
Was love lost in tears

Sick is my heart
So sad deep inside
Watching you fall
My world fades away

Iím kissing the rose
Feeliní so cold
On knees near your grave
Still miss you
Iím kissing the rose
Shout at the world
Your blood is still mine
Your look still divine

Remember the times
Our love was so high
Eternal weíll be
Two souls in the fire

Angel at night
Sweet eyes burning bright
Touch of your hand
No more,now youíre dead

3. Church Of Solitude

This rain is washing up my world
flowing in a stream of thoughts
the solemn pledge that we've vowed
has vanished like a morning cloud

Time that passed seems spent in vain
I don't want to share my pain
Since no one can understand
what it means to touch the end

I will bury my heart
in the lake of tears I have cried
far away
in a church of solitude

Our dreams fade in the air
I've lost the strength to dare
Days of past now are gone
forever I will be alone

Every day that sun'll light up
will be bounded to the past
colours now have turned to grey
I have thrown my dreams away

4. In Blood We Trust


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