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Vobiscum the Universe

"Vobiscum the Universe" (2006)

1. Flowers
2. The Damned City
3. The Black Messiah
4. The Daughters of Inferno
5. Anathema
6. The Ball
7. Geometry of Human Dust
8. Blizzard
9. Dawn
10. Compassion
11. The Wormwood Field
12. Werewolf
13. Incantation
14. May Peace Be Unto You

1. Flowers

I will open the world of inconsolable reveries,
Will take the seeds of bloody tears,
From the Hell of flowers – the flaming roses –
And will sow the ashes in the dead soil.

I sow the flowers in the dead soil,
Let them glow in inflorescence,
Let them bear roots breaking the granite
By purple poisonous snakes.

Those my flowers devour hearts,
And penetrate the people’s souls with sprouts,
Oh yes, the eyes are burning brighter and brighter
Of merciless snakes in the heart of the universe.

I order my creations forever
To command the massacre of all alive.
I desire to slake my thirst of requital
By possessing power and strength over them.

I sow the flowers in the dead soil,
Let the gardens blaze brighter in the dark
Devouring the night air with fires,
Filling empty souls with poison.

2. The Damned City

Children whose souls are born in anguish,
With blooded faces and lifeless glances,
Arrive at night and move in shadow
Along empty lanes as hollow horror.

As a pack, a hungry flock,
They walk together, walk between buildings
In the damned city of total darkness,
In the empty streets of the cold crypt.

A curse on the city – to live always in fear –
Crowds of babies living in the dark,
Born not by a woman but by inferno.
They are eternally hungry and blood-thirsty.

Seeing a man, they kill him,
Flesh harrowed by toothless mouths.
Sucking from wounds all juices of life
They yell, being short of their prey.

Horrible is this fierce mass,
They have no mercy, they are relentless,
In the womb of the rotting dead city
The curse feeds them with malice and coldness.

3. The Black Messiah

When the flame blooms –
I see there the birth of a beast
Feeding with pain and fear
Peoples not knowing time.

He whispers ancient speeches
And draws black paws
Calling me son
And dragging me into the torrid fire

The hands burn like branches
Of forests forgetting moisture,
And thoughts filled with malice
Feed the flame with bones

And the blood leaks to the water
Filling rivers with rot,
Filling air with gloom,
Rocking away the son of dark

As sparkles of flame – thoughts
Call for the battle its people,
To the last sanguine battle
To satiate fields with rotting flesh.

My mind as a black plague
Will enter with eternal pain
The houses of old men and women
Completing the great cause.

In the flame the world will become purer
Filled with ashes and pain,
And will startle from rumbling step
Of that who is striving for the throne

And the flame of the fire blooms
And whispers an ancient name
Of that who resurrects me
And names me as his son.

4. The Daughters of Inferno

In the fragile coldness, on the crystal grass
They leave right from the inferno
Driving to light, to the glaze of the dawn –
Faded shadows – mad images

Faceless mass, hostile horde,
They march by innumerable troops,
Creatures of the very heart of the earth,
Infernal beasts – dirty designs

The black palm hovers upon the world,
Fleets, bewitches and dances in the sky,
Creating fear and disease, and dusk,
Obscuring eyes and minds of the peoples.

And here they race one upon the other,
Trample, strangle, choke and torment;
This is not the people but someone else
Who reigns this vicious hostility.

They ruin, rape, tear to shreds,
Cut and have no respect for the dead –
Infernal daughters stick their fangs
In the soft flesh – and the hearts get petrified.

Howl and cry, the children of war,
The feast has only begun and the fresh bones
Have not yet risen in the battlefield.
And there is still no army for the valiant revenge.

Years, centuries, minutes and hours –
Strong backs bend under the yoke,
Infernal daughters stick their fangs
In the soft flesh – and the hearts get petrified.

5. Anathema

A curse to the gothic paradise,
With its rows of righteous monks
Who hid behind the face of the holy
The breath of unquenchable fires.

The heavens, gape and come to the earth,
The angel that back ago fell on the stones,
Look at the world, look at temptation,
At God-lovers and heretics.

Anathema is a great victory,
Anathema is freedom from the cross,
Anathema is a great path of salvation
From the infinite cabala loss.

In the attempt of lost benedictions,
Desperation and blood on your hands,
You, maliciously untiring genius,
You now love rot instead of Face.

And bidding farewell to dust and bondage
And called to dispel emptiness and loss,
Becoming a white angel, you marred wings with blood
In your striving for the Sanguinary Cross.

Anathema is a grave and oblivion,
In the waked voids of non-being,
Anathema is a great way of salvation
Through the crown of thorns to the heavens.

6. The Ball

I see the throne lit with fire
In the attire of fragments of broken mirrors,
I see my reflection there,
I am the Devil, I came to the ball.

In the blackening velvet of the walls of Inferno
The gates burn with the emeralds of the night;
More live than the immortal in the hall,
My shadows arrive – my suite.

Twisted faces like beastly snouts,
Blood- and malice-filled eyes,
Horrible crowds, terrible images,
Gaunt bodies on bent paws.

And they howl like hyenas
Gathered for feast, a hungry pack,
And crave for pain, crave for blood,
They are insatiable, my creatures.

I look at them, I see their glances,
They used to be people sometime,
A long time ago, I don’t remember,
All the past remained somewhere afar.

Solely to me their glances are fixed,
To me, to me! As to their father,
They wait when I strike the bell
And tear the silence hateful in the dark.

Groans and prayers of the rumbling thunder,
This is a symbol of the fall of life spheres,
Crowds of demons will dart with the fire
Destroying everything, exterminating in the dark.

The desires of death whisper in the air,
The creatures emanate saliva and wait.
Whilst I am standing, I am meditating,
How hard it is sometimes to destroy silence.

The thunder scatters crystal in the air,
Howl and fire break through to the sky
The loud bell, the powerful bell,
I strike stronger and stronger – Beware!

7. Geometry of Human Dust

The great dark, forerunner of desperation,
Descend on the world and cover it
By huge wings secretly and stealthily,
Penetrate the human souls as drops
That find way between stones to the lakes.

And howl like a wind, burn by frost of embraces
Of faceless couples found peace in love,
Wake up the dead heroes,
Raise innumerable crowds from the graves.

Thus, if the cry is born, it will not die,
Let dreadful act will be completed –
And the universe will again collapse into chaos.

In clear lines,
In tough rules,
As geometry of human dust,
The raven flew up, the falcon dropped down,
And the young wife is weeping over the warrior.

Gone and disappeared, lost forever,
The proud build of uncreated towns,
Wake up and look –
The fruit of desperation
Deceased upon the world
And remained a curse.

8. Blizzard

The wind dashed tearing along from the north,
The wind brought snow.
White shreds of cold snowstorm,
Its laughter, tears and willow.

The swift dance blowing with desperation,
The dance for those who are tired of recreation,
The wind raving and snow-white
Wails not to sleep awhile.

Oh, the blizzard’s white folly,
What are you prophesying? What are you preaching?
Dragging to the dusk my body.
There is blackness there, eternal oblivion of nature.

9. Dawn

What a mad dawn tore today on the water,
What rusty leaves flew under the feet in spring,
And how in the farewell silence suddenly the heart beats loudly,
Only a moment till it woke up.

In the wake of the fit of war
So brightly glances glow,
Metal smelts of heat
And the fire starts – merciless, evil grief.

From hundreds of hands laced in the cry
Suddenly an image emerges
Deaf to prayers and tears,
Of unseen blind threat.

And in the long silence
The bell will strike – the grave of the world,
Then get up and run, hurry
While you are alive, while you have strength.

While you remember how the wedding bell sounds above the church,
You will think you will be gratified then for your suffering,
But how cold it is here amidst fire and destruction,
And you think you are defeated and wait for the moment to fall.

But in the rusty air of war there is no place to crawl under the ground,
And in the warring circle of emptiness there is no hide and retreat.
You are seen in the nakedness of soul and you toss as a beast in the cage,
And there is no peace and love and estranged drunk death.

10. Compassion

The ravens crack – so death coughs;
Cold revenge flows by drops,
It covers souls and bodies,
Shielding eyes of the dead.

There somewhere in anguish fighting desperately,
There in stillness still asking for pardon,
Praying to give out the particle of freedom,
Praying for death the soul asks of misfortune.

Twisted in pain like as a leper,
She moans and groans, all ulcered,
Fear settled in the mad eyes,
Insane, fiery, aching fear.

Cry: “Kill!” tears silence,
As beasts’ claws it tears the desired.
“Painful and frightening!” – I repeat in the dark,
“Save and kill! Help in silence…”

Warm blood flows down to the earth,
Hungry pain creeps away as a snake;
The devil hides torn wounds,
Asks the people to give some mercy.

But they turn fastidious glances
And speak of creation,
They say proudly: “There is God’s will for all”,
They say: “This is needed, understand us…”.

Miserably and stupidly,
And sadly and desperately
To pray compassion from those creatures”

Death, shout!
Death, don’t keep silence!
“Open the wings, desired bird,
Close the eyelids and let me sink into reverie.

The ravens crack – so revenge mumbles,
Cold death flows languidly,
It covers souls, bodies,
It will console me forever.

11. The Wormwood Field

The wormwood field – the past summer.
The wormwood field – ice on the water.
The wormwood field – frozen eyelids.
The wormwood field –blood on the cross.

Crucified in the empty and cold madness,
Devoid of the grave and beingness,
With the torn heart you choose
Where there is the sun, the wind, water and earth.

As a bird with the spine broken by a storm,
You stare senselessly up at the cloud
Trying to understand how it all happened?
How could you be so young not to live up?

Let inspiration flow by a drop of blood,
Wiping off fatigue from the face by a drop of sweat
The wormwood field – the past summer,
The wormwood field – hollowness everywhere.

And pierced through bones by a sharp nail,
Deprived of wings, drummed to the stones,
As some saint who dies for faith,
You die for stupid deception.

The wormwood field – the past summer.
The wormwood field – fatigue in the hands.
The wormwood field – closed eyelids.
The wormwood fields –only bitterness and fear.

12. Werewolf

Staring at the evening twilight
I see off another day,
And right at midnight I turn to –
Not a man but still not a beast.

Soft paws – claws are hidden,
And two huge wings on the back,
Golden eyes reflect the moon,
And it’s me in the mirror and, perhaps, not me.

Jumping out of the window I fly to the stars
And meet there the swarm of brilliant angels,
And strive together for a battle
To overthrow the despicable throne.

But there will be no dead in the bloody battle,
The immortal troop is led by the commanders
We are descending lower and beneath,
Where the devilish feast rages.

In the battle, tearing demons with claws
I recognize myself in the midst of enemies:
I am the same- the golden eyes
And two huge wings on the back…

Prostrated baby fallen on the stones,
Who will be torn to shreds by your teeth?
Today you are defeated and tomorrow
You will bend your step to heavens.

Vagueness of souls, braiding of destinies,
Merging of malice and kindness in daydreams
Whose wings are mine? Whose golden eyes?
I am not to understand it for all time.

13. Incantation

The gold of incense…Drop after drop
The church candles thaw and thaw,
Silent faces in half-fog
Either enkindle or disappear

Be scared – steps are not heard for the wind
In the haze of the night with the soundless wave
Thin threads of wax and light
Flow to the floor and are lost there.

Be it fog over the mountain,
Or a forlorn hero
Will wake up and spread his shoulders,
Will rise up…

The gold of incense…Fragile bones
Polish the sand, and the earth devours,
Thin threads of light and wax
Disappear forever on the church floor.

Stormy winds, gambol and play.
I call you for help and rejoice.
Stormy winds, dance and sing,
I gather you and exorcise.

Dispel fog over the mountain,
Over the swift river,
May the hero rise up,
Wake up and spread his shoulders,
And stand up.

14. May Peace Be Unto You

Vobiscum Dominus,
Vobiscum Satanus;
Latin prayers as
Winter butterflies,

Dancing in the sky
And playing on the glass,
The white rime.
Vobiscum, vobiscum.

In the purple silence
Of the death visions –
Vobiscum Dominus!

And in the birth cry:
Vobiscum Satanus!
And Hallelujah!

Well, at last it came to pass!
He was born!
And at last he tormented –

Vobiscum the Universe
And the Inferno!
Glory to the born!
May he rest in peace, he who died!

Latin prayers as
Winter butterflies
Dance on you,
The white rime.


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