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Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow

"Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow" (1987)

1. Dead City
2. Soulbursting
3. Vengeance and Venom
4. M.A.O.T.
5. What About the Time After?
6. Sign of Evil
7. Violent Force
8. The Night
9. Destructed Life
10. S.D.I.

1. Dead City

Dead City

If there's something you will make
You'll have to take
Your machine out of the dust
To satisfie your lust

We fuck the greenies law
Mad Bingo cracks will bleed
They'll end on circular saw
In Dead City we will meet

Alcoholic forces power
Will take us higher
You'll kill flower power
That is our desire

Silly poppers running wild
Keep on smiling like a child
When we scratch their face
Oh, what kind of grace

Prudish girls in disco-fashion
Enjoy peace, don't like any aggression
But we all know, they're so mad
Velbert is absolutely dead

2. Soulbursting


Living high, living free, my life is like a war
I fill my brain with captagon
It takes me to the stars
The sound of my generation breaks my neck
Feel it with me, one, two, three times everytime
Our Metal as it should be

Count your bones
See your neck go round
Kick your damaged head
To the wall of sound

Parties concerts, pubs and girls
What more do you want
My breath goes hard, my livers broken down
But everyday is a new day

Drink, drink, smoke your grass
Life's too short, so live it
We don't wanna hear, what you hear
Our life is ours not yours

3. Vengeance and Venom

Vengeance and Venom

He is bad and he hates the human race
And from this mad idea he can't escape
His worth insists in murder and hate
Pure vengeance fills him in high grade

Standing in dark light
He'll fight for his right
They'll be forever quiet
Look for his vengeance and venom tonight

Beaten down by father in young years
His venom grows by bringing red tears
Now he will fuck' em all
He'll organize their bloody fall

4. M.A.O.T.

M.A.O.T. (Malevolent Assault Of Tomorrow)

The only believe in his empty brain
Is to satisfy his morbid lust
In a fuckin' world of death and pain
He learned what love-services cost

Years and years stepping through the plains
That's the reason for his bestial thoughts
Followed by demonic shadows everywhere
In his eyes you can see flesh rot

M.A.O.T. - you'll see their blood flow free
Feel the cold breath on your skin
One more woman dies under your grin
Your soul get's free, if your body dies under the sun
Get ready for the eternal run
The magic mist defaces your confusion

Running for the light of life, time get's too short
M.A.O.T. gives all his power to stand the fogs of infinite horror
Less thoughts fill his brain, took him to the past
M.A.O.T. is unready to perceive the scene
In front of one thousand universes

From any time to zero you still feel the cold
M.A.O.T. tries to free his body, morbid pain and his screams come loud
Lost blood, mechanic bodies, feel the infernal light
No possibility for nothing again to grow
All feelings end in fire!

5. What About the Time After?

What About The Time After?

6. Sign of Evil

Sign of Evil

I'm the one who killed Jesus Christ
Me is given the sign of evil
Everywhere and everytime I'll sacrifice
To murder and torment, that's my will

If somewhere soldiers are dieing in war
I will be the reason why
I wanna kill more and more
That's my desire, burn the sky

See me shine
I'll fill the world with crime
That's my will
To murder and to kill

I'm asking for all, wanna the whole
I have all feelings and minds in command
The thing I need could be only your soul
Sign of evil - I'm on the hunt

Nobody knows who I am
I'm in every soul, but who recognize that?
So I will lead your feelings and deeds
The sign of evil is in every mind

7. Violent Force

Violent Force

Cruelty and storms of Hades we corse
In name of evil there ain't remorse
Dispirited creatures killing stupid lifes
Instigation and pain show no delight

We deposit revenge in our souls
Our God is strength hateful death behind the walls
Made of misery and pain in loveless time
In brainless figures eyes the sign of death will shine

Bleed out your senseless life
In blood your soul will dive
The corps of Violent Forces insanity
Death is remained from malign kingdom of fame
No chance in malice land to get free

Society systems they will be stopped
Into the deepest pits of hell they will be dropped
On endless field of death now is showed
The end of all emperators lies below
The corps of V.F. dive under time
Till the moment's near again for death and crime
The brains which rule they ryches are dethroned
Till they creep up of hell again of hell with endless

8. The Night

The Night

Through the dense of plastic deserts remain
The restive death will roar inside
See the response to the power of the sun
Simply creatures creeping through the mist at night
Nothing is left, it's hard to take breath
Restitution is only a dream, no one knows
How to get it explained, and resorts are refused to regain

The end of the night is coming nearer
Hatred forces of the sun come out
The rest is only a fire ball, impossible to prevent

The night - bloody fights fill the scene
No one will get a redeem
The night - creatures from a united force
And to kill together procreates remorse

You'll see them out - the sun will shoot her magic shot
When the last morning begins - no other night is left for none

Death rules the empty plains, getting creatures down
Insisting of leaving this horrible world
The remain are flesh and bones
Get up there's no remedy, creep, creep and search for the light

9. Destructed Life

Destructed Life

I was sleeping in a dark dusted subway
And woke up in a dirty jail
The first look into one piece of the mirror
Fills my face with ugly pale
The cop was right he gave me a coffee
But what I need is only beer
He told me about some fuckin' shit
And that my end is near

Destructed youth - Destructed life
Drinks and drinks make me fly
But, I'm immortal - I'll survive - zombies never die
Destructed youth - Destructed life
Brainkilling drugs will take me high
They guess that is my funeral - there's no one left to cry

The Doc told me, I wouldn't get old
My livers broken down
But I only had a smile for what he told
Hey Doc I'll get around
Now I'm sitting again in that bar
My eyes are going crossed
I know the Devil pays my bill
I'm drunken and I'm lost

10. S.D.I.

S.D.I. (Suicide Death Inquisition)

Killing technologies stand over all
Outer space war is the law
You ask for the reasons, but nobody hears
Shut up and don't spend no tears
Production, destruction, senses wars
Warfare into mercyless death
Living in fear you don't wanna hear
What they shoot up into the stars

S.D.I. you'll never know why
Suicide Death Inquisition!
Your only right is to wait 'til you die

They rule the Earth, bullets fly
Stupidity fills the scene
Die and bleed out reality
There's no place for you to be
The end is near feel the heat
Nuclear war has begun
You laugh over what you don't understand
Oh God, what have they done?

Where is our world, explain it to me
Look through the nuclear fog
The end is the right thing to get free
Insane pure hated shucks
Congratulations we've got it right
The never ending night
Now it's too late to lose a word
The signs of the dead, shine bright


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